June 17, 2024

Where is Rock Salt in the Grocery Store?

Regular table salt is what most people know as salt. They do not know that rock salt also has a place in the kitchen. This pebble-like salt is commonly used to make ice cream or to keep food cold. Also, most brines require the addition of food-grade rock salt.

But where in the grocery store can you find rock salt? That is all we have discussed in this article.

What Aisle is Rock Salt in the Grocery Store?

You can look for rock salt in two places in your grocery store. Keep an eye out for Himalayan pink sea salt and regular white rock salt.

1. Spice Aisle

The spice aisle is the most likely location for rock salt in the grocery store. It should be on the bottom shelf, near the other larger salt containers.

Make sure you don’t mix rock salt with kosher or pretzel salt. These salts, despite their size, are not the same as rock salt. You want to make sure that you grab the correct item.

2. Bulk Section

The bulk section is the second place to look for rock salt. Since the bulk section is where you’ll find other large quantities of goods, it stands to reason that rock salt will be there as well.

Don’t buy rock salt from the hardware store or the outdoor section. Salt found there will contain chemicals used for deicing, which can be harmful to humans if consumed.

When looking for rock salt in the grocery store, remember that there are two kinds of rock salt: food-grade rock salt and inedible one. The food-grade rock salt is obviously used in the kitchen while the inedible version is used to prevent the driveway from freezing.

The latter has been chemically treated. So you must avoid it if you’re looking for salt to make a brine. But what we are talking about here is the food-grade rock salt, right?

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Where to Buy Rock Salts Near Me

Still, trying to figure out where to get rock salt? You can find this item in almost all large grocery stores in the country, online and offline if you know where to look.

1. Local Grocery

First, look for products near your residence. Any consumer should inspect and hold any product before purchasing it. This benefit is not available in online stores.

2. Drug Stores

If you only need a small amount of rock salt for cooking, you can find it in a local drugstore.

3. Amazon

We don’t need to emphasize what is and isn’t available on Amazon. You have to think of something, and it’s there. Again, you can purchase large quantities of rock salt there.

4. Walmart

Walmart, which is only second to Amazon in terms of price, also sells rock salt. We’re confident there’s edible and deicing rock salt in there. Look for Himalania Pink Salt in the spice aisle, which is particularly tasty.

5. Kroger

Private Selection’s Himalayan Pink Salt or Morton Coarse is the one you can get from Kroger.

6. Whole Foods

Whole Foods sells Himalayan rock salt and Tidmans Natural Rock Salt.

7. Safeway

Safeway sells Morton Coarse Kosher Salt and Frontier Himalayan Pink Salt if you need coarse salt.

8. Target

This shop is also becoming increasingly popular. If you want the Olde Thompson Salt, you can almost certainly find it there.

9. Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s sells a variety of salts, ranging from pink salt to large Sea Salt Crystals.

10. Publix

Badia, Morton, and Alessi are among the coarse salt brands available at Publix.

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How to Store Rock Salt

Because all salts are moisture sensitive, you must store your salt properly to avoid caking or absorbing much water. Keep your salt in a calm, dry, temperature-controlled environment.

If your salt comes in a paper or cardboard container, store it in an airtight glass or plastic container. It will keep moisture out of your salt and ensure its longevity.

Avoid storing salt in your home’s garage, basement, or other non-temperature-controlled areas. Condensation can form in your salt container due to fluctuations.

Great Ways to Use Rock Salt 

1. You Can Make Your Seasoning Salts

This recipe makes a great everyday seasoning salt for everything from tofu scramble to soup. A completely new flavor world is revealed! You can make your seasoning salt at home instead of shopping for the ideal one.

2. It can be used as a salt rim for drinks.

Cough salt is the best option if you need a salt rim for your mocktails or cocktails. You can even use seasoned salts to dress up your drinks.

3. Make Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sprinkling coarse sea salt on top of desserts is a long-standing culinary tradition.

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4. Sore throat treatment

Gargling with rock salt and warm water is also beneficial in treating sore throats. According to research, this method is also very effective.

5. Decoration

Some stones are also used to decorate houses with lamps. Many people claim that using salt lamps has health benefits. Although not scientifically proven, these lamps produce a pleasing warm light.

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Many people need clarification about where to find rock salt in the grocery store because different stores keep it in other locations based on its uses and purity. However, you are most likely to find rock salt in the bulk section or the spice aisle.

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