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“Are you okay?” Ogar asked Ehi he shrugged his shoulder and continued walking on .
“I am fine , I just feel light headed I want to go and sleep .”Ehi said ,he and Ogar walked to his compound which was ten minutes away .

“Agnes how are you doing?” Ogar asked Ehi wife .
“Good evening Papa doctor how are you doing?” She greeted Ogar and returned to her cooking .

“I am fine . Ehi we’ll see tomorrow okay ?” Ogar said as he turned to leave .
“If we see tomorrow . This one body is doing me like this , are you sure I’ll see tomorrow?” Ehi joked , he met Agnes’s angry frown , he deleted the mischievous smile on his face .

“Ehi don’t be Joking with death . Our people say whoever calls for death it would come and wait for him by the door .” Ogar said. ” If you’re not feeling fine let’s go to the hospital.” He said Ehi laughed .

“Wait just because of ulcher ? please be going I’ll come to your house tomorrow morning so we can go and see the new land I bought near the church .” Ehi said Ogar went to the market to buy bread and Fanta , that had become his ritual if he didn’t take that in the evening his eyes would never see sleep .


He got the bread and Fanta from the market and trekked back home ,greeting people as he went, when he got home , the evening was still bright , Igoche and Alice ran to him when they saw the sliced bread .

“Come here my father .” He said to Igoche , Alice followed, he fetched the slice of bread and put in the both hands 0f his grandchildren, he poured almost half of the cup for them to drink ,

he was about deeping his third slice of bread into of Fanta when he saw Ejembi returning home , he was dressed in a blue jeans that was torn on both knees , a baseball cap ,

a white shirt and a catton brown Timberland boots, he sauntered like a crab on two legs one shoulder raised higher than the other , he galloped from one side to the other puffing a wrap of marijuana into his father’s compound.

“Papa good evening .” He said in a drug hoarsed voice , Ogar stared at him from head to toes.


“Where are you going with the Indian hemp Ejembi? are you mad? At thirty four years of age do you think you’re still a small boy ? at your age I already had you and had my own house , you’re walking about wasting yourself , smoking like Snoop Dogg with no money .” He berated his son .

“Remove that nonsense from your mouth! if I ever see you come with even cigarette into my house that day you’ll to and find your own house .” Ogar yelled at Ejembi , he dragged the hemp one time and threw it on the ground , then he crushed it with the heels of his boot .

“You better be useful to your family, you’re my first son , you’re supposed to be the one standing in this family, but see you smoking and drinking as if that’s all there’s to life . Giving birth to children any compound you enter .” Ogar lamented .

“Papa it’s enough joor , who knows if it’s the bad things you have been doing that’s affecting all of us ? what does Ogwuche who went to school and become a doctor have now ? You don’t have any right to judge me about the number of kids I’ve , you know where I learnt it from .” He said and galloped away .

Ene brought a table out and placed it before Ejembi , and brought the a pkate of pounded yam and soup , with washing water , he washed his hand and began to eat .


From the road he heard a riotous voices of men coming down the street , he thought they were passing . The noise only became louder and angrier as the young headed into Ogar’s compound , without a word a man hit Simon in the head with a big wood , his head popped open ,and blood began to rush , Oga was confused .

Ejembi jumped over the table his food was on and knocked the food over , almost tripping over his , his sagged trousers was holding his leg .

“Eleleleooh eleleleooh eleleleooh .” Simon kept shouting . “What did I do ? ” He asked touching his bleeding head .

“We’re going to kill you today , tell us what you did to our uncle , you were the last one with him.” An angry and aggressive young man from Ehi’s family yelled.

“You think you can go about killing people? what did you give to my uncle ?” He yelled , the young men who had come with him tried to stop him , but he wouldn’t listen , his brother had already started dousing Ogar’s Bungalow with fuel .


“Are you mad ?” Ejembi asked , running to the men .”Are you mad Peter see how you broke my father’s head !” Ejembi yelled the men in their numbers mobbed Ogar pulling him from all directions , some threw stones at his head .

Ogwuche heard the voice of Igoche and Alice crying outside he and Onyabehi ran outside and grabbed their children and took them inside the house .

“Ogwuche don’t go outside there , you know you’re not well ?” Onyabehi begged Ogwuche.
“I can’t leave my father by himself .” Ogwuche went out stubbornly, into the riotous melee .

“Leave my father , what’s wrong with you people ? How do you know he was the one who poisoned him when
they ate and drank together?” Ogwuche asked in English language.

“Half Dead go and sit down! Your father can only useless his own children , he cannot kill anyone from this village .” A young man said to Ogwuche ,a cry from the road , it was Agnes and her children .


“Simon see me here come and kill me too 0h! Come and kill me ! What did my husband do to you that you killed him? I told him to stop following you oh ! Ehi wouldn’t hear you’ve finally killed him! Kill me too oh!” She said as she threw herself on the red clay soil and began to roll in all directions .

Ehi had been rushed to a nearby private hospital when he started vomiting blood from his mouth and passing out waste from his anus without control . He didn’t stay ten minutes in the hospital before giving up the ghost .

The new information gave the group ecstacy and adrenaline , bigger wood landed on Ogar’s body , they beat Ene and Ogwuche , Ogbole fought with the men , Ejembi ran into the house , as he tried in futility to stop the arsonists who were trying to light up the bungalow with his children and nephews in them ,

he rushed into his bedroom under his bed he grabbed his revolver handgun and loaded eight rounds of ammunition in it , he run out , he saw a man who had lighted up a fuel soaked cloth and wanted to to torch their house , he shot at him in the stomach , the man fell to the ground ,


he ran after the man who was beating Ogwuche with a stick he shot at him ,and he fell to the to the ground , at this point the assailants had scattered into all directions except for the daring men who intended to kill Ogar who was covered in his own blood crying .

“Why will I kill Ehi ! Why ? why ? please don’t kill me I repented.” the rage in the men caused them not to register the gun shots blasting from Ejembi’s pistol .

“Please Ejembi don’t shoot .” Ogar begged , Ejembi wouldn’t let his father stop him , he shoot severally into the body of the man who had first hit his father with a stick , the man ran away from the compound he fell on the tarred road, bleeding from several places .

To be continued…….



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