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Dario’s heart hitched in so much pains… suddenly he felt a hard and dangerous aura at his back.

“Hello Little Brother, long time no see”

“The de.vil is here” Zaus said, Dario slowly turned to be faced with him.


“You’re not my brother and Never will” He said with a gritted teeth. Javier laughed in return as his gaze dropped on the envelope with Dario.

“What did you do to Javier?” Dario added.

Javier scoffed.

“I ate his soul of course… whomever we demons posseses doesn’t survive.

And more over the last time I remembered Javier and you aren’t related in anywhere Mr va.mpire” He grinned so wickedly.

The royal physician had long fainted the minute Javier appeared looking like a monster.

Dario squeezed his fist so damn tight in anger, his eyes so much red…he had turned into his real form about to attack in any minute.

“So the real Javier is gone… although I hated him but he was really interesting, sadly his evil heart made the Demon to posses his body” Zaus said.

“Do you mind giving me that envelope now that I’m been nice” Javier said his eyes turning more flamey blue but he had smiles on his face.

Dario chuckled mockingly.

“You don’t belong here demon, depart immediately!”

Javier immediately grabbed him by the neck and threw him against the wall.

“Ahhh!” Dario let a faint groan, he never expected the sudden attack from him. His eyes turned extremely red.

“You have bitten more than you can chew demon” He said.

“Breaking your bones is like breaking sticks to me” Javier grinned.

Dario moved like a lightening Charging towards him but the minute he was about to get close to him Ezekiel appeared out of no where blocking him.

“Hello old friend, long time”


“You’re awake” Arianna handed a glass of water to Thana, she immediately gulped it down before recollecting where she’s and who gave it to her. Arianna collected the glass cup from her.

“You’re really beautiful Princess Thana” She said smiling…Thana gave her a werid look, Confusion was plastered on her face.

Who’s this beautiful woman?

Where is she? Why is she smiling at her? Where is Dario?

These thoughts kept running through her head.

“Who are you?” She finally asked because Arianna kept staring at her.

“He really made the right choice, I pray and hope that you both relationship doesn’t end up like ours…I want it all to be Rosy and fine.

Sad News that I might not be here to witness it” Arianna said sighing out, sadness replacing her once smiling face but she immediately rebuffed it.

Thana was much confused, what’s this woman talking about? And why is she avoiding her question?

“Who are you?” She asked again, this time around very slowly making sure that the woman heard her.

Arianna smiled, she walked towards the table and kept the glass cup, returning back to her she sat at the edge of the bed.

“I’m his mother” She said.

“Who?” Thana creased her brows up.

“I’m Dario’s mother” Arianna cleared, Thana didn’t give out any response…she just kept mute. Is this woman kidding her or what?

She knew vividly well that Dario’s mother is dead and she even saw the tombstone they buried her.

Arianna sighed out, trying very much hard not to scare the hell out of the young woman.

“I’m Queen Arianna” On hearing this Thana widened her eyes as she slowly withdrew back on seeing the similarities between the woman and Dario.

“Ghost…” She muttered making Arianna to chuckle up…she expected that reaction from her after all she isn’t suppose to on this planet Earth.

“You’re a ghost? Queen Arianna Ghost! Get away from me!” She immediately got down from the bed speeding away towards the entrance door to run away…but someone pulled the door open shocking her.

She immediately pulled back seeing another similarities of Dario, handsome, tall, slightly oxblood eyes…long black hair. Like this man look so much like Dario.

Is he also a ghost? She wanted to faint but held herself. She gulped down.

“Who? Who…who are you?” She asked to be sure.

“I’m Demetrio, Dario’s father” Demetrio found himself replying the terrified young girl. He looked over her to lock eyes with Arianna wondering what’s happening.

Thana’s breath became heavy. What’s going on? She wasn’t feeling her knees anymore, her eyelids starting closing as she fainted but Demetrio was fast enough to get hold of her.


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