Where to Find Curing Salt in Grocery Store

Curing salt serves two essential functions: to give a pinkish shade and to improve meat’s shelf life. So you want to grab a pack of curing salt in a grocery store but are not sure which aisle to turn towards?

In this guide, we will take you through the aisle you will find, a list of reliable stores near you where you can buy it, and answers to some other questions that you might have about the salt.

What Aisle is Curing Salt in Grocery Store?

You will find curing salt in the Spices and Seasonings aisle where it sits close to other types of salt like rock salt, table salt, and other seasonings.

You must be careful so that you do not mistake Himalayan rock salt for curing salt. Both of them are pink but the curing salt is finer while the Himalayan rock salt is more coarse. Ensure you read the product to be sure.

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Types of Curing Salt

There are basically two types of curing salts: Number 1 and Number 2

1. Internal Curing Salt (Curing Salt Number #1)

Where to find curing salt in grocery store

This type of curing salt contains 6.25% sodium nitrite. It is mainly used on meat or products that you are going to be cooking or smoking, E.g: ham, fish, poultry, etc.

The recommended usage of curing salt #1 is 0.2 Oz. for 5 Lb meat, 0.6 Oz. for 10 Lb meat, 1 Oz for 25 Lb, and 4.0 Oz for 100 Lb meat.

2. All-Purpose Curing Salt (Curing Salt Number #2)

Where to find curing salt in grocery store

It contains 6.25% sodium nitrite and 4.0% sodium nitrate. This curing salt works a bit differently in the sense that it has a higher antimicrobial property which it releases over time. Thus it is used on products that will be dried and cured and not cooked. Prosciutto, salami, and pepperoni are some products it is used on.

The recommended usage of curing salt #2 is 1 Oz. for 25 Lb of meat.

These are the safe limits of using curing salt. If you use it wrongly, it might result in sickness or worse, death. So, do not cure meat if you do not know how to do it.

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Where to Buy Curing Salt Near You

Curing salt is not as common as table salt. So you might not find it on the shelf of every grocery store that you walk into. But here are some stores you will definitely get at any time.

1. Amazon

To save your energy and time, you might want to consider placing an order on Amazon for any of the curing salt products that they carry. Among many other products, here are the favorites: Hoosier Hill Farm Prague powder #1, Instacure #1, Bearded Butcher pink salt, etc.

2. Walmart

You literally can find anything at Walmart and curing salt is no different. Walmart keeps curing salt in the spice and seasoning aisle as well as the international aisle. They carry products like Marshalls Creek Spices curing salt, Instacure #1, and Hoosier Hill Farm Prague powder #1.

3. World Spice Merchant

You can either visit any World Spice Merchant store near you or make your order on their web store. They carry curing spice in any quantity you want it (usually measured in ounces).

4. H.E.B

H.E.B. is definitely another store you should check for curing salt. You will find several brands in the spice and seasoning aisle. Bolner’s Fiesta curing salt is one of the products they carry.

5. Kroger

Kroger sells several brands of curing salt in the spices and seasonings aisle. Products like The Spice Lab curing salt #1, Marshall Creek Spices curing salt, Aiva Prague, and Weston Pragotrade are some of the products you will find on the shelf.

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6. Target

If there is a Target store nearby, kindly go in and check the spices and seasonings aisle.

7. Safeway

At Safeway, you can pick the Morton Tender Quick Meat curing salt in the Seasoning, Spices & Herbs aisle. On the same shelf is pink Himalayan salt, but that is not what you want.

8. Asian Market

Different kinds of salt are common in Asian markets. If you have any of them nearby, you might want to check for some curing salt.

9. Wegmans

At Wegmans, you can pick the Morton kosher salt which you can also use for meat curing. They are kept in the spices aisle of the store.

10. Albertsons

At Albertsons, you will find curing salt in the spices and seasoning aisle. Morton Tender Quick Meat Cure is a product you might want to pick.

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Is Curing Salt Safe?

Yes, curing salt is safe when used in the right amount. During the curing process, the nitrites are converted to nitric oxide which is not harmful to humans. Any toxic substance remaining will be too infinitesimal to cause any harm.

So, when looking for curing salt in a grocery store, look for it in the spices and seasoning aisle. These stores listed above have online stores too. So if you cannot locate any of them, you can place an order via their website.

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