Where is Panko in grocery store?

If you’re looking to use panko in your next recipe but have no idea how to locate it in the grocery store, you’re in luck, in this article, we’ll discuss where you can find panko. In addition, we’ll highlight some possible substitutes in case you somehow don’t get to see the real deal.

What Aisle is Panko Located in Grocery Stores?

When looking for panko in the grocery store, the first place you want to turn to is the baking aisle, you’ll often see it alongside other premade baking mix boxes. While that’s the case, there are some stores that would stock theirs in the bread section – even though panko is technically just a type of breadcrumb.

Meanwhile, in Japanese stores/aisles, you’ll likely see panko having its own section – or added alongside their bread section. If you don’t get to find it in these areas, chances are that the grocery store doesn’t have it. But before leaving, ask the attendants to be sure.

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Where to Find Panko Near You

1. Amazon

Amazon is a grocery chain that classifies panko as a type of bread crumb – most large grocery stores in the US does it this way. You’ll want to be looking in the bread & bakery section to find it. They stock brands like Progresso, JFC, Edward & Sons, Jeff Nathan Creations, Wel Pac, Kikkoman, Shirakiku, PÖRQ Artisanal, Paleo, and more.

Edward & Sons Organic Panko Breadcrumbs, 10.5 oz
  • See Nutrition Facts For Allergen Information
  • Extra crispy, Japanese-style crumbs
  • Edward & Sons
Aleia's Gluten Free Real Panko Original 12 oz, Pack of 1
  • GLUTEN-FREE. FLAVOR-FULL.: There’s a secret ingredient in all Aleia’s foods: Craveability. It’s not anything mass-produced or artificial. It only happens naturally, when you put all your passion, energy and innovation into crafting handmade, gluten-free foods that taste not only as good as their gluten-filled counterparts, but better. We believe you will find our products to be like nothing else out there and the Best. Taste. Ever.
  • FRESH SIMPLE INGREDIENTS, BATCH AFTER BATCH.: At Aleia’s, what you eat means the world to us. For over fifteen years we’ve continued to craft food by hand using only the finest ingredients. We use grains such as brown rice, tapioca flour and whole grain sorghum that provide fiber and protein. We bake with LOVE, versatile bread crumbs, real panko, coatings, crunchy salad croutons and flavorful stuffing mixes.
  • PANTRY ESSENTIALS: Aleia’s makes gluten-free substitutes for stocking your pantry with the foods you need to whip up a meal that wow’s everyone, tastes amazing- and just happens to be gluten-free! It’s a single cooking solution for families and friends to enjoy regardless of who is coming to the dinner table!
Kikkoman Panko Style Coating, Gluten-Free, 8 Ounces, 2 Pack
  • Made fresh from specially baked, crustless bread. With an oblong shape, Panko crumbs are larger, crispier and lighter, so they coat without "packing" like regular bread crumbs, allowing foods to stay crispier longer. Their delicate, crisp texture makes them the ideal choice for baked or fried foods
  • Try Panko on onion rings, crab cakes or chicken nuggets. Or sprinkle them on your favorite casserole before baking, then dot with a little butter or drizzle with oil for a light, tasty topping. Kikkoman Panko Bread Crumbs are unseasoned, making them perfect for sweet recipes, too. You can add a crisp, crunchy topping to everything from French toast and fruit fritters to crisps and crumbles. Try Panko, and see - and taste the difference. You'll never go back to ordinary bread crumbs again!
  • 8oz each box pack of 2

2. Walmart

Walmart is also a grocery chain that classifies their panko as a type of bread crumbs, as such, you get to find it in the bread & bakery section. If you’re shopping here, expect to see brands like Great Value, Kikkoman, 4C, Progresso, Dynasty, and PÖRQ Artisanal.

3. Target

Shopping at target, you want to be looking through the baking aisle – they stock their panko here. Multiple brands like Kikkoman, Progresso, Shore Lunch, Andy’s, JFC, Good & Gather, and Market Pantry are always available.

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4. Publix

At Publix grocery stores, they also classify their panko as a type of bread crumbs – you want to be checking the breads & bakery section. They’ve got bands like JFC, Kikkoman, Progresso, and Wel Pac readily available.

5. Wegmans

If you’re shopping at Wegmans, you want to be checking their bakery section. They stock a variety of products including their self-branded Wegmans White Panko Bread Crumbs.

6. Safeway

Safeway is also a great grocery chain to find panko bread crumbs – they keep theirs in the bakery aisle. You’ll find brands like O’ Organics, Signature SELECT, Kikkoman, Aleias, and Dynasty readily available.

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7. Meijer

If you’ve got a Meijer grocery chain near you, and shopping for panko, you want to check their bread & bakery section for panko. They usually stock brands like Kikkoman, Progresso, JFC, and 4C.


ASDA is another nice spot to find panko bread crumbs. They only blemish is that they keep only two varieties; just their self-branded ASDA panko breadcrumbs, and Tiger Tiger Panko Japanese Style Breadcrumbs. Other than that, they’ve only got regular breadcrumbs.

9. Tesco

Tesco is also a grocery store that primarily sells their branded panko bread crumbs. 

10. Morrisons

At Morrisons, you can find their self-branded panko breadcrumbs in bulk.

Types of Bread Crumbs

There are four major types of bread crumbs; fresh (toasted & untoasted), panko, plain packaged, and Italian packaged.

1. Fresh (Toasted)

Fresh toasted breadcrumbs add a rich, nutty flavor and satisfying crunch to any dish. Sprinkle them on top of food before baking for a crunchy texture, perfect for lasagna, pasta dishes, and casseroles. In mac and cheese, fresh toasted breadcrumbs add a delicious topping that contrasts with the creamy cheese sauce. Just sprinkle on top before baking and enjoy!

2. Fresh (Untoasted)

Fresh untoasted breadcrumbs have a moist, tender, and slightly nutty texture that makes them ideal for meatloaf, mac and cheese, soups, and meats. Use a food processor or grater to make them from dense bread like sourdough or French bread. Fresh breadcrumbs are a great meatloaf binder, can thicken soups, or coat meats for a crispy texture.

3. Panko

Panko, a Japanese breadcrumb made from crustless white bread, has a light texture and absorbs more moisture than traditional breadcrumbs. Its flavor can range from mild to nutty and buttery, making it versatile for various dishes like fish tacos and octopus puttanesca. Use it as a crunchy coating for fried foods or a topping for added texture.

4. Plain Packaged

Plain breadcrumbs are dried and ground bread with a fine texture and neutral flavor, ideal for various recipes. They differ from fresh untoasted breadcrumbs in texture, made from baked or toasted bread. Plain breadcrumbs add a subtle taste, crunch, and consistency to dishes, enhancing texture and acting as a binding agent.

5. Italian Packaged 

Italian-style breadcrumbs are a tasty blend of herbs and spices that can enhance many dishes. Made from finely ground dried bread, they have a savory and slightly salty taste. These breadcrumbs are delicate and dry, but become crispy when baked or fried.

Substitutes for Panko

Panko can be described as a variety of breadcrumbs, but what sets it apart is its coarser texture compared to the traditional type. If you’re looking for substitutes, you can try using shredded bread, crushed Melba toasts, cracker crumbs, matzo meal, or even crushed tortilla chips, stuffing mix, pretzels, or potato chips.


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