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Minutes pasted as they both disengaged from the kss.

Thana’s eyes shook, she slowly opened them staring into Darios…a shy smile appeared on her face.

“Promise to always keep you safe…I will not harm you” Dario said cupping her face.


Thana creased her brows confused a little bit…why is he sounding like this? She knew he won’t harm her and there is know reason for such.

“Why say such my prince? Why would you harm me?” She find herself asking so slowly.

Dario smiled as he gently pull her into a warm hug rubbing the back of her head so gently.

“Promise to Protect you Thanalaid” He mumbled gently which confused Thana even the more but she shrugged it off her mindset wrapping her arms around him so gently enjoying his fragrant scent.



When Javier fainted…Sarah disappeared… making the candles to return back to light.

Minutes later… they turned off again… something like air moved towards Javier’s unconscious body penetrating into it immediately.

Javier’s body shook immediately as he jolt up with his eyes still closed…he gently stretched his head as he instantly opened his eyes which reflected blue.

“Let the game Begin” He grinned.



The scrapping of the dried leaves is been heard because someone was stepping foot on them… moving so ever slowly…her sharp eyes darting forth and around.

Regretting why she came out that night…the night and woods was so damn calm.

All she ever wanted was to see her Saviour… with her shaky right hand grabbing on her lantern she immediately turned around because she heard some kind of footsteps.

“Who’s there?” She asked immediately in Fright not seeing anyone she swallowed up her spit turning around gasps escaped her throat dropping her lantern she covered her mouth in total terror.

“What are you doing out here by this time of night Princess lizard?” Ezekiel asked with his arms wrapped around his chest staring down at the terrified annoying woman.

Why is she always coming out in the woods in search of him? Especially in the night.

She’s more annoying than that witçh called Miller. The difference is that Liza is his mate and he can’t get himself to hate her.

Liza exhales so lightly slightly hitting his shoulder.

“You scared me” She muttered smiling at once, she’s so happy to see her Saviour…what if she didn’t risk it by coming out tonight…she wouldn’t have seen him.

Ezekiel had a long face on staring at her so blankly. Liza seeing how hard his face was lowered her head.

“What if you got attacked by another wolf? Because you’re a princess doesn’t mean you should be taking risks” Ezekiel cautioned dryly.

Liza hanged her mouth open.

“You’re him right? You’re my Saviour? What did you do to me that very day? I can’t stop thinking about you after that very day … although I didn’t remember much about you.

What…what did you do to me? I think I have fallen head over heels for you My Savior” She confessed hugging Him up immediately before he can react.

Feeling her warmet Ezekiel’s heart skipped a beat but he can’t get to pull away…he wants to pull away, he doesn’t want to accept her into his heart but he couldn’t get himself to do that because of the mate pull.

He slowly moved his hand to place on her back but he instantly dropped them low blinking at once.

What’s wrong With him? Is it still the mate pull or any other thing? Why can’t he push her away? Why is his heart beating so hard and hardened?

“I want you so badly my Saviour…I want you into my life, I want to Know more about you, I want to know everything about you…

I really want you” She gently disengaged from the hug staring up on his handsome face. She gently raised up her hand trailing her fingers on his smooth face.

“You’re so handsome” She muttered… she hasn’t seen someone so handsome as him before…his eyes are so beautiful…it’s Emerald Light red…his lips v shaped and cute also. Her blue eyes landed them.

“Your lips are so soft” She trailed her fingers on them… Ezekiel stood like a statue not moving only his eyes stared into hers. Why she does her magic on him. The effect she had on his was so damn hard.

Liza took the opportunity as she tiptoed up placing her lips on his which gave him electrifying shock of emotions around his whole heart.

Without waiting for her lips to move on his…he grabbed her waist pulling her more closer as he claimed her soft lips in whole.


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