Ogar trudge behind his youngest son, he had gone to the joint to play draft and take a few bottles of beer. Ogwuche got up on his feet to greet his father.

“My doctor my doctor, I am so proud to say my son is a doctor.” he shook hands with Ogwuche with a new eyes of respect. It felt like a dream, his little boy of yesterday had already become a man. He turned to Dooshima. “How are you our wife? ” He asked with a smile on his face.

Agada had finished his rounds greeting relatives around the compound, he joined his brothers and cousin on the table, it was brought outside under a mango tree. A big plate of Okoho soup, and pounded yam was served to the visitors, a goat meat swam around the pot of soup.

Dooshima refused to eat,she wasn’t comfortable, and secondly she couldn’t eat the soup, it was too slippery. She had a small flask, in it she put a small amount of juice.

“Our wife you don’t want to eat? ” Ogar asked with a big smile on his face. “Okoho soup is what you would like to experience, it taste heavenly. ” He added.
“Thank you sir I’m okay. ” Dooshima said.



“Or should I tell my wife to prepare jollof rice for you? ” He asked. Dooshima shook her head. He returned his attention to the food in front of him, he ate passion, he suck the soup from his five fingers before he washed his hand. Ogar waited for his daughter Mary to remove the plate and washing bowl before he spoke.

“You’re welcome my son and my daughter in-law.” He said chuckling. “I’ve been asking my son here when he’ll bring a wife to me, I was a sharp shooter when I was his age I already had my second child.” He continued chuckling.

“I was beginning to wonder if he wasn’t my son, until my brother here called me and informed me my son has gotten himself a wife.” Ogwuche’s face was fixed on the table. Ene sat beside her husband.
“I hear you’re a lawyer our wife? ” He asked Dooshima.

“No sir am not yet a lawyer, I need to pass through the law school before I’m called to bar.” she said fidgety and uncomfortably.
“Arhhhhh did you also go to UNICAL with my son? ” He asked with a quizzical loook on his face.


“No sir I finished from Benue state University. ” she said her hands clushing tight her water flask.
“So where did the two of you meet , if not in school? ” He asked.

“Papa we met in Gboko, she’s my pastor’s daughter. ” Ogwuche said, Ogar nodded.
“Your pastor’s daughter and she’s pregnant for you? ” He asked mockingly.

“Simon let’s go to what brought us here. Ogwuche loves this Lillian here, she’s pregnant for him. We want to proceed with the marriage rite as soon as possible. ” Agada said a little bit angry .
“Why did you bring here ? why didn’t you just marry on your own? ” he said to his elder brother.

Their older cousin cleared his throat. “Simon and Agada this isn’t an issue we should fight about, in front of our visitor here, let us settle this matter amicably and move on to the next process.” He said to the brothers..

“Where do you come from? ” Ogar asked Dooshima.
“I am from Gboko sir. ” Dooshima said with an impeccable accent.


“Are you Tiv by tribe? ” he asked Dooshima admitted . “Ogwuche as you were walking you didn’t see any Idoma girl to bring home? ” He asked In his dialect, Ogwuche just looked at his mother, she bent her head to the ground she couldn’t say a single word.

“Simon who still talks about tribalism in this modern day? ” The older man James quarreled in their native tongue “This young lady is a decent and God fearing woman, an educated woman.” Elder James said.

“Sorry oh Elder let me ask you a question.” Ogar said and the older man urged him to go ahead. “Will you let your child marry from her tribe? ” He asked still in Idoma language, the elder man nodded.

“My first son got married from their place. I am believer, God doesn’t care of where we come from. We are all humans red blood flows through your veins. ” Elder James said, Dooshima wondered what the conversation was about, even though she couldn’t understand language from the grimace on Ogar’s face she knew they was trouble.

“James o if you want your son to marry a cat, if you want your son to marry a rat, or a chicken it’s none of my business. But you see my son he’ll never marry that girl. over my dead body. ” Ogwuche looked to his mother for help, but she turned her face away.


“What do you have to say about this Ene, Ogwuche is also your son, you should have a say in this matter ?” Mr Agada asked his brother’s wife.

. “Elders good afternoon oh, me I don’t see anything wrong with this lady o, she’s a nice lady. ” Ogar glared angrily at his wife, she paused and swallowed hard. “But my husband is the head of the house. If he says no who am I to say yes? ” She said.

“Papa and mama this is the girl I love, this is the only woman I’ll ever love. That lady was a virgin before I met her. ” He continued. “I don’t want to be like my father, I don’t want to have children outside the house, I am going to marry her. ” Ogwuche said, his father got up and almost slapped him, before his brother held him back.

“You? You? are you talking back at me? You are my child! I brought you out of my loins! it’s whatever I told you that you’ll do. You can not bring their blood into my family! it’s either you choose them or choose us! ” He yelled at Ogwuche, Dooshima wanted to leave the spot to the car, the negative energy and violence was what she wasn’t used to.

“Papa it’s who I love that I’ll marry! Let’s see about that.” Ogwuche replied him. “You cannot force me to marry who I don’t want. I am educated I am not part of whatever primitive culture you’re holding on to, I will marry where love takes me, if you won’t bless my marriage I’ll just go to court and get married. ” Ogwuche said to his father.

“Now you’re a man right? Ogwuche answer me, you’re now a man to talk back at me? No problem, I will allow you to marry, shebi it’s your body you’ll use to marry her?” He asked Ogwuche. “If she cheats on you, like it’s their habit, that’s your business, you cannot say I didn’t warn you. You can let her give birth to your child,you take your child and leave her,why not? I have a child with an Igede woman.”

“I won’t make her my baby mama, I’ll make her my wife. ” Ogwuche said boldly to his father.

“No problem my son I accept oh, after all you are a medical doctor who has gone to school, who can tell you what to do? ” Ogar asked his son . ” I have agreed, we’ll go and look for her family and do the necessary tradition.” He could see the confusion and doubt in the faces of his wife , son and relatives.

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