What Aisle is Horseradish In Grocery Store?

Horseradish has a fantastic way to give your dish some extra spicy flavor. If you want to incorporate this hotly pungent condiment in your recipe and wondering where it is in the grocery store, this post is for you. Here is information about what aisle to find horseradish.

This article also provides a detailed list of popular stores that sell horseradish including some popular brands of horseradish that are ranked best sellers. Continue reading.

What Aisle is Horseradish in?

Horseradish is typically found in the produce section. So it won’t be hard to find if you begin your search from here. However, horseradish can also be found near the dips in the grocery store, or in the condiments aisle, if already prepared.

In the produce section, you will find horseradish with other roots, such as ginger. But ensure you choose fresh horseradish only if you are willing to grate it yourself.

NOTE: You can grate or cut the root of horseradish into small pieces and preserve it in sugar, salt, and vinegar. In this form, you can use it as a condiment in the future. This process results in prepared horseradish.

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Where to Buy Horseradish Near You

Different grocery stores carry horseradish, and because it is a popular condiment, you can be sure that your grocery store has it in stock, although the brands carried may vary from store to store.

1. Amazon

Amazon provides a wide variety of horseradish brands and will have your choice of brand delivered to you swiftly when you order online from their website. That way, you have no use worrying about bumping into people at the grocery store.

Some of the best-seller prepared horseradish sauces are:

2. Kroger

At Kroger, horseradish is located in the condiments aisle near other condiments like salad dressing and barbecue sauce. However, you will find fresh horseradish in the produce section, next to the potatoes, yams, and onions. Popular brands of horseradish sold at Kroger include Silver Spring, Private Selection, and Boar’s head.

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3. Walmart

At Walmart, you will find fresh horseradish in the produce aisle while the prepared horseradish is in Walmart’s condiments section. If you want the prepared and refrigerated horseradish, then check the salad and chilled dip aisle, which is close to the produce aisle. Popular brands include Silver Spring, Beaver Brand, Beano’s, and Great Value are what you will get here.

4. Meijer

Horseradish can be found in Meijer within the condiments aisle or produce section. They carry Chadalee Farms, Bookbinders, Inglehoffer, Woeber’s, and many others.

5. Safeway

Safeway carries Silver Spring, Beaver Brand, Moorehouse, Reese, and many other brands of horseradish in the condiments aisle.

6. Target

You will find horseradish in the condiments and salad dressing aisle at Target. They carry brands such as Silver Spring, and Market Pantry.

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What Are The Best Horseradish Brands?

Now that you have arrived at the correct aisle, what kind of horseradish should you pick?

Well, we conducted research to discover the most popular brands of horseradish according to people’s ratings on different online stores.

While Woeber’s horseradish seems to be the most popular on Amazon because Amazon reflects the options individuals choose when costs and shipping times are equal, Beaver Brand horseradish is particularly loved by individuals who prefer a horseradish that isn’t at all sweet. Consumers have praised it for having the perfect amount of spice without being overly sweet.

What Do You Eat Horseradish With?

Horseradish can be consumed in a variety of ways.

  • Creamy Salad: For a creamy salad dressing, for instance, combine horseradish with sour cream, mayonnaise, or yogurt.
  • Soups: Some people incorporate horseradish into their soups.
  • Coleslaw: You might try incorporating horseradish into coleslaw or potato salad.
  • Barbeque sauce: Horseradish sauce can also be combined with vinegar, honey, and sugar for a delectable summer barbeque sauce.
  • Ketchup: Some people enjoy combining ketchup and horseradish sauce.

If these do not work out for you, rest assured there are a ton more recipes that you can discover online. You can absolutely give them a try. Only ensure to not heap too much horseradish on whatever recipe you go for because the horseradish flavor is quite overpowering.

Key Takeaway….

In conclusion, horseradish is a widely consumed root vegetable, and its pungent aroma and spiciness are what make it so popular. Don’t hesitate to ask a store associate if you are still unable to find it around the store. They should be able to point you in the right direction.


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