February 21, 2024

  • Aldi adopted Apple Pay as a means of payment in all its branches in 2017 to help increase their clientele
  • Aldi accepts Apple Pay as a means of payment for both in-store and delivery services using Instacart.

Cashless payment is the new order of the day and many platforms help facilitate this process some of which are, PayPal, Alipay, and Apple Pay amongst others. Many supermarkets and other shopping platforms accept these payment methods both online and in-store. These cashless modes of payment are very popular because of the ease with which transactions are performed. They are especially helpful in online transactions where you cannot pay cash for your purchase.

Not all grocery stores accept these methods and those available in some stores might not be available in others. To use these modes of payment you have to confirm if it’s accepted at that particular store, to avoid embarrassment and wasting of time and energy.

Aldi is a multi-chain grocery store in the US with over 1700 shops spread in different parts of the country. The grocery store accepts different methods of payment including cash payment, cashless payment, and contactless payment. Contactless payment became very popular in 2020 during the period of Coronavirus pandemic. This method of payment does not require any form of contact between people. It can also be used for online purchases. 

One of the most popular contactless payments is Apple pay. Apple pay is fast becoming a widespread method of payment in most grocery stores and other shopping platforms.

Does Aldi take Apple Pay?

Aldi adopted Apple Pay as a payment method in September 2017 in a bid to increase its customer base. Today, Apple pay cashless payment is an accepted means of payment across all Aldi grocery stores in the United States with over 1700 grocery stores in total.

If you already have an Apple Pay account setup you can use it for payments at the checkout point in the store or register an Instacart shopping account if you have your groceries delivered to you.

Aldi does not charge you extra for using Apple pay in making payments at the store. The same amount charged for regular card transactions is collected for using Apple pay at Aldi grocery stores. You can make payments using your iPhone or apple watch.

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How to pay with Apple Pay at an Aldi Supermarket 

If you already have an apple pay account setup on your iPhone the next thing to do is go to the app and double-click the power button on the side of your iPhone or apple watch to confirm the contents of your purchase you can also select the card you wish to use for the payment if you have multiple cards connected to your apple pay account.

Next, you use facial identification or the password of the phone to authenticate the payment. Finally, inform the cashier that you will be making payments with your apple pay account, they’ll direct you to place your phone close to the credit card machine so that it can register the payment.

Other Methods of Payments Accepted by Aldi 

At Aldi grocery stores the methods are grouped into 3 main groups, cash payment, cashless payment, and co, contactless payment 

Cash payment

Cash payment is the oldest payment method there is. At Aldi, you can pay for items bought in-store at Aldi grocery stores the traditional way of paying for items with cash. This is a very popular method of payment.

Cashless payment

Aldi accepts payment through the use of chips, pins, and contactless payment for items bought at the shop. Some accepted cashless payment methods at Aldi grocery stores include 

  • Debit card payment
  • Credit Card payment
  • MasterCard payment 
  • American Express
  • Electronic benefits transfer
  • Link cards

Contactless Mobile Payment 

As the name implies no contact is required before payment is made. It is a very secure means of payment since no personal information is shared. The payment is authenticated through chips built into the devices. All you have to do in a contactless payment is to bring your card or mobile phone within the proximity of the seller’s card reader. Examples of contactless payment are Apple pay and Google pay.


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