Where to Buy Sun-Dried Tomatoes

For some, sun-dried tomatoes have become a staple component of dishes like salad, pasta, and a host of other dishes. If you are wondering where you can grab some dried tomatoes in the grocery store, I bet this post will help you.

In case you do not know, sun-dried tomatoes as the name implies are just ripe tomatoes that have lost most of their water content after having spent a good time under the sun. WebMD reports that sun-dried tomatoes are healthy and as a matter of fact contain a high amount of lycopene, a powerful antioxidant.

Which Grocery Store Aisle are Sun-dried Tomatoes Kept? 

You can generally find sun-dried tomatoes in the produce section or the canned vegetable aisle.

Tomatoes are also available in stores and online purveyors. They are better found in those places. You have diverse choices to make since they are of different yards and quantities.

Now let’s talk about where to buy sun-dried tomatoes in grocery stores.

Which Store Sells Sun-dried Tomatoes 

Your Local Food Store 

Go to any local market close to you. They sell sun-dried tomatoes. Buy the one you want. 


Arguably, you can purchase your sun-dried tomatoes on any Amazon near you. It’s either packed in oil or by the pound. Hence, when you buy in bulk, the discount is enormous. You can download the Amazon app. 


Looking for another store, try Walmart. They have the best brands like Roland Sun-Dried Tomatoes, California Sun-Dry, Bella Sun Luci, and many others. You will find sun-dried tomatoes in the canned vegetable and dried fruit aisles of Walmart. Buyers can go online to track its availability.


Buy your dried tomatoes in Safeway, they offer varieties of brands of canned vegetables. You can also get some sun-dried tomatoes when you visit the produce sections of stores. 

Whole Food

At the rival of the store, you can get sun-dried tomatoes. Whole Foods sells them in the canned food aisle. You can pick more organic sun-dried packaged goods over there. Then take them home for use. 


At Target, you can grab your canned sun-dried tomatoes with either Mezzetta or Alessi sun-dried tomatoes in oil. You can choose to make orders online. 

Trader Joe’s 

Buying your sun-dried tomatoes in Trader Joe’s depends on your location. If you are close, you can get them canned or dried. Even oil-packed.


Just like Safeway, you can buy sun-dried tomatoes at the store or the produce session. It’s always in dry and oil-packed varieties. 


Kroger has sun-dried tomatoes in different brands. For instance, the sun-dried tomatoes in the produce section, the dried fruits, and nuts sections, or the canned vegetable aisle. If you need a particular brand you can check them online.


If you are at Wegmans, you can get a specific brand of sun-dried tomatoes. It’s called the Italian Classics marinated Sun-dried tomatoes. On the contrary, they also have other brands of sun-dried tomatoes. Examples are Roland Quinoa and DeLallo tomatoes.

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How to Make Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Truth be told, not everyone enjoys cooking with fresh tomatoes. Some prefer it dry. If you belong to this group that would want a seldom change of norm, here are four steps you can follow and have your sun-dried tomatoes ready.

  • Slice tomatoes in half. 
  • Keep it on a raised screen. 
  • Sprinkle salt on it. 
  • Place in the hot sun until dry. 

The period depends on the condition of the weather. During the sunny season, It stays between two to four days before it dries.

Learn more on how to make sun-dried tomatoes at home.


How do I find sun-dried tomatoes in the grocery store? 

You can find them in any grocery store close to you. They are usually packed in the aisle with packaged vegetables and herbs, and spices or near the pasta section.  You can also find them online, in Italian specialty shops, and in gourmet food shops. 

How Long Do Dried Tomatoes Last? 

When properly stored in the freezer, it can last up to 18 months. 

What Is Special About Sun-dried Tomatoes? 

Sun-dried tomatoes are a powerful antioxidant with a high concentration of lycopene. Rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It helps protect your skin from sunburn.

Should I Store my Sun Dried Tomatoes in Olive Oil in the Fridge? 

Yes, once you purchase your sun-dried tomatoes,  pack them with olive oil and store them in the fridge. It helps to elongate the lasting period of the tomatoes.

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