Where to Find Cinnamon Sticks in Grocery Store

Cinnamon quills, also known as cinnamon sticks are an essential ingredient in many dishes and beverages. They are one of the most searched ingredients in the grocery store.

But then, if you don’t know the in and out of a grocery store, it may be difficult to find. Wondering where you can find cinnamon sticks in a grocery store? Keep reading this simple guide article.

What Aisle is Cinnamon Sticks in Grocery Stores?

The exact position of cinnamon sticks usually varies since most grocery stores are constantly changing their layout. However, if you’re looking for cinnamon sticks in a grocery store, you’re most likely going to find them in the spice aisle. Cinnamon sticks are usually sold together with other whole spices like nutmeg and cloves. Be sure to look at the whole spices section.

Also, you may find cinnamon sticks in the baking aisle if you can’t find them in the spice aisle. Oftentimes, cinnamon sticks are used in baking recipes. So, don’t be shocked to find them alongside other baking ingredients like baking powder and flour.

Additionally, if you’re looking for cinnamon sticks from a particular country such as Ceylon cinnamon, be sure to check the international aisle.

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Brands of Cinnamon Sticks Available in Grocery Stores

The brand of cinnamon sticks available in grocery stores usually varies depending on the particular store and where it is located. Nevertheless, common brands that are available in most grocery stores are:

  • Simply Organic
  • Happy Belly
  • Groff’s
  • McCormick
  • Spice Island
  • Frontier Co-op
  • Penzeys
  • Morton
  • Basset
  • Badia

These are only a few brands amongst many others that offer cinnamon sticks.

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Where to Buy Cinnamon Sticks Near You

There are times when you may go to your local grocery store only to find out that they are out of stock for cinnamon sticks. So, what will you do?

Well, cinnamon sticks are widely available in popular grocery stores like Walmart, Target, Trader Joe’s, Kroger, and Whole Foods Market, just to name a few. Also, you may visit their website to place an order of cinnamon sticks and have them delivered to you.

1. Amazon

This is an amazing place to buy cinnamon sticks and have them delivered to your doorstep. At Amazon, it is easy to find a wide variety of brands available. The prices are low and you may buy in packs.

2. Walmart

When you can’t find cinnamon sticks in your local grocery store, head over to Walmart. You can typically find cinnamon sticks in the whole spices section.

3. Target

Target stocks cinnamon sticks in the spices aisle. However, if you’re unable to find them in this aisle, be sure to check in the baking aisle also.

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4. Kroger

If there is any Kroger store near you, you can buy cinnamon sticks there. Be sure to check both the spices aisle and the baking aisle.

5. Safeway

There are many brands of cinnamon sticks at Safeway. The popular brands are Morton and McCormick. Usually, you’ll find them in the whole spices aisle.

6. Whole Foods Market

At Whole Foods Market, you will find a wide selection of cinnamon sticks brands to choose from. You may as well be able to get them in a pack of 4 or 6. Cinnamon sticks are typically found in the whole spices section.

7. Trader Joe’s

Once inside Trader Joe’s, walk down to the spices aisle or baking section. You will definitely find cinnamon sticks in any of these aisles.

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8. Aldi

Most Aldi stores sell a wide variety of cinnamon sticks brands, which are usually found in the spices aisle.

9. Publix

Publix sells a wide variety of cinnamon sticks and they are mostly found in the spice aisle. Sometimes, it can be found in the baking aisle.

Great Ways to Use Cinnamon Sticks

Cinnamon sticks are an essential ingredient in most dishes and beverages. However, there are a couple of other areas where it has proven useful. Let’s run through some:

1. Baking

Cinnamon is a popular spice for baking and can be used in recipes like cinnamon rolls and apple pies. Simply use a spice grinder to grind the cinnamon sticks into powder.

2. Drinks

You can use cinnamon sticks to flavor cocktails such as spiced rum drinks. Just add a cinnamon stick to the drink and allow it to infuse for some minutes.

3. Home Decoration

You may be wondering how it is possible to use cinnamon sticks for home decoration. Well, you just have to gather them together and tie them with a ribbon for a fragrant decoration or place them on a plate with other spices to create a natural potpourri.

What Are the Substitutes for Cinnamon Sticks?

When you don’t have cinnamon sticks, there are a few substitutes you can use to achieve a similar flavor. Check them out below:

  • Allspice
  • Ground cinnamon
  • Cardamom
  • Nutmeg
  • Cloves

These substitutes have a similar flavor to cinnamon sticks. Just add 1/2 or 1/4 teaspoon for every cinnamon stick called for in a recipe.

Key Takeaway…

Cinnamon sticks are one of the most searched ingredients in the grocery store. It is an essential ingredient in many dishes and beverages. If you’re looking for where to find cinnamon sticks in a grocery store, be sure to look at the spices aisle, baking aisle, or international aisle.


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