Where to Buy Green Tomatoes: Aisles and Stores to Check

To the Southerners, green tomatoes are almost a staple. To others, it might just be another unripe fruit. Well, if you are wondering where to buy green tomatoes, this article will help. We have listed some stores where you will surely find them and the particular aisle/section you will get in the grocery store.

What Are Green Tomatoes?

Green tomatoes are simply the unripe version of any variety of tomatoes. This means that they are intentionally picked before they ripen.

They usually have light to dark lime skin and are very firm. On the inside, they are bright chartreuse with tiny underdeveloped seeds at the center. Moreover, green tomatoes offer a crisp and mildly juicy texture with a mix of sharp, puckering, and slight sweetness.

What Aisle is Green Tomatoes in Grocery Store?

Green tomatoes are usually kept in the produce aisle among other fresh fruits and vegetables. You will find them in baskets close to bell pepper, ripe tomatoes, lettuce, etc.

If you want pickled green tomatoes or canned ones, you should check the canned food or frozen food aisle. But then, if you want fresh and firm green tomatoes, here is a list of where to buy them.

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Where to Buy Green Tomatoes Near You

1. Farmers’ Market

The number one spot where to buy green tomatoes is the farmers’ market. There, you will get all kinds of fresh and organic produce. There are lots of farmers’ markets. Just locate the one closest to you.

2. Produce and Specialty Stores

You can also buy green tomatoes from the nearest produce and specialty store. These stores specifically sell all kinds of fresh foods sourced from local and international farmers. An example is Native Maine Produce and Specialty Foods. You can also use SpecialtyFoods.Com to find a closer store.

3. Publix

Publix also carries fresh green tomatoes and they are kept in the produce aisle. If you cannot go to the physical store, then you might want to order via Instacart to get it delivered to your doorstep.

4. Wegmans

Wegmans is listed among the best grocery stores for fresh and organic produce. So if there is a Wegmans store nearby, you might go check out their produce aisle for some green tomatoes.

5. Sprouts Farmer’s Market

Aside from green tomatoes, you can also find Kumato tomatoes and heirloom tomatoes at Sprouts. The grocery store is known for selling good quality and organic produce. These items are usually kept in the prudence section.

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6. Central Market

Central Market is a grocery store chain owned by H.E.B Grocery Company. They keep green tomatoes in the produce department.

7. Melissa’s Produce

Melissa’s Produce is a store that specializes in selling fresh produce. You can either buy from their physical store or order fresh green tomatoes.

8. Hardie’s Direct

If you live in Austin or Dallas, Texas you can buy fresh green tomatoes through Hardie’s Direct grocery service delivery. You can also shop online through Instacart; they offer similar services and Instacart even covers more areas than Hardie’s Direct.

Uses of Green Tomatoes

Green tomatoes are eaten either raw or cooked. Here are some ways you can use them:

  • Pickle and cook into sauces
  • Used to make relishes and ketchup
  • Slice and use in sandwiches
  • Dice and use them in risotto and rice recipes
  • They are a good substitute for sour green apples in apple-based recipes and dessert

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How to Store Green Tomatoes

Green tomatoes are best stored at room temperature or refrigerated until they are ready to use. Refrigerate cut and unused portions to avoid microbial growth.

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