What Aisle Are Croutons in Grocery Store?

Croutons are not only used as a great topping for salads and soups. They also make a  perfect afternoon snack because of their small size and cube shape. 

These savory bites of deliciousness are made from crisped bread, oil or butter, and seasonings, and are also versatile ingredients that can add to the texture and flavor of your dishes. 

So if you are looking to enhance the texture and flavor of your recipe and wondering what aisle croutons are in grocery stores, here’s it.

What Aisle Are Croutons in the Grocery Store?

Croutons are typically found in the same aisle as bread, or the aisle with salad dressings or soups. Also, some stores may keep them in a separate section near the produce.

However, if you are unable to locate them in the named aisles by yourself, you should reach out to a store employee. They will certainly point you in the right direction.

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Where to Buy Croutons Near You

There are a good number of stores where you can easily purchase your favorite brand of croutons. They include:

1. Amazon

For easy and swift shopping, simply order croutons online from Amazon and have them delivered in no time. Some best sellers in croutons on Amazon are La Rochelle Buttery Garlic Flavour Salad Croutons, Sova Foods Onion and Garlic Bread Whole Wheat Croutons, and The Crouton Cheesy Oven Baked Croutons amongst many others.

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2. Walmart

At Walmart, you will find Croutons in the same aisle as bread. The best-selling brands at Walmart include the Great Value Seasoned Croutons, Great Value Cheese and Garlic Seasoned Croutons, and the New York Original Texas Toast Garlic and Butter Flavoured Croutons. You can find these brands in aisle A13 at Walmart.

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3. Kroger

Croutons are in aisle 18 of Kroger stores. Kroger stores carry their best-selling croutons which include; Kroger Homestyle Herb Seasoned Croutons, Kroger Homestyle Caesar Croutons, Kroger Homestyle Cheese and Garlic Croutons, and many more.

4. Target

Target stores keep croutons in the condiments and salad dressings aisle in the pantry department. They carry Market Pantry Seasoned Croutons and Market Pantry Cheese and Garlic Croutons.

5. Safeway

Like Kroger, Safeway stores also keep croutons in the condiments and salad dressings aisle. Safeway offers a wide range of crouton brands.

You can try out their Fresh Gourmet Butter and Garlic Croutons, Signature Select Caesar Croutons, signature Select Herb Seasoned Croutons, and even the popular New York Original Texas Toast Seasoned Croutons.

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6. Meijer

Various brands of croutons such as Meijer Garlic and Butter Croutons, Marzetti Seasoned Croutons, Meijer Cheese and Garlic Croutons, etc. can be found in Grocery Aisle 15 at Meijer.

7. Publix

Publix supermarkets are very popular for retailing food items, hence you definitely should find croutons in any of their stores. Croutons are usually displayed in the dry grocery section of Publix stores and their best-selling brands include Publix Cheese and Garlic Flavoured Croutons, Cardini’s Croutons, and Fresh Gourmet Croutons.

8. Aldi

You can also shop for your favorite brand of croutons in any Aldi store near you, although quantities may be limited and unavailable in some. Aldi sells Assorted Varieties of Tuscan Garden Croutons.

9. Albertsons

Have your favorite brand of croutons delivered to your doorstep when you shop online from Albertsons. Otherwise, you can find croutons in the salad dressings aisle. Popular brands of croutons at Albertsons include Fresh Gourmet Butter and Garlic Croutons, signature SELECT Caesar Croutons, Fresh Gourmet Cheese and Garlic Croutons, and many others.

10. Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s Rosemary Croissant Croutons definitely stand out, and are remarkably crunchy! Besides that, you may also wish to try out other croutons such as Trader Joe’s Plantain Croutons, Trader Joe’s Cheese and Garlic Croutons, and other excellent croutons ideas available at Trader Joe’s.

These stores are the popular grocery stores where you can purchase croutons. However, croutons are also available in many other mini retail stores where you can easily stop by and shop.

Great Ways to Use Croutons Other Than in Salads?

Although salads are a great way to use up croutons, crunchy croutons can however be used to enhance various other dishes besides salads.

Below are fun ways to use up croutons other than in salads.

1. Stuffed tomatoes

Stuffed tomatoes are almost inverted tuna sandwiches. They are stuffed with creamy tuna, mellow cannellini beans, and of course, crunchy croutons!

2. Eggs

You can stir croutons into soft scrambled eggs.

3. Fish

Fish, when topped with croutons makes it an even more satisfying dish. Also, croutons provide a crisp bite to shrimp and cod stew.

4. Soups

You should try adding croutons to creamy tomato soup for some delicious texture. They can also be used as a topping for chilled potato soup, silky broccoli-spinach soup, or any other pureed soup.


Croutons can either be bought already prepared in assorted flavors, or can be made at home using French bread, baguette, sourdough bread, brioche, or just plain old stale white bread.


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