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July 25, 2024





Belinda kept tossing around her bed until she woke up.

“6pm.” She said to herself as she got up from bed and made her way to the bathroom. She had gotten home from work really exhausted and decided to take a nap before doing anything.

On seeing her husband was still fast asleep, she decided to go to the study room and attend to some mails.



While at it, her eyes caught a Bible on the shelf and she felt uncomfortable, her emotions filled with guilt.

“It’s been a while since you read your Bible hasn’t it?” A voice spoke to her as her conscience pricked her sore.

“It’s not like that. I’ve become really busy these days and can’t seem to find the time to read the Bible or even pray.” She said to justify and ease herself of the guilt she was feeling.

“Busy? Are you really serious? Wow, now that shows you don’t have it placed as a priority but rather as an option and it shouldn’t be so.

See in this life, there are many things that’d seek for your attention. There’d be many distractions. I’d call them distractions because at the end of it all, everything ends here on this earth. After here, the only thing that’d matter is your relationship with God.

So it’s up to you to choose your distractions and discipline your life around God instead of squeezing Him in the little space left after building your life around materialistic things.” Something said within her. She felt so guilty that it got to a point she couldn’t concentrate anymore.

“But do I do? My work these days is so demanding. We’re trying to close another deal with a company and it’s going to be a big hit if we do so, so I need to work extra hard. My work is too demanding that I come home with some office tasks to carry out during my spare time. By the time I’m done attending to the official tasks, I’ll be so tired that I’d sleep off and not be able to observe midnight prayers.” She soliloquized and sighed.
It was barely seven months they started observing midnight prayers and it was already becoming difficult to maintain.

“There’ll be no time for what you sincerely want to do, you’re the one to create time for it.” She recalled a quote from a productivity book she read some time during her leisure time.

“Asides your spiritual life, do you think your husband is comfortable with this your new development of being extra busy?” Another thought came to her

“Yes, I mean I explained to him that it’s for a while. Once we reach our aim, this burden would be lifted off me.” She replied to her mind or wherever the thought came from.

“Hmm… you’re not handling all these well. Remember the Bible says watch and pray before you fall into temptation. Be careful these days Belinda. Set your priorities right before you bite your fingers later.”


David was busy with his laptop in his office when his door creaked open and someone walked in.
His receptionist had called earlier to inform him of someone wanting to come into his office so he wasn’t surprised.

“Please take your seat.” He said without raising up his head. Man seated kept quiet and waited for David to be done with whatever he was doing as he seem really busy.

“Yes, how may I…..what? Who are my eyes beholding right now?” David said with surprise as he got up to embrace his visitor.

“David my man. Ah ah, you don blow o. See as your office big like…”

“Abeg no whine me. Between me and you, who supposed whine who? I mean, look at you man.” Dave said as Micheal his friend chuckled

“No but seriously, you’re not doing bad at all. I mean your office is wow….” Micheal said

“Lol….I’ll take that as a compliment, thank you. By the way, what brings you to my office today? And besides, I thought you reside in the UK? At leats that was what you told me the last time we spoke.”

“Are you joking? That was three years ago mehn! Anyway, I’m still in the UK; I just came in few weeks ago to visit my sick mom. I would be going back in two months time if my plans work out well and fine.” Micheal said.

“So how about we go out and do some catch-ups and life updates?” Micheal suggested and David checked his time.

“Yeah sure. It’s break time already sef” David said and with that they drove down to the nearest restaurant.

“What would you like to have?”The waiter who attended to them asked and they both stated their preferences.

”So how far na? How has life been with you?” Micheal asked

“It has been good, real good. We thank God.”

“And your wife?”

“She’s doing well too. Let’s not talk about me, there isn’t really much going on in my life. Let’s discuss you instead. I don’t remember you making mention of wife and kids to me. Have things changed or….?” David asked as Micheal laughed

“Of course things have changed. It’s been five years since we last spoke at length before I lost your contact and things have changed since then. I got married four years ago and we’ve been blessed with with two kids- a boy and a girl.”

“Oh wow that’s nice to hear. So your wife, is she a Nigerian or a white girl charmed you before you before you could even consider settling for a woman from your country?”

“Lol…..of course she’s a Nigerian. White ladies aren’t my taste at all- it doesn’t mean I don’t admire them though. And luckily for me, I didn’t have to pass through the stress of flying back to Nigeria all because I want to get married because I met my wife right there in the UK and to my surprise we were from the same tribe. After making my findings about her and all, I concluded she was the one for me so we flew to Nigeria for the introduction and got married.”

“Oh wow….you have quite an interesting story right there. Okay so I…” David forged on but got interrupted by a phone call.

“Your wife?” Micheal asked as soon as the call was over.

“Yeah, she needs me to stop by a store and get some beverages before going home.” David said absent-mindedly but Micheal gave him a questioning look.

“And you’re gonna do that for her?” He asked

“Yes of course, she’s my wife. Or is something wrong?”

“Wow…oh wow…David don’t tell me you’re beginning to run errands for your wife. Oh come on! The David that I know wouldn’t succumb to such.” Micheal said and David sighed heavily.

“My brother it’s just for a while. These days she’s been so busy with her work. Her schedule has become so tight that she doesn’t even have time for herself not to talk of me.”

“Are you serious? Tell me when did all these start?”

“A few months ago. But I think with time she’ll be relieved of workloads and things would go back to normal.”

“Oh really? Interesting! So let me ask if you wouldn’t mind, for how long are you gonna keep running errands for a woman?” Micheal asked.

“Now hold on a second. Why you making it sound like I’m committing a great sacrilege? She’s my wife for crying out loud. There comes a time when I have to cover up for her when she’s not strong enough to do so.”

“Man I don’t believe that shit. You might think you’re doing her a favor and it’s just for a while, until she starts taking you for granted. They’re all the same bro, none is different.” Micheal said as David laughed it off. As soon as they were done with lunch, David dropped Mike off at a place he could comfortably get a cab before heading back to his office.


“Babe I’m home.” David announced as soon as he walked into the living room, but got no respose.
He immediately left for the Master’s bedroom to change and that was where he met his wife seriously busy with a laptop and jotter beside her.

“Honey you back? Welcome dear.” Belinda said as soon as she sighted her husband, but didn’t get up from where she was.

“Not even a hug?” David asked with outspread arms.

“How was your day?” She asked after a brief kiss.

“It went well.”

“I’m glad it did. Were you able to get me the stuffs I asked you to?” Belinda asked and he answered affirmatively. He told her they were in the living room. She thanked him and left to get them. After she had placed the items in their appropriate places, she came back to the bedroom, shut down the laptop and crashed on the bed.

“God this job is beginning to get more stressful as the day goes by. This isn’t what I signed up for.” She said with a pout and breathed heavily.

“Babe what is it? Didn’t you just hear me? I said I’m seriously tired and you’re…..please please please please please, don’t let me get angry this evening abeg because I don’t even have the strength to.” She said with a hiss and backed her husband. David watched her in surprise and shook his head for a while.

“Belinda it’s been months, and we haven’t connected emotionally not to talk of sexually. Any advancement I make towards achieving any of this pisses you off. When would all these stop? This thing will backfire one day o.” David said and Belinda turned to face him.

“Backfire how? To me you’re not being understanding. I just told you I’m tired, what would you have me do? Kill myself because you want us to cuddle? I’ve been on the laptop sorting mails out and just decided to rest a little and you’re saying…..wait, I hope it’s not what I’m thinking. Wait first, what exactly do you mean by ‘this thing will backfire’?”

“All I’m saying is, you’re an amazing wife and woman but you lack the grace to balance things up. First it started with you wanting you pay your vows to the Lord. You neglected everything and focused on church and prayers. I complained and we were able to negotiate to some point.

Now it’s you over-working yourself because of some target your company is trying to reach. Remember it was this same company that fired you for no reason. So what if they hadn’t called you back? Won’t work still go on smoothly?” David said and drove his wife to her thoughts for a while.


“Listen babe, all I’m saying is this- Strike a balance. You have you family, your spiritual life, your worklife and your personal life, and these all need your attention. Try to strike a balance instead of focusing on one and leaving the others to suffer. Please.” David said pleadingly as Belinda said nothing but nod.

“I’ve heard you, goodnight.” She said coldly and covered herself with a blanket to slee

“How long before we’d be able to see him? It’s getting late already.” Dan said, trying to hide his fear as he waited with his friend to see Baba.

“I’ve told you Dan, you’ve always been a chicken. Ah ah! Who said it’s late now? I mean this is just 9pm and we have like one hour to go before we can have access to seeing Baba this night.”

“Haaa! I have a wife at home that’d be worried about my whereabouts nw. You didn’t tell me it’d take this long to see him.” Daniel complained and suddenly there was a cry of an owl and it seemed as if the environment was overshadowed with thick darkness. Afterwards they heard footsteps approaching them. Dan’s heart was pounding seriously

“They say you’ve come to see me.” A husky voice said and Dan swallowed hard. The place was too dark to see the face of the fellow talking, but if Dan’s instincts were right, the voice sounded like that of an old man who hadn’t bathed for at least one week as he was struggling to catch his breath.

“Yes, most powerful one.” Dan’s friend responded confidently.

“It seems your friend is quite afraid.” The man with the husky voice said. At that instant Dan cleared his throat and made a bow.

“So tell me, why are you here? What is the reason you seek the all-powerful one?” The man whose face hadn’t been revealed yet asked. Dan’s friend cleared his throat.

“There’s a colleague in our office that has been giving us a tough time for a while now. We’ve tried getting read of him by our physical strength, but it seems there’s a greater force backing him up. So we thought it wise to seek for a reinforcement and higher power to attack our opponent.”

“Hmmm…….you have come to the right place. “ The voice said and a strange wind blew that sent cold chills running down Dan’s spine.

“You’ll receive the reinforcement you seek, but first I need to know the level of power this opponent of yours have so you’ll be enforced with a greater power. What have you attempted to do this fellow that backfired or failed?”

“I…Ehmmm….we…we have tried implicating David for the past one year and it seemed like that was impossible as he had a clean slate in our office and no records could be used against him whatsoever. We fairly had our way a few months ago and that brought about his demotion, but it seems he still has favour in the sight of his superiors despite the framed accusations.” Dan spoke up and there was silene for a while.

“Hmmm….your attempts against this fellow is really negligible. It holds no water. But you’ll be fortified with powers that’d make you hit hard against him while being protected against any counter attack.”

“We’re ready to do anything Sir, we just want this colleague of ours to be out of the way so we can reign in our company once again.”

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