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The maid hesitated a little bit before fastening his garment robe, her eyes lowered low but she was tempted to take a peek on his handsome face.

This is the first time she’s serving Prince Dario. She slowly moved her eyelids upwards which landed on his long blank face which was so handsome as ever, she almost had a heart attack.

How can someone be this handsome? His eyes and attention was fixed on the mirror.

“She’s taking a peek… imagine the audacity” White Demon scoffed but Dario just kept mute pretending as if he didn’t know the maid just gazed on his face which isn’t mearnt to be.

The maid immediately lowered her gaze moving to the stage of attending to his hair…

“Leave” Came Dario’s dry tone stopping her halfway, of course he doesn’t like anyone attending to his hair. The maid bowed leaving at once.

“Is there really need for me to look expensive before I’m been figured out as Prince?” Dario sighed out packing his long hair.

“Of course… this isn’t one of your Night outings this is a royal breakfast bouquet organized by the king himself…so you ought to present yourself well because all the royal bI.ood will be looking expensive… especially Javier…or do you wanna be an exception?” White Demon asked.

On grabbing on the name “Javier” Dario paused on what he was doing squeezing his fist tight.
“You know he got eyes for Thana…

If you look less expensive and hot from him then princess Thana’s attentions today will be off you directing to him” White Demon poured more diesel on the fired immune system.

Dario responded with a smirk on his face…when he was done arranging his hair, he left some few strands which felled on his face giving him the look of a hot sxy dvil.

“Dmn we are looking hot … good job Dario” White Demon complimented.

“We?” Dario asked.

“Yes… I’m inside your body making us two beings in one body” White Demon cleared the air. Dario scoffed.

“Your Highness” Pablo entered inside.

Dario turned to face him.

“Someone is here to see you” He said.

“Who?” Dario asked gulping at once because of the person who was behind Pablo with beautiful smiles on her face.

“My Prince”



Liza took off her robe sinking herself inside the hot Rose palates while her three maids took over to massage and scrub her delicate skin.

Her mind drifted to the beautiful time she shared with her Saviour whom she knew nothing about, the kss was so intense…gosh she’s so much inlove, when did this feelings developed so much hard? When?

She recalled how he excorted her back to the palace without not much of words shared between them both.

She doesn’t know his name but he knew hers.

She doesn’t know where he came from but he knew hers.

She knew No dmn thing about him but he seems to know everything about her.

“Hahahah” She suddenly laughed pausing at once …her maids exchanged glances wondering what’s wrong with her…has she gone insane or what?

“You’re a fool inlove Liza…you got kssed without knowing anything about the mysterious man you kssed? But dmn he is so hot and charming…

I wanna see him again…what’s wrong with me?????” She suddenly started crying Making her maids to conclude on the fact that she had gone insane.

But they dare not say a word because of their heads been chopped off their necks.

“Leave” She suddenly muttered when she was done crying. They obliged immediately.


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