February 21, 2024

Craving for ice cream and sorbet is normal. They not only make you happier or help your body recover from exercise, but they also contain nutrients that boost your immune system.

If you want to grab a cup from the grocery store but do not know which direction to turn, this quick guide is definitely for you.

This article contains where to find ice cream and sorbet in the grocery store. Also, if you are not sure which grocery stores to check, our list of stores that sell frozen desserts like ice cream might help you.

Which Grocery Store Aisle is Ice Cream and Sorbet?

The first place to check for ice cream and sorbet in the grocery store is the frozen foods department, particularly in the ice cream or frozen dessert aisle. Some grocery stores separate the sorbets and keep them in the sherbet and sorbet section.

Another spot you might want to check is the deli section of the grocery store. Although it is less likely to find ice cream or sorbet there, some stores make it easier for their customers to find it in the deli.

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Where to Buy Ice Cream/Sorbet

  • Walmart

At Walmart, you will find ice cream and sorbet products sitting in the frozen dessert aisle in the frozen foods department. There, you will find different flavors of sherbets and sorbets. Van Leeuwen, N!ck’s, Junket, and Frostline are some of the brands you can get your hands on.

  • Wegmans

If you have any Wegmans supermarkets nearby, go check their ice cream section in the frozen foods department. They carry different flavors of Wegman-branded ice cream and fruit bars. Aside from their products, you could find various flavors from Turkey Hill, Breyers, Ben & Jerry’s, etc.

  • Kroger

Kroger is another grocery you should check for ice cream. You will find their branded ice cream products sitting in the ice cream and dessert aisle of the store. Kroger Deluxe and the Private Selection ice creams are some of the most popular, and they come in various flavors and sizes.

  • Target

If you like to shop at Target supermarket, then it is the next place you should check. They carry various products in their ice cream and frozen dairy dessert section. These include ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s and Favorite Day, sorbet from Talenti, and Noosa.

  • Albertsons

If you have any Albertsons stores nearby, go check the ice cream & novelties section for products like Open Nature sorbet, Talenti sorbet, and ice cream from Tillamook, Breyers, Haagen-Dazs, Signature Select, etc.

  • Publix

Publix is another store where you can grab some savory cups of ice cream and sorbet. They carry brands like Blue Bell, Breyers, and their own Publix Premium ice cream. You will also find sorbet brands like Talenti, Sambazon, and Ciao Bella.

  • Safeway

At Safeway supermarkets, you will find ice cream and sorbet in the ice cream and novelties aisle of the frozen foods section. Halo Top, Signature Select, Tillamook, and Ben & Jerry’s are some of the ice cream brands they carry.

  • H-E-B Stores

Aside from the Creamy Creations ice creams, you can grab Ben & Jerry, Rebel Triple, and Italian Sorbetto from any H-E-B store nearby. You will find them in the ice cream and treats aisle of the store.

Finding ice cream in any grocery store should not be a hassle. Even if your store is not any of these listed, you are sure to get your favorite flavor in the frozen foods section.

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