“Okada stop, Okada please.” Ogwuche waved down a an Okada man, the man was on full speed, had driven passed him and and parked next to Ogwuche and Onyabehi.

“Where are you going?” the man asked.

“How much is Okpokwu?” He asked. Onyabehi held Igoche, Alice was tied to her back. Ogwuche was holding the brown travelling bag.

“It’s two thousand five hundred.” The Okada man said.

“Haba that’s too expensive na, are you taking them to Abuja ? That amount is too much.” Ogwuche cried.

“How much will you pay?” The impatient rider asked.
“will you go for two thousand naira?” Ogwuche asked pleadingly.

“Let them come.” The Okada man said with a wave of the hand. Ogwuche put the bag in front of the Okada man, Onyabehi climbed behind him, Igoche was put in between the rider and the bag.



“Go well greet your mother for me. When papa Ogiri pays for the work I did in his farm I’ll send you more money, I hope the ten twenty thousand should be okay for three weeks?” He asked.

“Yes.”Onyabehi said.” Okada let’s go.”She said.

” Wait please.”Ogwuche brought out the transport fare and gave to the Okada man. Igoche was excited about travelling to his maternal family, he wanted to see his uncles and aunt, and his grandmother. And also take a long ride on the motorcycle, he loved the wind slapping against his eyes. He waved at his dad.

“Daddy bye I’ll miss you.” The boy said feeling ecstatic, Ogwuche stood by the road waving at his family as they rode away.

Onyabehi had suggested that she should visit her mother, and be away from the compound, because the tension between she and Ogar had become so much that she feared he would harm her or her children.

He had blamed Ene and Onyabehi for turning his son against him. He and Ene had never remained in peace since the day Ogwuche made the revelation.

From one fight to another, Ogwuche was reluctant about letting Onyabehi go to her parents house for a while, until he woke up one morning and saw a ritual sacrifice outside his house, an egg which had liquid red like blood had been broken in front of his house. With a bunch of feathers tied with a red piece of clothes.


“Mama? Mama come and see.”Ogwuche had called Ene from her room as early as five A. M, she was no longer sharing a room with her husband. She wished she had left earlier in the marriage, she regretted seeing his face everyday.

” What is it Ogwuche? ” Ene asked with a groggy voice.

“Mama come and see what’s in front of my room.” Ogwuche said, Ene grumbled as she followed her son. Ogbole who had slept in the sitting room, had been the one who opened the door for Ogwuche, he followed his mother and brother.

Saw the charm, Ene shook her head she wanted to pick the charms up and throw them away. But Ogwuche refused, he didn’t want his mother to touch it. He swept the eggs away and set it on fire.

“Onyabehi I think you should go to your mother place.” Ogwuche had told his wife later that evening.

“You had refused twice for us to go why now?” she asked.
“I’ve said you should can go now.”That’s all Ogwuche could say before he left the house.

The motorcycle appeared in Ojigo, her siblings went berserk they ran to the market square to inform Ajuma. She had visited her daughter last, two over two years when she had given birth to Alice.


Onyabehi had not drop for ten minutes, when she dived into house cleaning and rearrangement.
Ajuma rushed into the house, she embraced her daughter.

“Comfort wow you’re looking so beautiful.” Ajuma said admiringly. She picked up Alice. “Aaah aaaah mama you’re looking so beautiful Ada.” She said dancing with her grandchild.

“Where is Igoche?” She asked Onyabehi , the four year old boy was running outside with his young uncles and aunties.
“He’s outside with Glory and Destiny.”She said.

The women sat and discussed. Oji returned from a drinking joint later that evening, Onyabehi greeted him casually.

” Madam have you remembered us? I thought we are no longer family?” He said teasingly, Onyabehi looked at him with a hateful glare.


“Papa I don’t know what you’re saying.”She hissed, Oji ignored her and went to his room. The women spoke like friends, for over two hours.

Onyabehi went to kitchen to prepare Okra soup and cray and vegetables. Her siblings were all over her.

She had served her siblings and her parents, she put her father’s plate of soup and Fufu to the living room and dropped it on the table.

“Madam so you came around and you have not come to see me?” Blessing asked giggling.

“Well I wanted to finish with my food before I come to your house.”Onyabehi said getting up, the two ladies embraced each other.


” Mama good evening.” Blessing greeted Ajuma.
” Haaa blessing you remembered us today? It’s only Onyabehi that brings you to our house.” Ajuma complained.

” Mama it’s not so, you know I’ve been busy with school, and whenever I am at home I have to help my mother with her business.” Blessing said in defence.

” Okay how’s your mother? Ajuma asked.

“She’s fine mama.” Blessing said as she carried Alice.”Igoche you’re now so big.” She observed, as she lifted the four years old from the ground.

Onyabehi packed all the dirty plates and washed it, only her father’s food remained in the sitting room. He had gone out with his friends.

“So how have you been Comfort it’s been a while, you don’t even try to call.” Blessing said, she and Onyabehi walked towards her the road. Alice had slept off, Igoche was busy with his aunts playing.

“Haaa it’s not easy in that house oh. I will work and work from morning till night. But you self do you call?” she asked.
“I am a student?” She cried. “Where will I get money to buy airtime?” Blessing cried.

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