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July 21, 2024

Where to Find Veggie Burgers in the Grocery Store

If you are a vegan or just someone that enjoys meatless food, there are lots of alternatives to beef burgers that you can pick from the grocery store or fast food joints. Veggie burgers are one of them.

By veggie, it means that these burgers do not have meat components; just vegetables and probably grains.

Anyway, this post is basically about where to find veggie burgers in the grocery store. We have also listed several stores where you can buy them.

Which grocery store aisle are veggie burgers in?

Frozen Meal and Entrees: Most grocery stores that carry veggie burgers keep them in the frozen food section. Keep an eye on similar foods like tv dinner, ice cream, and popsicles; veggie burgers could be sitting around there.

You could pay close attention and find an aisle that has organic and plant-based foods.

Deli: The deli section of your grocery store is another place you will find veggie burgers. This is the section where you can pick ready-to-eat foods.

Stores that sell veggie burgers

  • McDonald’s

McDonald’s is a popular fast food outlet. Their McPlant and Vegetable Deluxe are made with plant-based patties. Thus they are vegan. You can walk into any of their joints and make your order.

  • Burger King

Here is another fast-food company that makes vegan-friendly burgers. Vegan royale, plant-based whopper, and katsu vegan royale are some of the veggie burgers that you might like.

  • Amazon

On Amazon, you can virtually shop anything including veggie burgers. Leverage the wide products and pick the one that best suits you. You might decide to order the Morning Star Veggie Grillers or Seitenbacher Veggie Mix.

  • Walmart

Walmart is a popular grocery outlet. You can order online or visit any of their physical stores. In their food section, you will find veggie burger brands like Morning Star, Yves, and Great Value.

  • Kroger

Close to any Kroger supermarket? Go in and check their frozen food section for plant-based burger patty products like Dr. Praeger’s, Simple Truth, Hillary’s, or Morning Star.

  • Costco

Costco sells veggie burger brands like Don Lee Farms superfoods and Morning Star. If you have any of the stores nearby, go check their frozen meal aisle for these products.

  • Whole Foods Market

If you care for some meatless burgers, you might want to consider checking the nearest Whole Foods Market store. They carrot their own 365 plant-based burger patties as well as other products like Beyond Meat, Gardein, and Hillary’s.

  • Target

Likes to shop at Target? Stop by any Target supermarket and head to their meat & seafood aisle for meatless burger products like Morning Star, Good & Gather, or Gardein ultimate falafel burger.

  • Trader Joe’s

Make the best choice by taking advantage of the different varieties of veggie burgers by Trader Joe’s. Check the nearest store for options like a Hi-protein veggie burger, Thai sweet chili veggie burger, or the quinoa cowboy variety.

  • Safeway

Check any Safeway supermarket for veggie burgers like BOCA vegan burger, Beyond Meat plant-based patties, or the gluten-free Gardein meatless burger.

  • Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club is another grocery store where you can buy veggie burgers. They usually keep different products in the frozen entree aisle in the food section. You could get the GardenBurger malibu vegan burger or the Beyond Meat type.

What do you put on a veggie burger?

Here are different veggie burger toppings you should try:

  • Hummus
  • Grilled tomatoes
  • Sliced avocado
  • Pickled red onions
  • Fresh spinach
  • Mango salsa
  • Fig jam
  • Sliced apple
  • Sliced pineapple

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