Where to Find Poppy Seeds in the Grocery Store

Hoping to find poppy seeds in the grocery store? Here is where to find them. You see, many people use poppy seeds in their dishes due to their health benefits. While purchasing from the grocery store can be stressful, it is easy if you know which grocery store aisles to look at.

There are different grocery store aisles where you can find poppy seeds, as well as there, are different grocery stores that also sell poppy seeds. Continue reading to find out how you can get poppy seeds from different grocery stores and which aisles to look at.

What Aisle is Poppy Seeds in the Grocery Store?

Depending on the store’s arrangement, poppy seeds are usually kept in the spice aisle, where they are put inside a jar near where the herbs and spices are.

The next place you will want to look at is the baking aisle, and they can be found there because the seeds are also used for baking. If you can’t find the, you can also find them in the health food section, nuts and seeds section, and the bulk bin section, where you will find poppy seeds in bigger bags or jars.

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Where to Buy Poppy Seeds Near Me: Grocery Stores To Check

1. Amazon

This is a great store you can buy from because they have different brands from different companies. In addition, it’s an online store, which means you don’t need to stress yourself by going to the store before getting your poppy seeds. The seeds come in various sizes, and you get free shipping if you buy goods for more than $35.

2. Walmart

Walmart is a large store that sells different kinds of products, and you can also find poppy seeds in the spice or produce aisle close to radish seeds and black mustard. They have poppy seeds from great valuable brands like McCormick, spice islands, and more. It is more affordable to buy these seeds at Walmart than in other grocery stores. Also, you need to become more familiar with any physical Walmart store. In that case, you can check their online store on their website or use a store locator to find physical stores near you to buy poppy seeds.

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3. Whole Foods

At Whole Foods, you can get a jar of poppy seeds from the spice section, bulk section, or deli section of the store. They have brands like the 365 Everyday Value poppy seeds. This grocery store can be expensive, but it has excellent quality and offers many products from brands you can’t find in other grocery stores.

4. Target

This is the world’s biggest retailer of home and garden products, and because of this, they have different types of seeds. You can find poppy seeds in the spice section or near the cash register. Poppy seeds at Target grocery store are 100% organic and cheap; they have brands like simply balanced and market pantry.

5. Kroger

Kroger has a particular kind of poppy seeds you can buy, and they also sell other brands like Morton, Bassett, and Sadaf. This store is one of the biggest in the United States, and they sell everything, like household items and food items, at an affordable price. Additionally, Kroger has an online store, you can get your poppy seeds by ordering from the online store, and they will be delivered to your house.

6. Publix

Publix is a well-known grocery store that has existed since 1946 and is located in Georgia and Florida. At Publix, poppy seeds are among the condiments sold in the produce section or aisle next to the canned vegetable section. They have brands like McCormick and Badia.

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7. Asian Markets

Another place you can find poppy seeds is in Asian markets, where they are prevalent. They sell different poppy seeds from countries like; China, India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and other countries where they grow naturally.

8. Ethnic Markets

At ethnic Markets, they have the freshest poppy seeds; you should buy from there if you have one close by. You can buy from different types, and they sell in bulk.

9. Safeway

This is the most reliable store where you can get poppy seeds. They have the best poppy seeds due to their excellent sourcing ability, so you can be sure to get the best poppy seeds for your dishes. Apart from having the best, they have different types of poppy seeds, and you can buy them in bulk or small quantities based on what you need. Safeway grocery stores have brands of poppy seeds like McCormick, Spicely, and Bob’s Red Mill located in the store’s spice aisle and baking aisle.

10. Albertsons

At Albertsons, you can also get poppy seeds from the spice section. To know the brands available, check their website to learn more information and choose the brand you want.

11. H-E-B

This is another grocery store that sells poppy seeds. It’s one of the famous brands that sell McCormick poppy seeds. You can find them in the spice aisle or baking section.

Creative Ways to Use Poppy Seeds

Different people have different ways they use poppy seeds. Nevertheless, here is a summary of the creative ways poppy seeds find their way into dishes:

  • Poppy seeds can be used for dressing salads, to add flavor and aroma.
  • They are used for homemade bread to add texture and flavor.
  • Poppy Seeds are also used for sauteing vegetables to add flavor.

Key Takeaway…

In summary, if you are looking for poppy seeds in any grocery store, check these aisles:

  • Spice aisle
  • Baking aisle
  • Nuts and seeds section 
  • Health food section
  • Bulk section

Meanwhile, most stores, especially those listed in this post, have an online presence. So you can visit their websites to get more information about the item you are looking for.


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