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Dario shut his eyes closed and opened it again, just because of a dream, she is acting this way?

He had no other choice but to console her.

He moved his hands and started tapping on her back.


“Is okay…is just a dream” He consoled her.

“It was so scary” She said.

Dario sighed, this girl has made him do alot of things he hasn’t done before.

She is such a headache.



Thana sat on the bed,she had her head lowered.

“Are you okay now?” She heard Dario’s voice, she slightly looked up.

He was leaning on the wall with his arms crossed around his chest.

“Am sorry for disturbing you this late prince Dario” Thana muttered and lowered her head.

“Is okay… you can leave” Dario said.

“No!” Thana immediately looked up.

“What?” Dario creased his brows up.

“Am scared” She muttered.

“Pablo will excort you” Dario said.

“No” Thana shook her head.

“I can’t sleep in that room, after my Scary dream…I walked up to my table to drink some water…

Suddenly I heard someone call my name… turning around I saw a shadow on the wall” Thana said with fear visible on her face.

She looked up at Dario and met him… staring intently at her with a blank face.

“I don’t want to go in there” She shook her head.

“Are you sure about what you have just said?” Dario asked.

“Yes” Thana nodded.

“I will go and check then” Dario turned walking towards the door.

“No o” Thana rushed towards him and held his hands.

“I don’t want you to get hurt”She shook her head.

Dario couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Don’t worry I will be going with Pablo” Dario Pat her hair.

“No” She shook her head again making Dario to sigh.

“What do you want Princess Thana?” Dario asked.

“I want to sleep in here tonight” She muttered.

“Huh?” Dario widened his eyes.

Thana smiled and dragged him towards the bed, he made him sit on it.

“I want you to watch me sleep prince Dario” Thana pouted.

Dario wanted to talk but words couldn’t form on his lips, he was so speechless.

“Thank you” Thana smiled.

What’s she thanking me for? Dario thought, his eyes widened the more…as he watch her climb the bed and laid on it.

“Goodnight prince Dario” Thana muttered and closed her eyes.

Dario sighed frustratedly and ruffled his hair.

He made a big mistake years ago by accepting Thana’s help and bread.

If he had refused,all this wouldn’t have been happening.

“Calm down Dario” He muttered to himself and stood up, he walked from this angle to this angle, his eyes not leaving her.

Just then he suddenly stopped.

“Wait are you actually watching her sleep as she demanded, you are going insane Dario” His subconscious mind muttered.

He sighed and walked towards the bed.

“This is my bed and you can’t chase me away from it Princess Thana” He laid on the other end…very far away from princess Thana.

He wanted to close his eyes but couldn’t, he turned and faced her, he started studying her beautiful face, even why asleep she is still beautiful.

Dario didn’t know when a smile appeared on his face, his eyes widened when suddenly Thana opened her eyes.

The both of them maintained eye contact.

“You arn’t sleeping?” Dario asked and Thana shook her head.

Wow, wonderful, she isn’t just a bug but also an actress, she had so many qualifications. He thought.

“Goodnight” Dario said and made to close his eyes, but didn’t because thana shifted more closer to him.

He widened his eyes.

“Distance miss” He warned his eyes staring into hers.

“Is Thana” she corrected.

Dario sighed, he was about to retort again when suddenly thana placed her lips on his, shutting him up.

For another time that night Dario was shocked, but this shock…out shocked all other shocks.

Dario wasn’t only shocked, his heart skipped a beat… beating in so much rhythmically.

Thana blinks and disengaged from the kss, she shifted and bite on her lips.

What has she done? She just couldn’t control herself whenever she is with him.

“Am sorry, I coul…….”

Thana whose words got hook on her throat Gasping at once…she found herself inside the innermost prison of shock, inscribed with the darkness of so pressure because Dario suddenly pulled her to himself and…and consumed her lips… kssing her so dmn hard.

His lips moving so magically and rhythmically on hers without him knowing and…



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