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July 25, 2024

What Aisle is Coconut Milk in Grocery Stores?

From sauces and dressings to curries and stews to puddings and dessert soups, coconut milk can be used to add creaminess and fat to a countless number of dishes! 

It is incredibly versatile and can be used in both sweet and savory applications. Coconut milk is an excellent substitute for ordinary milk if you’re seeking a dairy-free, vegan-friendly solution.

But where exactly can you find coconut milk in a grocery store?  Well, this post contains the answer to the above question and every other question you may have, concerning coconut milk; what stores sell them, and even what brands are best for you.

What Aisle is Coconut Milk in?

The first place to look for coconut milk in the grocery store is in the dairy section. It is available in most grocery stores and is usually found on the upper shelf of the dairy aisle.

You may also look for coconut milk in the Asian food aisles since coconut milk is commonly used in many Asian cuisines. Coconut milk may be found in regular, sweetened, and low-fat varieties. It may also be found near other alternative kinds of milk. Fresh coconut milk is stored in aseptic or regular cartons in the refrigerated section.

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Where to Buy Coconut Milk Near You

Coconut milk is available in the most popular grocery stores like Walmart, Kroger, Target, Publix, Meijer, Aldi, etc.

1. Amazon

On Amazon, you can shop some of the best-selling coconut milk products like Thai Kitchen Organic Lite Unsweetened coconut milk, Native Forest Organic Unsweetened coconut milk, and Pacific Food coconut milk.

If you enjoy the convenience of shopping online, you might want to settle for these top-rated brands on Amazon.

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2. Walmart

Coconut milk is typically found in the international foods or Asian foods section at Walmart. You may also check the canned goods aisle for coconut milk. Walmart’s best seller coconut milk is Silk Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Unsweet Coconut Milk. However, there are other popular picks such as the So Delicious Dairy Free Unsweetened Coconut Milk, and the Thai Kitchen Gluten Free Unsweetened Coconut Milk.

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3. Kroger

Kroger usually carries coconut milk in the international foods aisle, or sometimes in the natural/organic foods section. You can also search for coconut milk on their website, or use the Kroger app to check if it is currently in stock at your local store. Popular brands of coconut milk sold at Kroger are Kroger Premium Coconut Milk, Simple Truth Original Coconut Milk, Thai Kitchen Unsweetened Coconut Milk, etc.

4. Target

Target keeps a variety of coconut milk products in its grocery section, including canned coconut milk, refrigerated coconut milk, and powdered coconut milk. There are various brands of coconut milk sold at Target, but the best-selling brands are Thai Kitchen Coconut Milk, Good and Gather Organic Coconut Milk, Silk Unsweet Coconut Milk, etc. 

5. Publix

You will find coconut milk in the grocery section of Publix stores as well as in the Asian foods aisle. And like Target, Publix stores also carry various coconut milk products. Goya Coconut Milk, So Delicious Organic Coconut Milk, and Thai Kitchen Unsweetened Coconut Milk, are some of the brands of coconut milk sold at Publix.

6. Meijer

Meijer Premium Coconut Milk so far has ranked highest as the best coconut milk sold at Meijer and can be found in grocery/aisle 14. But besides Meijer Premium Coconut Milk, Meijer stores also carry Goya Coconut Milk, Thai Kitchen Unsweetened Coconut Milk, Native Forest Classic Unsweetened Coconut Milk as well as various other brands of coconut milk.

7. Safeway

Safeway also has coconut milk in the grocery section of its stores or in the Asian food aisle. They carry popular brands such as Thai Kitchen Organic Unsweetened Coconut Milk, O’Organics Coconut Milk, as well as Signature Select Coconut Milk.

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5 Simple Ways to Add Coconut Milk to Your Recipes.

There are definitely a million and one known ways for you to use up those cans of coconut milk stashed in your pantry but listed below, are 5 simple ways to begin.

1. Soups

Coconut milk can be incorporated as one of the liquid ingredients when cooking a soup.

2. Smoothies

Take a moment to imagine the outcome of processed coconut milk in a blender with fresh fruits, a touch of honey or any other sweetener as required, a squeeze of lemon juice, and some cubes of ice!

3. Cocktails

Coconut milk is, by all means, an excellent ingredient that is used by mixologists to add an exotic and slightly sweet taste to their drinks. This mixture works pretty well in rum cocktails with a little lime or lemon juice to cut through the richness.

4. Curries

You can use coconut milk classically to make curries in cooking. This gives off fragrant stews of meat and vegetables.

5. Coconut Whipped Cream

Sounds fun? It definitely is a fun way of preparing a topping for crêpes and cakes. When you simply refrigerate a can of coconut milk upside down overnight, carefully scoop out the thick cream that solidifies at the top, add a little sugar, and beat until a soft peak forms, you have successfully prepared a non-dairy whipped cream!


Coconut milk, unlike cow’s milk, is lactose-free. Hence it can be used as a milk substitute for those with lactose intolerance. When looking for it in the grocery store, kindly check the dairy aisle or in the Asian foods section.


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