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Thana’s laugh died down a little.

“You’re so cute Prince Dario” She muttered out admist laugh making Dario to blink twice in total Confusion. How is he cute?

“Huh” White Demon was confused too.

“Where did you get that line from?” She asked making White Demon to Snicker mocking Dario.


“I…I…” Dario stuttered rubbing the back of his head in total embarrassment…how did the princess came to know that those words he said to her isn’t his.

“I know you didn’t just make up those words Prince Dario…so tell me where you studied them from?” Thana asked with lots of laughs taking over her breaths.


Dario just stared at her admiring the way she laughs…he hadn’t seen her laugh like this…even if she had laugh like this in his presence he hadn’t given her so much attention.

“Answer me” Thana urged her mistakenly bringing her face so much Close to his…Dario gulped as he immediately lowered his head.

“Hmm…it’s getting spicy here” White Demon teased.

“I got them from Chinese physics Anatomical book” Dario found himself replying her.

Thana smiled as she stared into his eyes… without using much words to express to her, she knew that Dario is making a move on her…he wants them close, he isn’t pushing her away any longer.


With smiles on her face she stretched her hands forward to his face.

Dario creased his brows up his eyes settling over her hands.

“My bird craft…hope you haven’t threw it away?” She asked blinking so cutely at him.

“Oh my oh my… she’s reciprocating…is like your electrifying lines actually worked on her… come on Dario, stop staring at her and give her your response…hope you haven’t actually threw that Bird Craft away?” White Demon said asking at once.

“Shut it I haven’t threw it away” Dario shut his eyes he found himself replying White Demon…that damn white Demon.

He immediately opened his eyes to stare back at Thana who had confusion plastered on her face.

She made to withdrew her hand but Dario beat her to it stopping her with his next words.

“I wasn’t actually referring to you Thana” He tried clearing the awkward atmosphere… but it seems not to be cleared easily.

“I was talking to myself” He added…Thana smiled nodding her at once. Just to clear off everywhere although it’s confusing and werid

“So where is it? Hope you didn’t…”

“No I’m still with it” Dario cut in before she can finish her words…A beautiful smile appeared on her face.

“Then hand it over to me” She said stretching her hand more further towards his face…


Dario lowered his gaze on her little hand, he used his to slowly pull down hers. His gaze returned back to her face staring into her eyes.

Come to think of it when he touched her cheeks minutes ago, he didn’t react violently towards her… Does it mean that what the woman said to him had more to it?

What’s really going on? But he aren’t gonna run away from her any longer all he got to do is to be very careful.


A lot kept running through his mindset while they both maintained eye contact.

“Prince Dario” Thana finally called his name pulling him out of his trance.

“I’m still waiting” She added.

“Follow me” Dario said.

“To where?” Thana asked.

“To my room…The craft is there and also I got something to show you” He replied her.


A wide smile appeared on Thana’s face as anticipation filled her eyes. Still staring into her eyes…


Dario stretched forth his right hand towards her…Thana slowly lowered her gaze on it… returning it back to his eyes she creased her brows in a questionable expression.

“Let’s go” Dario responded…A wide smile appeared on Thana’s face immediately understanding what he meant.


Is this really prince Dario she knew before? What has suddenly gotten into him?


Feeling ontop of the world without Wasting much time so that this handsome prince won’t change his mind, she slowly placed her hand unto his, Dario in response Squeezed her hand so ever gently making her to flash a pretty smile at him.

To her surprise Dario returned the smile…a very heart warming and heart wrecking one at that…


A smile that made the butterflies in her stomach to dance so rhythmically.

“Woah? Woah! Woah!!! It’s about to go down!!!!”


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