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The church workers had arrived very early , on a rainy Sunday morning, to arrange the seats and sweep the church , Lillian a young lady of twenty three years, who had recently graduated, from Benue State University, with a first class in Law , she was arguably the most beautiful girl, in the world .

Skin so brown like chocolate, smoothly clean like meat pie, her boobs were shaped like a cone , almost piecing through the fabrics of her bra and white long sleeves choir uniform , she wore ,the shape of her body was slightly thicker than those of run way models.

She had the hips that made the whole men wherever she went drool after her , slightly bigger than average , only her decent clothes always covered those murderous shape , but big frog eyes wouldn’t help but salivate whenever this beauty passed them .


” Dooshima how are you doing ?” A brother from the choir said , he had been trying for four years to get her to like him ,and maybe he would win her from that point , but Lilian was evasive , that was how she had been able to keep her virginity, throughout her time at the University, irrespective of the fact , she got harassed on weekly basis , by rude stares from students and lecturers alike .

“Good morning Luper I hope you had a beautiful night rest ?” She asked with a smile curved her lips .

“I cannot be fine Dooshima, your name is love but you cannot show me Love , for three years or four self , I’ve been begging you to at least make me your friend…” Luper replied with a sad puppy face . Dooshima giggled .

“I don’t want to get into a relationship now , I don’t keep male friends too close we are already friends ?” Lillian said , but Luper wasn’t satisfied.

“Luper arrange the chair , the service will soon start .” Mimidoo ,Lillian’s best friend said to Luper who was in the ushering department . “Please let us go , the members of the choir are waiting for you , you know Luper is too blind to know when the coast isn’t clear , tell him straight that you don’t like his type .” Mimidoo said as she dragged her along .

“Your job is in the choir , you will just be doing busy body around , let’s go abeg .” While stride towards the Lillian’s Hart fell off , another guy from the choir picked it up .

“Sister Dooshima your hart .” He ran with the cap to Lillian , he stared into her eyes in an uncomfortable way ,when he saw her discomfort, he took away his gaze . “Am sorry ,I don’t know what comes over me , whenever I see you…”He handed over the hart to her and turned , the two girls broke into laughter .

“Wow Dooshima, I cannot tell if this looks of yours is a blessing or a curse , no wonder big Pastor warns all the brothers to stay away from you .” She teased her friend .

“No he never said so , don’t be lying inside the church .” Lillian said , the both ladies stopped laughing when they saw the Choir director walking furiously from the choir room , a place where the choir rehearsed at the back of the church.

“What are you doing here Mimi? I asked you to come and call your friend and you came and remained here gisting? what’s wrong with you ?” He asked her .” The laughter disappeared.

“And you what’s wrong with you ? why did you leave the choir room ? is it your job to arrange the chairs ? we have ushers in this church if they decide to get lazy with their assignment, it’s not your job to leave your department to theirs ! I am going to talk to Daddy after the service today ,I have told you that none of you should leave the choir without my approval.” He said as he turned back towards the choir room .

“Am sorry sir , please don’t report me to my dad , I will not do that again . It was pastor Solomon who asked me to help the ushers , they have not …” The tall man had vanished , she and Dooshima had to run to keep up with him .

Lillian was the Soloist, she sang her song so beautifully, that heaven came down . Around seven thirty they were already seated in the church as members began to arrive .

Around seven thirty A.M over five hundred members had arrived for the service , the auditorium housed over four thousand worshipers every Sunday, but the church would be full by nine A.M . The service opened with a brief prayer and Sunday school .

Ogwuche who had recently returned from Kano, where he had served as a corper with the NYSC . Decided to worship at his uncle’s new church , he had driven his uncle’s family to church . Even though he had grown up in the house of his uncle Agada , he had remained a Catholic.

He heard the melodious voice of a worship leader , Ogwuche fastened his heels to catch her singing .

“Ogwuche where are you rushing to ?” His aunt asked him in Idoma language, join ignored his aunt , and twisted his way amongst the Worshipers who were trying to make their way into the auditorium.

The interior of the church looked like a cinema , the chairs were not wooden pews as he had been used to , there were little steel chairs with blue , horseblood , and golden fabrics , from the kind of cars he saw outside the church , he knew the members of the church were rich and prosperous.


An usher dressed in a uniform Ankara pencil gown , pointed Ogwuche to a chair on a roll faraway from the front , he refused to sit , and walked to the front rolls of the church , he wanted to see if the voice came along with beauty .

When he lay his eyes on the beautiful songstress , who was singing worship songs with an intense passion , his legs became vegetables, he almost fell , when he was getting into the second roll on the church.

He had been opportuned to transverse the length and breadth of Nigeria , for his internship , as a medical student .

He was immersed in the worship , not because he was a very religious man , but because he felt an electrical chemistry that connected him with the lady with a sonorous voice and enticing charisma , he was lost in her beauty , Lips agape , heart racing , he spent all morning worshiping her beauty .

Her brown skin lighted up his heart , she radiated like the beauty of the northern sun , when it arises from its morning bliss . He was so happy when the choir returned on the massive stage , where mountains electronic stood , the saxophones and trumpet rented the air , in accompaniment of the sweet singing .

He kept staring at her , for too long , Mimidoo didn’t take her eyes from him for a minute , she was used to men staring at her best friend stupidly, but not with such absurd intensity. The newcomer in the church , was on another level , equivalent to that of a stalker . she kept observing him throughout the service .

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