Where is Marsala Wine in Grocery Store?

If you are looking for a wine that you can drink and cook with, Marsala wine is what you need. Marsala wine is a fortified wine that originated in Sicily, Italy. It has been around since the late 1700s and is commonly used for cooking and baking. It is perfect for making rich sauces, and chicken marsala desserts, and simply sipping on after dinner. 

If you are wondering where to get Marsala wine in grocery stores, look no further, as this shopping guide will give you all the information you need. We would point you to the aisles where it is typically stocked, and the grocery stores that carry the product. We would also discuss the different types of Marsala wine, their distinct uses, and excellent alternatives. 

What Aisle is Marsala Wine Located in Grocery Stores? 

Marsala wine is usually labeled, and easy to find in grocery stores that stock it. You will find Marsala wine in either the vinegar aisle, baking aisle, or wine aisle. Cooking Marsala wine is usually kept near the vinegar and other cooking wines like sherry and marinades. It is sometimes stocked in the baking aisle as well, alongside cooking oils.

Drinking Marsala wine, on the other hand, is usually kept near dark wines and dessert wines, like port or brandy. If you want Marsala wine that can be cooked with and consumed plain, you should probably buy the drinking wine.

The cooking wine is much less sweet because it is not meant for direct human consumption. However, the drinking wine is delicious to sip, and the sweetness wouldn’t make a difference in your recipe.

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Types of Marsala Wine

There are many different types of Marsala wine available, but it is generally categorized based on its color and varying levels of sweetness. The flavor and color of Marsala wine would depend on its sweetness and age classification. Overall, Marsala wine usually gives a nutty aroma and a wide range of flavors.

Some of the flavors exhibited include honey, toffee, walnut, vanilla, apricot, and tobacco. Being fortified with brandy, it tends to be more alcoholic than most wines, especially when aged for a long time. Based on its sweetness, Marsala wine can be classified into three:

  • Secco: This is the driest form available, with the least sugar content. The residual sugar is under 40 grams per liter.
  • Semi-Secco: This form is slightly sweeter than the former, with relatively higher sugar content, ranging from 50-100 grams of sugar per liter.
  • Delco: This is the sweetest variant there is, with a residual sugar content of over 100 grams per liter.

According to its color, Marsala wine can also be classified into three. The color also largely depends on the type of grapes used. 

  • Ambra (Amber): This is usually made from white grapes such as Domaschino, and Grillo. 
  • Oro (Gold): Oro has a color profile similar to that of Ambra, but it is much lighter. It is also made from white grapes.
  • Rubino (Ruby): This is made with red grapes such as Pignatello, and about 30% white grapes. It has a much darker color and is the least common type in this category. 

Finally, Marsala wine can be classified according to age. Younger wines such as “Fine” and “Superiore” are best for cooking and baking. While older wines like “Superiore Riserva” are best suited for sipping and desserts. 

Where to Buy Marsala Wine Near You 

Marsala wine is commonly sold in most large grocery store chains and is available for delivery and shipping. If you can’t find it at your local grocery store, you can shop from any of these stores: 

1. Amazon

You can buy almost anything on Amazon, and Marsala wine is no exception. It is available in different brands and sizes. You can get Marsala wine in quantities as large as a 45-ounce jar, and smaller packs as well.

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2. Walmart

Walmart is probably the biggest grocery store chain there is in the world and carries different types of Marsala wine. You will be able to find the Hollard brand cooking wine, at Walmart. Some stores also carry the drinking wine, but not all do. You can use the online store locator on their website, to confirm product availability at your local Walmart. 

3. Target

Target stores stock the sweet red Marsala drinking wine, in the wine aisle. However, they have limited cooking wines available. 

4. Kroger 

Kroger stocks both cooking and dessert wines, so whichever you need, you should be able to get, them if you have a Kroger store nearby.

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5. Whole Foods 

Most Whole Food stores carry Marsala cooking wine. They also stock the dessert wine in the alcohol section. 

6. Safeway 

Safeway is another large grocery store that stocks both cooking and drinking wine. However, their wine options are limited, so all stores might not carry the drinking wine, but cooking wine is always available. 

7. Instacart

Instacart is another great place to shop for groceries online, and they typically carry Marsala cooking wine.

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Great Substitutes For Marsala Wine

It’s possible that you may not always find Marsala wine whenever you need it. If you are not able to find it in time for your recipe, there are several other substitutes you can use in its place. Some of them include:

1. Madiera

Madiera is the closest option to Marsala wine you’d get. It is a fortified dessert wine with similar flavors and tastes. 

2. Fortified Wines

Any fortified wine would make an excellent replacement for Marsala wine, both for cooking and baking. 

3. Dry Sherry

Dry sherry is also a great option for Marsala wine. However, it is a fortified wine intended for cooking and is not as sweet as the other wines on this list.


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