Where to Find Tapioca Pearls in Grocery Store

You can hardly go wrong with tapioca pearls whether you want to use them for puddings, in boba tea, or use the flakes and powders to thicken soup and sauces. They are also easy to find in many grocery stores.

This article will take you through what tapioca pearls are, and which aisle to find them in a regular grocery store.

What Aisle is Tapioca Pearls in Grocery Stores?

You will find tapioca pearls in the baking aisle of most grocery stores, usually among the cake mixes and puddings. They share the same shelf or sit closer to the gelatin.

Another aisle to find tapioca pearls in grocery stores is the beverages aisle. As bubble tea ingredients, shop owners keep them there to it easier for people to find them.

If you still can’t find it, the next place to check is the international foods aisle. Some stores keep tapioca pearls here because they’re used in different cuisines around the world, especially in Asian and Latin American dishes.

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What Do Tapioca Pearls Look Like in a Grocery Store?

Expect to see tapioca pearls in grocery stores in the form of small, round, opaque balls. They’re often sold in small bags or containers.

Another distinct feature is that tapioca pearls are usually white or translucent in color. They vary in sizes, ranging between 2–3mm in diameter.

Tapioca pearls in grocery store

Where to Find Tapioca Pearls in Grocery Store

How Much Tapioca Pearls in Grocery Stores?

On the shelf, you’ll find different brands, different sizes of the product, and of course, different qualities of tapioca pearls. The prices also follow the same pattern.

Expect to see a price range of $5 to $25 depending on the above mentioned factors. A good example is the Wufuyaun Tapioca Boba Pearls sold for $18 on Amazon. A different brand, See Smell Taste sells for about $10 on the same platform.

Where to Buy Tapioca Pearls Near You

If you cannot get your eyes on the item in your grocery store, then you might want to check in any of the stores listed below.

1. Amazon

You can save yourself the stress and order a pack or more of boba balls on Amazon. The online store has lots of groceries and tapioca pearl is one of them. You can order the Boba Fide, Wu Fu Yuan instant boba pearl, Jiffy Boba, or any other product that you prefer.

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2. Walmart

Is it wrong to say that you can find anything at Walmart? Well, you can pick a pack or more of tapioca pearl products at Walmart in the baking aisle or in the beverages aisle.

3. Whole Foods Market

At Whole Foods, you will find tapioca pearls in the baking aisle. They carry products like Reese Large tapioca pearls, etc.

4. Kroger

Kroger is definitely another store to get tapioca pearls. So if there is any of the stores nearby, kindly go check their baking aisle. They carry products like Reese Large Tapioca pearls and Bob’s Red Mill tapioca pearls.

5. Safeway

Love shopping at Safeway? Check the baking aisle for Reese Large tapioca pearls.

6. H.E.B

H.E.B is another store where you can get some packs of tapioca pearls. They keep them in the beverage aisle. Reese (large and small) and Boba black are some of the products you will find.

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What is Tapioca Pearls?

Also knowns as boba balls, tapioca pearls are small chewy balls made from cassava starch. They have a sweet taste and a gelatinous texture.

The most common tapioca pearls are black in color but naturally, they are translucent and white in color. The natural food coloring and brown sugar which are used during processing give them the black color attribute.

Creative Ways to Use Tapioca Pearls

  • Make tapioca pudding
  • Enjoy in boba bubble milk tea
  • Make coconut tapioca pudding for vegans
  • Add tapioca pearls to mango and coconut parfaits
  • Use in purple sweet potato tapioca
  • Make chocolate bubble milk tea
  • Enjoy in mango tapioca pearls

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How Long Do Tapioca Pearls Last?

Raw pearls can last for 2 to 3 months if stored in a cool dry place and away from sunlight. Putting them in an airtight container will help prolong their shelf life.

However, cooked tapioca pearls can last up to 4 hours at room temperature while refrigerated ones can stay up to 3 days. But before you refrigerate, note that it will lose that chewy and soft texture. So you might want to cook as much as you need at a time.

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