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July 21, 2024

Where is Manwhich in Grocery Store?

If you’ve been exploring sauces of late, and happen to be looking deep into sloppy joes sauce, chances are that you’ve come across manwich sauce – a type of canned sauce that makes preparation of sloppy joes easier.

If you’re looking to make some sloppy joes, you’ll want to know where to get Manwich sauce which is its main ingredient. Although it’s a grocery item that’s quite popular in the US, it’s not every store that stocks it. More so, if you haven’t shopped for it before, locating it in a grocery store can be problematic, even though it’s general knowledge that it’s a type of sauce.

Well, you’ll want to continue reading if you fall in the above category, as we’ll be discussing the aisle where it is located. Additionally, we will discuss its shelf life and storage guides so you know how to maintain it in optimal condition.

What Aisle is Manwich in the Grocery Store?

When searching for Manwich in grocery stores, the first place you want to be looking is the aisle for sauces & marinades, the condiment aisle. While that’s the case, there are grocery stores that have an aisle of canned & tomatoes, you may want to look through there as well.

Meanwhile, grocery stores with an aisle for meat seasonings will often keep some brands here. Also, there are some specialty stores that will have a small aisle for packaged means & side dishes – you’ll want to search through here as your last resort.

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Where is Manwich Near You

1. Amazon

Amazon is arguably one of the best spots to get Manwich – they stock it in their small aisle called Packed Sloppy Joe Mixes. They’ve got products from brands like Hunt’s Manchwich, McCormick Sloppy Joe, Gluten Free Simply Organic Sloppy Joe, and Tyson. Prefer to shop online? Check them out!

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2. Walmart

While shopping at Walmart, you want to be looking through their aisle for cooking sauces to find a Manwich. Their walk-in stores are arguably the best spots to get a variety of brands, they’ve got products from brands like Thick & Chunky, Hunt’s Great Value, Bold, Del Monte, Bourbon BBQ, and lots more.

3. Wegmans

At Wegmans stores, you’ll find Manwich sloppy joe sauce in their aisle for sauces. The products often available are Bold’s Sloppy Joe Sauce, Bourbon BBQ’s Sloppy Joe Sauce, and Sloppy Joe Sauce from Original. However, this might vary depending on the store where you’re shopping.

4. Kroger

If you’re shopping for Manwich at Kroger stores, you want to be looking through the aisle for seasoning & sauces in the meat & seafood section. They generally stock three brands; Original, Bold, and Thick & Chunky.

5. Seasons Kosher

If you happen to a Seasons Kosher store nearby, you could walk in to shop for some Manwich sloppy joe sauce – they keep it in the aisle for sauces alongside other sauces like tartar sauce and teriyaki sauce. The only limitation to shopping here is that only two brands are often available; Original and Hunt’s.

6. Safeway

Safeway stores are another guaranteed spot to find Manwich sloppy joe sauce – they place them in the aisle for sauces. If you’re the type that prefers to shop while having a variety of products, this is one play you want to check out. They’ve got sloppy joe sauces from brands like Original, Thick & Chunky, Red Fork Skillet, Signature SELECT, McCormick, and Bourbon BBQ.

7. Stop & Shop

If you’ve got a Stop & Shop grocery out nearby, you can head over to their aisle for sauces to search for Manwich. The only blemish is that they usually only stock two brands; Bold & Original.

How to Store Manwhich Sauce

Provide it remains unopened, Manwich sloppy joe sauce can last as long as what’s written on the can, and things only change when you’ve broken the seal. An opened Manwich will last no more than 2 hours at room temperature – if you’re not cooking it, it’s usually recommended to eat whatever you prepare with it during this time.

While that’s the case, you can refrigerate the leftover Manwich in an airtight container and maintain its good condition for as many as 5 days. If you’re using a freezer, it can last for up to 4 months.


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