April 19, 2024

Where to Find Pizza and Pizza Rolls in the Grocery Store

Ever wondered why you keep going for more bites? From taking a piece to eating the whole pie. Well, it is because pizza has tomatoes, cheese, and pepperoni toppings which contain lots of glutamates. When it hits your tongue, the glutamate excites your brain and makes you crave more bites.

Well, if you are wondering where you can find pizza and pizza rolls in the grocery store, we have made this quick guide for you. It contains the list of the aisle to check and the several stores that carry the products.

If that sounds like what you are searching for, then let’s jump right in.

Which Grocery Store Aisle is Pizza and Pizza Rolls?

The first place in the grocery store where you will find pizza and pizza rolls is the deli section. This is the same place where you will get other baked and ready-to-eat items like bread, pie, and cakes.

Another spot you should check is the frozen meal and appetizers aisle in the frozen food section. But if you can’t still find it in your grocery store, the list below might help you locate the best place to buy it.

List of Stores that Sell Pizza and Pizza Rolls

  • Kroger

At Kroger, you will find frozen pizza in the frozen food section. They carry several products including Red Baron, Freshchetta, Digiorno, etc. Kroger also keeps pizza rolls in the frozen appetizer aisle, and you can find products like Totino’s.

  • Meijer

Do you have any Meijer stores close to you? You will find several products of this item in the frozen meal aisle. While they have their pizza brand, you can also pick other products like Jack’s, Stouffer’s, and Home Run Inn.

  • Publix

Pizza rolls are kept in the frozen foods aisle at any Publix store. They majorly sell Publix pizza snack rolls and several versions of Totino’s pizza rolls.

  • Trader Joe’s

At Trader Joe’s, you will find a wide variety of pizzas like pesto pizza, organic roasted vegetable pizza, cheese pizza, and even vegan-inspired ones.

  • The Fresh Grocery

The Fresh Grocer is another grocery store where you can buy frozen pizza. Just like other stores, they keep these products in the frozen foods aisle. Celeste, Amy’s, and Ellio’s are some of the products they sell.

  • Target

At Target supermarkets, you will find pizza products like Red Baron, DiGiorno, and Bagel Bites. Totino’s and Amy’s Cheese snacks are some of the pizza rolls you can pick from the store.

  • Albertsons

Albertsons sells pizzas from Signature Select, Open Nature, DiGiorno, Red Baron, TombStone, and Dellal. You can also pick pizza snacks like those from Totino’s and Signature Select, all in the frozen appetizers aisle.

  • Walmart

If you are close to any Walmart store, check the frozen food aisle for Red Baron pepperoni pizza, or Freshchetta bacon pineapple pizza. You might also like the ones from Jack’s, Totino’s, or Tony’s Pizzeria.

  • Safeway

At Safeway Deli, you can get the Signature Cafe pizza. In the frozen foods aisle, there are several products to choose from including DiGiorno and TombStone pizzas. Meanwhile, pizza snacks from Totino’s, Michelina’s, and Zap’ems are kept in the frozen appetizers aisle.


It is easy. Walk into your grocery store, and go to the frozen food/meal aisle. Pizza and pizza rolls are mostly kept there.

If there’s a deli in the store, you might also want to check there. Do not hesitate to ask for assistance from the sales representative.

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