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“Am your mother” the woman said before he could complete his words.

“Huh?” His eyes widened.

“Yes darling” The woman smiled.

“How…how? But My mother is dead…” Dario couldn’t finish his words because the woman burst out into a hysterical laughter.

“Why are you laughing?” Dario asked. By now his fangs and eyes has returned to normal, but he was so scared.

“Listen, I want to tell you to avoid that girl” The woman Said.

“Who?” Dario asked.


“Thana” The woman replied.

“Do you mean miss Thana?” Dario asked.


“Why?” Dario asked.

“If you keep getting close to her…you will turn into a very big monster, so avoid her at all cost, don’t let her get close to you” The woman said.

“Why?” Dario asked

“Greetings your Highnesses” The guards greeted Benito and Benita, who are before Dario’s chamber.

“Is prince Dario in?” Benita asked.

“Yes” The guards nodded.

Benito and Benita smiled and walked closer but the guards stood their ground not moving off the way.

Benita frowned and looked up at the guards.

“We want to see him” She pouted.

The guards exchanged glances as they looked down at the kids.

“Move, we want to see our brother” Benito said with a serious face.

The guards didn’t know when they moved off the way for children.

“Thank you” Princess Benita rolled her eyes. They both entered into Darios chamber.

“Brother Dario” They both rushed towards Dario who was seated on his bed in a deep thought.

“Brother Dario” They both sat beside him.

Dario had a confused expression on his face.

“Who…who are you?” He asked them with a creased brows.

“We are your siblings, your highness” Benita slightly bowed.

“Huh? I don’t remember having siblings” Dario frowned.

“We are queen Diane’s children, Am Benito” Benito introduced.

“And am Benita”

Dario was still confused, Who is queen Diane?

Did the king took another wife?

Well that’s none of his business. How will he know when he is always indoor and have nobody to associate with him.

“You don’t have to introduce yourself, we already know you” Benita shined her teeth.

Just when Dario was still in his middle of confusion, the kids held his hands.

“We like you brother Dario, let’s go and play outside” Before Dario can protest against it, they both pulled him outside.



Dario had fun with Benita and Benito, he couldn’t believe they made him laugh today.

“They are fun and cute” Dario smiled stretching himself, he has just taken his bath.

The kids has made him to forget his encounter with the woman, who claimed to be his mother.

“I shouldn’t get close to Miss Thana?” Dario asked himself and walked towards the mirror and stood.

“What am I? Who am I?” He asked touching his face.

Of course he already knew he isn’t human being, with what he saw earlier today he knew he was…

“Am i a va.mpire?” He asked himself.

“No that can’t be?” He shook his head and walked towards his bookshelves. Well he is a fan of fantasy stories, like the demon, va.mpires and werewolves. Stories.

“Let’s read…” He picked one book that he hasn’t read before there, it has a greyish book cover.

“Hmm, weird, why haven’t I seen it before” Immediately his hands landed on it, he heard a clicking sound, he watch with bewilderment as the bookshelves pulled open, revealing another entrance.

“What’s this?” Dario gulped down and entered inside, with the book still intact in his hands, the door closed up startling him, he looked back and turned again moving forward.

Immediately candles lit up and his eyes landed on another entrance door.

He walked and opened it, stepping out of it, he saw himself inside the woods.


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