Princess Stories

Episode 1

“Congratulations Ma’am, you’re six weeks pregnant.” The doctor announced to Belinda as she held the test results in her hands. One would’ve thought of the news as a good one for her, but the expression on her face stated otherwise.

“It can’t be.” She whispered to herself as she stared blankly at the result.
For quite some time now, she had been feeling funny especially in the early mornings.

For once she thought it was malaria, so she got herself a malaria drug for treatment. But the feverish feelings didn’t stop. It was then her husband asked her to branch at the hospital and go for medical checkup to know exactly what was wrong with her.

“Is anything the problem, Ma?” The doctor asked when she noticed the look on her face.

“No nothing. Thank you very much.” She said as she stood up and left the office.

While driving back to her home, a lot of questions filled her mind.

“Am I really pregnant, or is the doctor trying to play a kinda prank on me? But why would I be pregnant? Why? Oh God no. I would love any blessing you give me, but not this one. Please Lord, this news doesn’t have to be true.” She thought within.

Princess stories
Episode 1

“Is something wrong? The expression on your face doesn’t look good at all.” David her husband asked as she lay in his arms.

“Come on, talk to me. Talk to your zaddy.” David urged as she tickled her.

“Babe please stop. I’m not in the mood to laugh or even smile.” Belinda said, gently putting his arms away.

“Ah ah, this is serious. Please talk to me, what is the problem?” David asked. When she wasn’t talking, he began guessing what the issue could be.

“Did you have issues with your boss today? Or was there someone that annoyed you on your way home? Or yes! The test result, how was it? Was it able to detect what was wrong with you?” David asked. There was no response.

“Stop this now. Tell me, what is the problem?”He asked again, making her to face him this time.

He was alarmed at what he saw.

“Tears? Babe are you crying?” David asked as Belinda sniffed.

“Talk to me, what is the problem? The result, what did it say?”



“I’m….I…I’m pregnant.” She announced. There was a pin-drop silence for sometime before David smiled and burst into laughter.

“Babe you can be funny at times o. Asin, you can be really funny. So it’s because of pregnancy you’re making all this drama like you’ve been diagnosed with a serious ailment.” David said, still chuckling.

“Babe you don’t understand. I’m scared.” She said with a shaky voice.

“Scared? Of what exactly? I mean who gets scared of being pregnant? A married woman for that matter? You should be happy your family is about to get expanded and not scared. “

“Baby you’re talking as if you don’t know our past. I’ve been pregnant five times, remember? And only two survived the pregnancy stage.

I promised myself not to conceive any more, that was why I’ve always wanted us to use protection when making love. I’ve also tried to avoid sex when ovulating and…..Oh God, I can’t be pregnant. I just can’t be pregnant.”


“What if I lose this one? What if I miscarry this one? What if I even lose my life in the process when I lose so much blood? Or even worse, what if…”

“Shhh……you talk and think too much dear. God will see us through.”

“Babe you’re not getting it. I’m pregnant with a child that I don’t even know would survive this stage or not.

I’m also scared for my life because the last miscarriage I had, I lost a lot of blood and almost died if not for God’s intervention through Mama’ prayers. And again I…..Oh God. God, God, God! It shouldn’t have been me honestly, this shouldn’t have been me.”

“Babe please it is enough. There’s a child in your womb for heaven’s sake, and there are tendencies he or she or them can hear all you’re saying about them. Haba! Forget the past and have some faith God would see you through this pregnancy, will you?”


“Listen, I understand you. I know the buckets of blood I had to pack when we lost our first baby as new couples. I also get the stress you went through then, but babe we’ve grown past that now.
We’re no longer slaves to the devil. We know our rights as children of God and we’re going to exercise the authority God has given to us.

This baby will survive. Our child will survive. The last miscarriage you had after Gift would be the last we’d ever experience; I’m so sure of it.” David said confidently as Belinda turned to stare at her husband for a while.

“How sure are you?”

“Super sure! Because we ain’t baby Christians any longer. We understand the power God has invested in us, especially when Jesus died on the cross of Calvary; and we’re going to use that power to see to it that God’s will over our lives prevails.

I’m sure God’s will over this issue is that this baby survives the pregnancy stage and grows up to becomes God’s instrument.

The devil can try to abort this one, but I tell you he won’t succeed. He’d fighting a lost battle.” David said and his wife couldn’t help but wonder at the words coming out of his mouth.

For the past one year, David seemed to be overly serious with God, hungry to know more about God. He had been studying his Bible and praying so much that he has even surpassed his wife Belinda in chasing after God. He believes nothing can happen to his dear family if it’s not the will of God for them.

“I’m happy you’re my head, so happy we’re in this together.” Belinda said with an affectionate look as she kissed him.

“Yes, we’re in this together. God is in this with us, so please eliminate the fear that you have over this matter. Besides, what is the will of God over fear in our lives?” He asked

“God hasn’t given us the spirit of fear, but of power, love and of a sound mind.” Belinda replied.

“Correct. So it isn’t God’s will for us to be afraid anything, no matter now frightening the situation might be. Okay?”

“Yes my lecturer.” Belinda said with a chuckle.

“Lol….whose lecturer? Na your path we dey follow so.”

“Whose path?”

“You now. Remember when Mama died, you were the one who brought up the idea of knowing God for ourselves.”

“True, but you’ve surpassed me in this God-chase o, like seriously. You read your Bible and pray much more than I do sef.”

“Well, that’s how it’s supposed to be, as the head of the home.” David said. Belinda hugged her husband lovingly.

“I love you babe. I bless the day I said yes to you.” She said

“I love you more sugar, and I feel lucky and grateful every single day, that you said yes to me. Don’t be scared of this pregnancy, you will survive it. I know you will.” David said as he cuddled his wife.


Okay, we don start season 2 like play like play.

Okay so this particular story, is for the pregnant folks like Belinda.
I know pregnancy is supposed to be a thing of joy, most especially for married couples, but I can’t help but acknowledge that I’m also aware it’s more like a death sentence to some women.

This isn’t your first time being pregnant, so unlike others, it’s nothing like good news to you….it’s just there, just news.

You’ve had a lot of miscarriages in the past and probably in the last episode, you almost lost your life so being pregnant is anything but good news to you.
Honestly I feel you so well, and I understand your fears.
You hadn’t wanted to journey through this again but there’s nothing you can do about it, you’re already pregnant and yeah, you don’t want to lose this one.

Because amidst your fears of losing this pregnancy, you pray this one stays. There’s a ray of hope you feel within you that this one might survive…..might just survive.

And yes, it will!

I’m here to announce to you via this little story that that baby in your womb will make it, alive.

But for that to happen, we’re gonna do things differently. Yes you’ve prayed the much you can but there’s still this fear within you that you might lose this one still. Well, I’m here to tell you to please discard that fear.

That’s more like the first step you have to take. You know why? It’s because God hasn’t given us the spirit of fear but of (1) Power, (2) Love and (3) sound mind. So you see? It isn’t God’s will for you to fear, or be afraid of anything. IITim 1:7 confirms this.

So with power, love for your child and a sound mind to subdue all fearful thoughts that’d come once in a while, let’s journey through this together, involving God in this matter. Okay?

So all I want you to do for me is read up this story with an open heart and act accordingly, as I trust the Holy Spirit to give insights and instructions specifically for you.

God bless you, and bless the child in your womb.

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