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July 21, 2024

Where to Find Peppermint Oil in Grocery Stores

Peppermint oil is a popular essential oil that is commonly used at home and for therapeutic purposes. It is frequently utilized in various ways, including as a perfume, flavor, or ingredient in other items.

Since peppermint is known to be invigorating and refreshing, you can stay focused all day long. Despite being widely available, peppermint is not usually inexpensive, even at health food stores. Depending on your needs, purchasing the oil from your neighborhood grocery store may be more appropriate. Here is where to find peppermint oil in the grocery store.

Which Grocery Store Aisle is Peppermint Oil?

In some grocery stores, you will find peppermint oil in the health section, particularly in the aromatherapy aisle near the vitamins and wellness products. You will also it in the Supplement aisle of the Natural Foods section. You could also find it in the home decor aisle, particularly in the fragrance section.

Still can’t find it? I guess you might want to ask the staff for assistance.

Where is Food Grade Peppermint Oil in the Store?

If you’re looking for a sugar-free or regular all-natural food additive that is said to have some of the best advantages of all foods—possibly even more so than kale—then focus on the candy ingredients or baking supplies section.

If you’re looking for peppermint extract (as a flavoring agent), look in the baking materials section under “extracts.”

Candy canes (the peppermint variety) are a confectionery item found in the candy section or on shelves with other candies and desserts.

List of Stores That Sell Peppermint Oil Near You

Check out the following stores if you’re seeking places to get peppermint oil at the best prices and quality:


There are numerous brands of peppermint oil available on Amazon, one of the biggest online merchants in the world. After perusing its impressive selection of goods, we decided on the top three brands of peppermint oil to purchase from Amazon.

[amazon box =”B0756MBLNX, B09M82X44J, B09DCPLZN4, B07GNLN5K2″]


If you want the best prices on peppermint oil, Meijer is the place to go. The Now Foods organic peppermint oil costs as little as $7.99, far less than what you would pay at


It should be in the Over-the-Counter section of the Health and Beauty store. You should be able to discover the specific aisle in your location by using the online store locator.


Safeway sells peppermint, cinnamon, oregano, and tea tree oil. For information about the purchasing choices, see the online store or visit their outlet if there is any nearby.


In addition to offering some unique variations of peppermint oil, Sprouts is thought to be the main opponent of Whole Foods Market. To decide which store is superior, read our opinions on the Sprouts versus Whole Foods comparison.


Walmart has an excellent and varied selection of peppermint oil products, similar to Amazon. According to rumors, the GuruNanda brand of peppermint essential oil is the greatest one they have. Avoid ingesting it, as it is only intended for topical (skin) application.

Whole Foods

One of the best places to buy organic and diet-friendly food is Whole Foods Market. Popular and undiluted essential oils, including eucalyptus, sweet orange, and even rosemary oils, are available from their 365 Everyday Value line.


Popular products like Now Foods organic peppermint oil, which costs $12.99, are available at Kroger. Visit the business’s online store locator to find the right aisle and available buying alternatives.

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Where to Buy Cheap Peppermint Oil?

You can usually get many necessities at a great price at your neighborhood dollar store, so stop there if you’re searching for a good deal! eBay or Amazon are fantastic options if you only need a modest item because you can find all kinds of bargains there! Be careful to look at the grocery store coupons because you might discover some.

Where Can I Buy Pure Peppermint Oil?

Because of the huge variety of sellers selling all kinds of things, eBay and Amazon are perhaps the greatest places to look for peppers!

Before making a purchase, consider reading reviews of the brand in question or finding out more information about it to see what type of feedback other customers have to offer.

Are peppermint extract and oil the same thing?

No, they are not. Choose peppermint oil if you want a 100 percent pure and organic product. Since true oils have fewer chemicals and additives than extracts, they are far more potent and offer a more advantageous alternative without any negative side effects.

If you want something tiny to accompany your baking or cooking, an extract will be sufficient because you won’t need much of it.

What Can Peppermint Oil Be Used For?

There are several applications of peppermint essential oil. It is used for relieving stomach problems like indigestion and irritable bowel syndrome, freshening breath, and even reducing stress after a long day at work.

Peppermint oil may also be used when studying or doing your schoolwork to keep you focused and awake. It’s also fantastic for waking yourself up in the morning if you have problems rising.


Take a look for yourself now that you know where to hunt for peppermint oil in supermarkets. Even though the article may not have highlighted the exact aisle in your grocery store, it should give you an idea of which direction to go. Again, peppermint oil works, whether in cooking or home cures.

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