Where to Find Cranberry Sauce in Grocery Store

As the name suggests, cranberry sauce is a sauce made out of cranberries. Sometimes called a relish, it’s commonly served as a condiment or side dish, and it’s popular among residents in America, the UK, and Canada.

If you’re just getting to learn about some recipes involving cranberry sauce and would like to try them out, chances are that you’re not familiar with where to get them in grocery stores. If this is true, there’s no need to get worked up.

In this article, we will be discussing where to find cranberry sauce in grocery stores. Also, we’ll highlight some grocery chains where you can get them, the brands they offer, and their shelf life so you know how to effectively preserve them after purchase.

Where is Cranberry Sauce in Grocery Stores

You’ll typically find cranberry sauce in the canned aisle of grocery stores – alongside other canned fruits and vegetables. The second place you should check is the condiment aisle. This is where you will find other sauces like oyster sauce, tamari sauce, etc.

Meanwhile, in smaller grocery stores, you’re likely to see cranberry sauce being displayed at the front. Whichever is the case, remember that cranberry sauce is a common condiment/ food in the US so you often won’t miss it – if it comes to the last resort, call a store attendant to help with directions.

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Where to Find Cranberry Sauce near you

1. Amazon

Of course, it’s a no-brainer to see Amazon appearing first as the surefire place to get cranberry sauce. They stock theirs in multiple sections depending on brand and type of packaging. What you’re looking for can either be in the section for relishes, sauces, fresh produce, or canned vegetables. Brands like Ocean Spray, Beano’s, LC Foods, Angry Goat, Maple Grove Farms, and McCormick are always available.

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2. Walmart

At Walmart stores, you’ll find cranberries in the aisle for canned foods, in the pantry section. The somewhat downside to shopping for cranberries here (especially online) is the limited variety; they’ve only got brands like Ocean Spray, D’arbo Wild, and Mrs. Miller.

3. Target

If you’re going to be shopping at Target walk-in stores, you’ll want to check the aisle for canned vegetables. They often keep brands like Ocean Spray (three of their varieties), Jellied, and Whole Berry.

4. Publix

Publix is also a great spot to find cranberry sauce, they stock it in the aisle for canned fruits. They’ve got major brands of cranberries like Ocean Spray, Jellied, and Beano’s.

5. Stop & Shop

If you’ve got any Stop & Shop store near you, you want to be checking the aisle for canned fruits as well. They’ve got multiple brands like Ocean Spray, Taste of Inspirations Cape Cod, Gefen, and their self-branded Stop&Shop Cranberry Sauce.

6. Safeway

Safeway is another hot spot to find a variety of cranberry sauce brands – they stock it in the section for canned fruits. Brands like Ocean Spray, Signature SELECT, O Organics, and Gefen are always available.

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7. Food Lion

If by chance you’ve got a Food Lion grocery outlet near you, that’s also a place where you can find cranberry sauce – they stock theirs in the aisle for canned foods. You’ll find their self-branded Food Lion Sauce, and other brands like Taste of Inspirations Cape Cod, Ocean Spray, and White House.

8. Wegmans

At Wegmans, you’ll find cranberry sauce in the canned section, specifically the aisle for canned fruits & vegetables. Aside from their self-branded Wegmans Whole Berry, you can find popular brands like Ocean Spray, and Stonewall Kitchen.

9. Walgreens

If you’re shopping at Walgreens, be prepared to have a limited option of brand selection, they’ve only got cranberry sauce from Ocean Spray.

Shelf Life of Cranberry Sauce

The shelf life of cranberry sauce depends on its nature of production. While homemade cranberry sauce will last for 10 to 14 days when stored in a refrigerator, the canned ones can go up to a year beyond its manufacturer’s expiry date.

For optimal storage results, you want to put your cranberry sauce in an airtight container or freezer-safe bag. Using this method for homemade cranberry sauce can get you up to a month of good storage, and over a year for the canned variants. 

Whichever type you’re using, make sure you smell and taste your cranberry before reusing it. If you get an off smell or weird taste, you should discard it. Also, if you notice any sort of change in the coloring, you want to discard it as well.


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