Where to Find TV Dinners in the Grocery Store

Picking some packets of TV dinners from a grocery store becomes almost inevitable, especially when you don’t have all the time to make your meal from scratch.

If it’s your first time, finding an already-made meal in the store might not be a walk in the park. But we’ll help you.

In this quick guide, we will tell you the exact aisles to find TV dinners and the supermarkets that sell them.

Which grocery store aisle is TV dinner in?

In most grocery stores, you will find TV dinners in the frozen food section, particularly in the frozen meals and snacks aisle.

You will also find ready meals in the deli section of the grocery store. This is where they keep ready-to-eat foods.

Stores that sell TV dinners

  • Walmart

Walmart is the first grocery store you could go to when looking for TV dinners to buy. They carry ready meal brands like Banquet, Hungry Man, Healthy Choice, Marie Calendar’s, Stoufer, and so on.

  • Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s is another store known to carry a wide variety of food products including TV dinners. You could go pick something like Korma fish curry with Basmati rice, fettuccine alfredo with grilled chicken, spicy Thai eggplant, or any other Trader Joe’s frozen meal.

  • Publix

You will have lots of products to choose from at Publix. They carry products like Healthy Choice grilled chicken and broccoli alfredo, Amy’s Enchilada with Spanish rice and beans, Birds Eye chicken garlic, etc.

  • Sam’s Club

If Sam’s Club is your nearest grocery store, go check their frozen entrees aisle. They carry TV dinner products like Bertolli chicken florentine & farfalle, Birds Eye chicken garlic, Jimmy Dean delights, and Zatarain’s blackened chicken alfredo.

  • Safeway

Safeway is another supermarket where you can buy frozen entrees and meals. Signature Select chicken with sesame sauce, Devour Angus beef & bacon, Lean Cuisine, and Banquet are some of the products you can pick at Safeway.

  • Albertsons

Walk into any Albertsons supermarket and head over to their frozen meal aisle. They carry products like Hungry man, Signature Select, Devour, Marie Callender’s, and Michelina’s.

  • Wegmans

Wegmans keeps various TV dinner products in its frozen meal and appetizer aisle. You might want to check if you are close to any of the stores.

  • Target

Healthy Choice, Lean Cuisine, Hungry Man, Stouffer’s, Banquet, and Amy’s are some of the popular ready-meal products that Target carries. You will find these products sitting in the frozen meal aisle.

  • H-E-B

Shop at H-E-B if there’s any nearby. You might like the H-E-B Mexican-style beef tortilla or their butter chicken. You could also go for other brands like Hungry Man, NightHawk, or Kraft.


How much does a TV dinner cost?

The average cost of a TV dinner is $4. The brands and where you buy from determine how the price falls within the above range.

What are the most popular TV dinner brands?

Some of the most popular TV dinner brands are:

  • Banquet Foods
  • Amy’s Kitchen
  • Birds Eye
  • Marie Callender’s
  • Stouffer’s
  • Lean Cuisine
  • Hungry Man
  • Farm Rich
  • Healthy Choice
  • Kid Cuisine
  • Swanson
  • Michelina’s

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