Where is Hominy in Grocery Store?

Hominy is a type of corn that’s had its hull and germ taken off. After that, it looks kind of like big grits or white pearl tapioca. You can grind it up to make masa, which is the stuff used to make tortillas, tamales, pozole, chili, and other yummy Mexican foods.

In this article, we will discuss where you can find hominy in grocery stores. We’ll also outline some surefire spots to get hominy, as well as the brands that they have available. Lastly, we’ll highlight some great ways to use it, just in case you’ve got limited ideas on dishes to make.

What Aisle is Hominy in Grocery Stores?

When shopping for hominy, the first place you want to check is the aisle for canned vegetables – you’re likely to see its canned variant here. However, if you need dried hominy, you’ll want to be looking through the section for grains and beans. If there’s a specialty aisle for beans, it is likely to be included here as well.

While that’s the case, it shouldn’t be a surprise if you get to find the Latin aisle in grocery stores that have an international section. If all else fails, you can always ask an attendant if it’s a product that’s sold in the store.

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Where to find Hominy near You

1. Amazon

If you prefer to shop online, then Amazon will be a good spot to consider. Amazon carries lots of hominy brands like Juanita’s, Goya, and Bush’s.

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2. Walmart

At Walmart stores, you’ll find hominy in their aisle for canned vegetables. They’ve also got the dried variant in the beans aisle. Walmart is as arguably the best spot to shop for hominy if you’re looking for multiple brand options to choose from. They sell hominy from brands like Goya Golden, Juanita’s Foods, Larissa Veronica, La Preferida, Great Value, Bush’s White, Teasdale, and lots more.

3. Target

If you shop at Target, you want to be looking through the aisle for canned vegetables. The downside here is that they often only stock hominy variants from Juanita’s Foods.

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4. Safeway

If you’re shopping for hominy at Safeway grocery stores, you will find it placed in their aisle for canned vegetables. They’ve got products like Juanita’s Foods Hominy Mexican Style, Teasdale White Hominy, and Albers Enriched Hominy Quick Grits.

5. Wegmans

 Wegmans is another surefire spot to get hominy corn – they stock it in the aisle for canned vegetables. Here, you’ll find products like Manning’s Hominy All Natural, Goya White Hominy, and their self-branded Wegmans variants.

6. Publix

Publix grocery outlets are also surefire spots to find different types of hominy – you can get it in their aisle for canned vegetables. They’ve got different varieties of product brands like Goya Golden, Bush’s Best, La Preferida, Juanita’s Food, and Sak Pasé.

7. Whole Foods Market

If you happen to have a Whole Foods Market store around, you can find their hominy corn in the aisle for canned vegetables.  The slight downside to shopping with them is that they only have Juanita’s Foods Mexican Style Hominy in most of their outlets across the country.

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Delicious Ways to Use Hominy

  • Vegan pozole: Elevate your taste buds with this classic Mexican stew that boasts lively flavors and a satisfying mix of chewy, soft, and crisp textures. Every time you make it, you can switch things up by adding different salsas, veggies, and mock meats.
  • Vegan cachupa: Savor a taste of the Cape Verde islands with this hearty stew traditionally made with meat or fish, but now reinvented as a vegan version with savory veggie sausage that’s perfect for cozy nights.
  • Vietnamese sticky rice and hominy: Take your taste buds on a journey with this unique recipe (xoi bap) featuring sticky rice, hominy, and crispy fried onions. Whether you prefer it sweeter or more savory, it’s a deliciously customizable dish that can be enjoyed any time of day.

Possible Substitutes for Hominy

  • Try chickpeas! These beans, also known as garbanzo beans, have a similar flavor profile that can mimic the taste of hominy.
  • Polenta may be the answer! While cornflour and maize meals won’t work, you can try using polenta (corn grits) or dried corn instead. These ingredients must be cooked before use, but they can be ground into a fine texture that works well in recipes requiring maize.
  • Use grits instead. Grits can be a versatile substitute for hominy. Whether you use stone ground corn or polenta grits, these coarsely-ground maize options can be used in a variety of recipes and offer a unique texture and flavor. Meanwhile, buckwheat grits, also known as kasha, are a delicious option with a unique flavor that can add depth to your dish.


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