Where is Apple Cider in Grocery Store?

Apple cider is in high demand due to its many benefits; from adding it to dishes for an improved flavor to using it for household cleaning. It also has actual health benefits and can be found in various grocery stores.

So if you are wondering where to find apple cider in the grocery store, here is a quick guide to help you find it.

What Aisle is Apple Cider in Grocery Stores?

The first place you want to look is the front of the store near the checkout area. This is because when apple cider is in season, grocery stores tend to display it at the front of the store for everyone’s view.

But when it is not apple cider season, you can check the ketchup and salad dressing aisle. This is because apple cider can be used in salad as a vinaigrette or salad dressing.

Another aisle you want to look at if you are still looking for apple cider in the above-listed areas is the fruit and vegetable section. Most grocery stores place it close to the veggies and fruits because most people put apple cider in their vegetables to bring out the flavor.

Finally, it can be placed in the juice and beverages aisle and the natural or organic food section because apple cider can be refrigerated next to apple juice, which is also in natural products.

These are the different sections you can find Apple cider in any grocery store you want to purchase it from.

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Where to Buy Apple Cider Near Me

You can buy apple cider near you from any of the stores listed below:

1. Amazon

Amazon is the easiest and best place to buy apple cider, especially if you don’t want to visit the store physically. One of the advantages of buying from it is that you can still order apple cider from Amazon even when all the grocery stores have stopped selling it.

They have the best brand of apple cider, like Grove Square, Gummy Vitamins, and Nutracure apple cider. You can visit the website and check for prices and buy bulk I discount prices.

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2. Walmart 

Walmart is another store to get apple cider. They usually keep the product in the fresh produce section. It has various options you can choose from, but it’s best to check through its website the kind of brands they have before going to the store to get it. They may have brands like Musselman’s, Mayer Bros, and Martinelli’s Sparkling cider.

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3. Kroger

You will also find apple cider at Kroger, and they are kept in the beverages aisle. They have brands like Kroger Sweet & Delicious apple cider, Blake’s Orchard and Cider Mill, Hays Orchard Original Apple cider, and Kroger apple cider.

4. Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods also sells apple cider and you will find them in the beverages aisle. They carry products like 365 Everyday Value Organic Apple Ginger Cider, and North Coast Organic apple cider.

5. Target

Target places its apple cider in the beverages aisle of the grocery section. They carry products from Good and Gather and Martinelli’s.

6. Asian Market 

You can easily find apple cider in Asian markets because it’s a recipe loved by Asians. There are different options available to choose from.

7. Safeway

At Safeway, you can find apple cider in the beverages aisle among juice and smoothies. They sell Martinelli’s sparkling cider, O Organic, and Signature Farm apple cider.

8. Farmers’ Markets

You can find pasteurized or unpasteurized apple cider at the Farmers’ market. This is a sure place to see apple cider.

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9. Trader Joe’s 

At Trader Joe’s, you will find various brands of apple cider, like Organic Cold-pressed Fuji Apple Spice Cider, and Spiced Cider. Although every year, they sell different brands of apple cider, so you might see one brand today and see another the next time you go.

10. Your Local Health Food Store 

At a local health food store, they sell apple cider, and this is because it has various medicinal benefits.

11. Wegmans 

This grocery store has branded apple cider that you won’t find in any other grocery store. They keep the products in the fresh produce aisle among other juice products. They carry Wegmans-branded apple cider.

12. Publix

Publix places its apple cider in the beverages aisle of the grocery section. You can get brands like Martinelli’s sparkling cider and Red Jacket Original Apple Cider.

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Uses Of Apple Cider

To make them flavorful, you can add apple cider to your veggies, like sauteed Brussels sprouts.

You can use it to make donuts, known as vegan apple cider donuts, to make them taste better.

Aside from adding it to your food recipes, apple cider can be used for cleaning surfaces in the house, whitening dishes, polishing silverware, and doing laundry. This will prevent flies from coming close to your house.

Key Takeaway…

There are various grocery store aisles where you can get apple cider, as stated in this post, depending on the stores. But the first place you must check is the front of the store.

Also, you can check online stores like Amazon, Walmart, and others to order apple cider if you don’t wish to go to a physical store. We hope you find this helpful guide, and if you do, you can leave a comment in the comment section.


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