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“I cannot make it Samuel ,I am currently in Abuja , his case is next tomorrow, talk to me I know your phone is protected from being bugged and I can never betray You, I just want to know the root of my clients problem. He’s been in prison for two years plus now .” The pastor asked .

“Well as I said your man is a very stubborn man , I had to call him myself when senator Boniface Ngutor called me , to report that the state Commissioner,was working against the party during the last election.”The Pastor interjected .

“Working against the part how ! Did he rig in favour of the opposition?” Pastor Gamadi asked the governor.

“Gamadi he didn’t rig , but he worked against our candidates winning the state house seat , in the ward of senator Ngutor , imagine the embarrassment the senator faced when he couldn’t deliver his ward .

I heard he was arrested for fraud I didn’t pay attention to the details . But I’ll call Boniface to see if he has anything to do with his arrest .” The governor said .

“Please Samuel you know my stands even while I was working with you , he was doing what I taught him , would you have allowed me to be thrown in prison because I refused to soil my hands in dirt ?” pastor Gamadi asked how friend .


“Come on Gamadi he’s not you , you and I go a long way , I cannot allow any thing come near you , anything that touches you has touched me . ” He said.

“Well treat this case as if it touched me , call Ngutor I don’t want to institute my a case against him , let him back off from this case .” The pastor said .

“Come on Paul don’t talk that way , I told you I’ll wade into this matter . Are you still interested in coming back to work with my team ?” The governor asked.

“No thank you Sam , my time with the state has come to an end , I just want to focus on the ministry and my firm , I think I’ve given enough of my time to the state.” Pastor Gamadi said.

“Have you people found Dooshima?” He asked .
“No we’re still searching , we hope to see her and her baby soon .” They exchanged pleasantries and the governor hung up the call.


The meeting between the State prosecutors and Professor Gamadi’s lawyers with the judge was short , in less than two hours, the case against Agada was thrown out of court ,the judge ordered for his release from Kuje prison ,and that all his frozen accounts should be released to him and all his seized assets returned to him .

Ada was in tears crying for joy , when she saw her husband, she felt like she was dreaming, for over two years she had not been able to have a conversation, she was only allowed to see him during his court sitting , Mr Agada had lost so much weight .

Simon stepped into church the first time in a very long time , it had been over twenty years that he saw the ceiling of the church building and the beautiful depiction of Jesus and his disciples on , it was on Saturday,

he had gone for confession , he couldn’t find a way to save his son , all the millions he had wasted was to no avail, they couldn’t find a solution to the spell Adachi had placed on Ogwuche before he died ,

he thought “maybe only God could save him.” He was dressed in a long sleeve Ankara native shirt shirt and trousers ,with a black cover shoes that had seen many good years of service.


He had tried to pray severally , but the words refused to come out, he felt God had abandoned him .

Simon sat far away from the other parishioners who were also there for confession,they had all judged him, they avoided him , most people dreaded him , they all gossiped behind his back .

An hour later it was Simon’s turn , he entered a cubicle and sat next to the priest ,a partition kept the confesser in obscurity so the priest couldn’t know who was there .

“Father I’ve a confession to make . I don’t know where to start .”Simon said in a sad , and dejected voice .

“My child you can go ahead and make your confession, the Lord is merciful to forgive you.” The young Reverend father said .

“I’ve done many bad things in this life . I’ve killed many people, just because of land and women , all those are vanity upon vanity .” Simon Ogar said , the priest said .


“Father I didn’t come here to ask for forgiveness for my sins , I deserve to face more than this as the consequences of my sins . But my innocent son , I’ve destroyed with my own hands ,with the charms I did to make him obey me and not marry from another tribe .

I think the charm is making him sick always , he’s always being rushed to the hospital, he’s a medical doctor but he has nothing to his name . I want God to deliver him .” Simon begged .

“Simon right ?” the priest called .
“Yes father ?” Simon said with the humility of a rat surrounded by vicious cats .

“The Lord is ready to forgive all your sins ,as long as you’re ready to confess them , and forsake them .”There was an uncomfortable silence for half a minute. “So how many people have you killed so far ,and how did you start that kind of life ?” The priest asked .

Simon signed loudly. “Well my friend introduced me over twenty one years ago , when an uncle sold my father’s land , I killed my uncle and his son who were fighting for that land , and I turned away the eyes of his family,so they won’t come for the land .

I killed my cousin brothers two of them they wanted to take our family farming land . I think it’s about ten eleven people.” The priest was shocked to his bones but he couldn’t say anything.


“I had a problem with the Juju priest who put a spell on my boy,I’ve been going up and down to save him but no way

After the confession he has a revelation that Ogar had buried charms around his compound and they had to be removed from the ground to unlock the success of his family .

“You have charms you buried in your compound as long as it’s buried there , there’ll be no progress in your family we need to go and pray and remove them from the ground .” The priest said .

“No problem sir , let’s go I’ll show you were I buried them .”

The Reverend father drove his silver coloured For Runner SUV , soon they were in Ogar’s house , He came with with a younger priest , the both of them wearing their white Carsock and the senior priest , carrying a red apron over his neck ,

they began pray all around the four ages of Ogar’s compound, before they ordered Ejembi to dig various parts of the compound and unearthing clay pots containing all kinds of juju in clay pots over eight pots were removed .

Spectators had gathered round about the compound as the Reverend father sprinkle holy water all over the compound before Ejembi dug up each of the charms , over three pots and ten other Juju were found in Simon’s compound and his surrounding compounds ,

the priest gathered them up like a small mountain and set the charms on fire ,
some people who were not so courageous ran away when the pots began to hiss and curse at Ogar , the priest kept praying as the mountain reduced to ashes .

To be continued…….

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