Where to Find Cranberries in Grocery Store

Despite their popularity, cranberries can still be a challenging item to locate in the grocery store, especially if you’ve not shopped in that particular grocery outlet before. However, not to worry, we’ll be helping you out with this article – if you’re looking for guidelines to shop for cranberries continue reading.

Aside from telling you the aisle where you can find it, we’ll also highlight some grocery stores near you where it’s sold. Lastly, we’ll be giving some tips on its shelf life and how to store it so you get to enjoy its maximum freshness.

What Aisle is Cranberries in Grocery Stores?

When searching for cranberries in grocery stores, the first place you want to look is the produce section – you’ll often find fresh cranberries here. While that’s the case some grocery chains may also keep their dried cranberries in this section, alongside other dried fruits like raisins, and nuts.

If you’re not successful seeing it there, the next place that should come to your mind is the snack aisle. Grocery stores with this aisle often use it to stock dried pre-packaged cranberries. Next, you may want to process to the aisle for health foods; you’re likely to find organic variants free from sugars or preservatives here.

Just to make sure you’re checking all boxes, the last place you want to look is the aisle for frozen fruits. If the grocery store where you’re shopping has this aisle, they’re likely to be stocking some frozen cranberries here.

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Where to Buy Cranberries Near You

1. Amazon

Amazon Fresh outlets keep their cranberries in the produce section, frozen fruits aisle, and canned fruits section – they’ve got multiple variants and brands across the three sections.

You can also order dried cranberries on Amazon. Some of the products you can find here include Yupik Dried Cranberries, Aurora Natural Deluxe Whole Cranberries, Ocean Spray Craisins Dried Cranberries, Vincent Family Dried Cranberries, Happy Belly Cranberry & Nuts, and GERBS Dried Cape Cod Cranberries.

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2. Walmart

Walmart Stores primarily keep their cranberries in the section for fresh produce. You can also find dried variants in the aisle for snacks, cookies & chips. Some of the products available here are from brands like Ocean Spray, Great Value, R.W. Knudsen Family, Sun-Maid, Salad Pizazz, Fresh Gourmet, and Simply Non-GMO.

3. Kroger

At Kroger, you will find cranberries in the section for natural & organic foods. Here, you want to be looking for the aisle for snacks and canned fruits. While that’s the case, they also sell other cranberry variants like cranberry juice in the beverage section and cranberry supplements in the health & wellness section. Aside from their standard self-branded Kroger variant of cranberry products, they also have cranberry variants from brands like Ocean Spray, R.W. Knudsen Family, and Simple Truth.

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4. Wegmans

At Wegmans, you’ll find cranberries in their produce, and frozen fruit sections depending on the kind you’re searching for. Much like Kroger, they’ve got their inventory of this product populated with their self-branded Wegmans Organic variants, and keep little quantities of other brands like Ocean Spray, Cape Cod, Fresh Gourmet, and Sun-Maid.

5. Trader Joe’s

If you’ll be shopping at Trader Joe’s you’ll want to check out their natural produce section. The only downside with shopping here is that they primarily only stock their self-branded variant, you’ll most likely not see something else from other brands, which can limit your choices.

6. Target

At Target grocery stores, you’ll get to find cranberries in the produce section, organic, and health section, depending on the variant you’re searching for. Brands like Moonstone, Ocean Spray, Horbaach, Simply Beverages, and Good & Gather are often readily available.

7. Costco

If you’ve got a Costco grocery outlet near you, you want to be searching through their aisle for natural products, and dried fruits section. They’ve got brands like Kirkland Signature, Ocean Spray, and Turnature Pacran.

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What is the shelf life of cranberries?

Much like other fruits, they start to expire as soon as they’re harvested, and keeping them at a consistently cool temperature becomes key in extending their shelf life. Ultimately, the shelf life of cranberries depends on their form after processing and before storage. Generally, you’d find cranberries in three forms; fresh, frozen, and dried.

How Long Can You Keep Cranberries in the Fridge?

Fresh cranberries can last up to two weeks while in the refrigerator. While the ones in sealed bags can last a little longer, once they’re opened, they’re usually not going to be in good condition after 14 days.

On the other hand, frozen cranberries can go up to a year in the freezer and still maintain their quality. Although you may need to keep it in a freezer to ensure that its shelf life is maintained. Meanwhile, dried cranberries can last up to 18 months if stored properly, in a consistently cool space.


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