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July 25, 2024

Where is Malted Milk Powder in the Grocery Store?

Are you looking for where to find malted milk powder in the grocery store? Well, it’s straightforward. You can find malted milk powder in the baking section, juice and drink section, or tea and coffee section in a grocery store.

Malted milk powder was invented in 1869 and used as a nutritional supplement for infants. It is used in different food and beverages. The flavor is similar to that of chocolate-covered malted milk balls known as whoppers.

What Aisle is Malted Milk Powder in the Grocery Store?

Malted milk powder is located in different sections in different stores depending on the store’s arrangement.

Below are different areas you can find malted milk powder in a grocery store:

1. Baking Section 

You may see the malted milk powder arranged with canned milk or other kinds of milk in this section

2. Tea or Coffee section

In this section, they may be grouped with coffee or tea since it’s used to make a tasty malty drink.

3. Juice and Drinks

It may also be placed near products like nestles quicks.

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What is Malted Milk Powder?

Malted milk powder is a fine powder blended with malted barley extract, wheat, milk, salt, and baking powder. These ingredients give it a fine surface and enable it to be absorbed easily in liquid.

Additional ingredients include sugar, vanilla, or chocolate flavor, preservation, and vitamins.

Uses of Malted Milk

Malted milk powder can be used in various foods and products:

  • It is used for baking biscuits, pancakes, and muffins without adding extra preservatives and sugar.
  • It is used as a source of protein for other baking products.
  • It is used as a nutritional supplement for infants. 
  • Add it to hot or cold milk to make a malt beverage. 
  • The lactose helps brown baked food in the oven
  • It’s used for milkshakes.

List of Nearby Stores to Buy Malted Milk Powder

1. Amazon 

Amazon is an excellent place to buy different malted milk powders. You can search for your choice and then make an order without leaving the comfort of your home.

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2. Walmart 

Walmart is another grocery store that sells malted milk powder; they have brands like Hoosier Hill Farm malt milk powder arranged at the baking and powdered drink mix isles. You can check the website to know available goods in any location.

3. Whole Foods 

This is another grocery store to get malted milk powder. Just go to the baking section, where you will find your choice of malted milk powder. You can also check availability in the online store before heading for a pickup.

4. Baking Supply Stores

If you are unsure where to get malted milk powder, this is another good place to get it.

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Types Of Malted Milk Powder

Below are different types of malted milk powder:

1. Nestle Carnation Malted Milk Powder Mix

This malted milk powder from Nestle is ideal for blending mixtures, smoothies, ice creams, and other flavors. It is made from a kosher diary with less than 100 calories per serve. It is a good choice for baking cakes and pancakes and for dietary therapy.

It is produced from wheat malted barley extract, milk, salt, and sodium bicarbonate, which makes it rich in flavor. It has a long shelf life of 450 days and ensures storage in a cool, dry place. One of its drawbacks is that it can only be mixed into milk if blended.

2. Ovaltine Classic Malt Flavor Mix

This malted milk powder isn’t just tasty, but it’s a great source of vitamins and minerals, including zinc, vitamins A, B, C, D, and E. There are no artificial flavors or sweeteners; it tastes good in hot or cold milk and baked goods and when sprinkled over rice milk.

It is suitable for Vegans as it helps bring extra nutrients to different diets and is a good source of fiber. It is suitable for baking and dissolves easily in milk. However, it has more sugar than the other brands.

3. Soda Fountain Malted Milk Powder

This malted milk powder is available in three sizes 1lb, 2.5lb, and 0.63lb. It contains six essential ingredients: whole dry milk, wheat, malted barley extract, sodium bicarbonate, and sucrose.

It does not dissolve naturally in milk, and it has a resealable container and multiple sizes that suit your needs and financial capacity. It is ideal for milkshakes.

4. Hoosier Hill Farm Malted Milk Powder

It is made from malted barley extract milk, a pinch of salt, and wheat. It is packaged in a resealable container to preserve its freshness. One of its drawbacks is that it doesn’t dissolve in milk but can be used for different recipes.

5  Horlicks Malted Milk Powder

This malted milk powder is made from wheat malted barley extract and other ingredients. It is packed with vitamins and minerals. It has a good amount of fiber to help digestion.

It contains vitamins A and C to boost the immune system, vitamin D and calcium for healthy bones and teeth and vitamin B for boosting mental performance. Use it with hot or cold milk to have a tasty malty drink.

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Benefits of Malted Milk Powder

Malted milk powder has excellent benefits for your health and should be included in your diet. Below are the benefits:

  • It enhances quick recovery because it gives strength and produces helpful nutrients for the body.
  • It is rich in various vitamins, making it good for mental performance, and provides calcium, magnesium phosphorus for healthy bones.
  • It is rich in vitamins B6 and B12 for energy to keep you active all day and improve vision and skin tone.
  • Due to its nutrients, it is suitable for pregnant women.
  • The potassium present in malted milk powder aids the body in removing waste.

How to Store Malted Milk Powder

  • You can store malted milk powder in an airtight container to help keep it loose and free from lumps.
  • Store it in a cool, dry, and dark place because exposure to sunlight or moisture can cause a lump.

Alternatives for Malted Milk Powder

Malted milk powder has a different substitute, which is stated below:

  • Coconut Milk Powder 

Coconut milk powder is the best substitute for malted milk powder in desserts and cakes. It has similar health benefits and tastes, but it’s not as sweet as malted milk powder.

  • Regular Milk Powder 

It is the most accessible substitute. It can be found at any store and used in any recipe as malted milk powder; however, you need to add extra sweeteners because it’s not as sweet as malted milk powder.

  • Maca Powder

Although it looks and tastes like malted milk powder, it is not easy to find. It is used in the same recipe or in the same way with malted milk powder.

Key Points

As stated above, you can find malted milk powder in a grocery store in the following areas;

  • Baking section
  • Juice or drink section
  • And the tea or coffee section

There is also additional helpful information like the benefits of malted milk powder, the different types, and the stores where you can get the product.

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