May 20, 2024

Where is Apple Butter in Grocery Store?

Looking for apple butter in the grocery store? Here is where you will find it.

Apple butter is a sweet spread made by cooking apples with sugar and spices. It has a smooth, thick consistency and a concentrated apple flavor. It can be used as a topping or spread for bread, toast, and pastries, or as an ingredient in sweet and savory recipes.

If you have found it a worthy component of your recipe, then here are the aisles you will find it.

What Aisle is Apple Butter in Grocery Stores?

The first place to find apple butter is the jam, jelly, and spreads aisle. A lot of grocery stores keep apple butter here because most people shop for it as a substitute for peanut butter or as jelly on sandwiches. However, if you can’t find it here, the next place you want to turn is the baking aisle. It’s commonly used as a baking ingredient so some stores place it here alongside other baking ingredients.

While that’s the case, some standard grocery stores stock it in the aisle for condiments or spreads. Here, you’re likely to find it side-by-side with other products like nut butter, fruit preserves and jams, fruit spreads, honey, and maple syrup.

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Where to Buy Apple Butter Near You

1. Amazon

On Amazon, you will find apple butter from brands like Eden Organic, Smucker’s, Jif Natural, Dickson’s, The Dutch Kettle, Fisher & Wieser, Wegmans, Wild Huckleberry, and lots more. If you prefer to shop from home, then you might want to check them out.

2. Walmart

Walmart stores keep most of their apple butter in the aisle for fruit butter. Shopping here, you’re likely to find nice products like The Dutch Kettle Homemade Style Apple Butter, Dillman Farm Organic No Sugar Added Apple Butter, Walden Farms Sugar-Free Apple Butter, Smucker Smuckers Apple Butter, Kauffman’s Fruit Farm Homemade Apple Butter, Wisconsin’s Best Apple Butter, and lot’s more.

3. Kroger

At Kroger stores, you’ll find apple butter in their aisle for nut butter, jelly & honey. If you’re shopping here, you’re likely to find products like Dillman Farm Organic No Sugar Added Apple Butter, Shiloh Farms Apple Butter, Eden Organic Apple Butter, Bionaturae Organic Apple Fruit Spread, and lots more.

4. Wegmans

If you’ve got a Wegmans store nearby, you’ll want to be looking through their aisle for jams, jelly & preserves, in the nut butter, jelly & honey section. You’ll find products like Musselman’s Apple Butter, Stonewall Kitchen Apple Butter, and lots more.

5. Stop & Shop

If Stop&Shop is your choice grocery store, you’ll find apple butter in their aisle for jams, jellies & honey, and in the section for condiments & sauces. Although you’re sure of getting the real deal, you’ll likely not have varieties to pick from – they only sell their self-branded Stop&Shop Apple Butter.

6. Safeway

When shopping at Safeway store, you want to be looking through their aisle for jams, jelly & spreads for apple butter. You’ll likely come across products like Signature SELECT Apple Butter and Manischewitz Apple Butter Spread.

7. ThriveMarket

If you’re comfortable with shopping online for your grocery, you can try out ThriveMarket – it’s a membership online grocery shop to get organic, non-GMO foods, and healthy products at lower prices. They’ve sure got some apple butter, you could check out their website to see the products in stock.

8. Publix

Among the products that Publix carries are Eden, Blackberry Patch, Manischewitz, Musselman’s, and White House apple butter. If you are shopping here, check the aisles for spreads.

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How Long Does Apple Butter Last?

Apple butter is arguably one of the most shelf-stable condiments you can think of. Homemade apple butter will remain in good condition for up to 1 month while being stored in the refrigerator. However, if you’re using water bath canning, it can last for about two years depending on the canning lid used.

While that’s the case, store-sold apple butter, when unopened will remain in good condition up to the date stated on the can by the manufacturer. However, once the lid is taken off, you’ll want to preserve it in the same manner as homemade apple butter to maintain its optimal freshness.

Possible Apple Butter Alternatives

If your choice grocery store doesn’t have apple butter but by any chance sells any of these products, they can be used as good alternatives.

1. Applesauce

Apple butter and applesauce are often confused, but they differ in consistency. Substitute 1 cup of apple butter with 1½ cups of watery applesauce. For homemade apple butter, add spices to applesauce, simmer until thick, and then blend. Enjoy the versatile and healthy benefits of both.

2. Yogurt

While it differs in taste, plain Greek yogurt offers a tangy flavor and smooth texture. Rich in protein, calcium, and probiotics, yogurt improves digestion and boosts immunity. Use 1 cup of plain yogurt to replace 1 cup of apple butter in recipes, especially for moist cakes.

3. Vegetable Oil

In baking emergencies, vegetable oil becomes a valuable substitute for apple butter. While it may not replicate the flavor, it’s a convenient option found in most kitchens. For baking, use ¾ cup of vegetable oil or 1 cup of light olive oil instead of 1 cup of apple butter. Embrace the versatility of oils in culinary creations.


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