June 18, 2024

Does Target Do Money Orders?

A money order is a form of payment, like a check. But unlike a check, a Money order can be purchased and cannot bounce. Different financial institutions like MoneyGram, Western, and banks do a Money order.

You can also purchase Money orders from post offices and grocery or drug stores. So it is safe to assume that one of the largest retail stores in the US, Target, does Money orders.

But before you step out of your house to any of the Target stores in your location to buy a Money order, you should know if they sell it or not.

So, does Target do money orders?

No. Target doesn’t deal with anything concerning Money orders. You cannot purchase or cash out money orders from any of the Target stores in the United States.

What Does Target Do?

Target is one of the largest retailers in the US, with over 1900 stores in different locations in all 50 states and Washington DC. They are known for selling a wide variety of foods, household equipment, clothing, and electronics.

Aside from the products they sell, Target also offers industry-leading services to deliver, ship, or make a pick-up.

Target offers different payment methods in its stores to minimize the long line queue except for Money orders. The payment methods include Debit/credit card, MasterCard, Visa, Paypal, wireless payment methods, etc.

Why Does Target Not Do Money orders?

One of Target’s top priorities is to keep costs low for customers by not offering products or services that don’t fit into its everyday value model. Unfortunately, they do not consider money orders to be one of them.

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Places You Can Purchase a Money Order

Since Target does not do money orders, there are different places you can purchase a Money Order, but not all of them cashes it out. However, here is a list of places you can buy and cash or not cash out Money orders and the financial institution that backs them up.

  • Banks or Credit Unions: You can cash a Money Order here
  • Western Union or MoneyGram: Cashing out Money Order here is possible
  • US Postal Service: You can also cash a Money Order here
  • 7-Eleven: It does not cash a Money Order. 
  • CVS Pharmacy: No cashing out Money Orders.
  • Safeway: You can’t cash out Money Orders in Safeway as well.
  • Kroger: You can cash a Money Order at Kroger
  • Meijer: Meijer does not cash a Money Order.
  • Publix: it does not cash out Money Order
  • Walmart: You can cash a Money Order here

How Does a Money Order Work?

A money order is like a paper check used to send money to someone. With the Money order at hand, the recipient can visit any financial institution, some grocery stores, or post offices to retrieve the money. Unlike Bank checks, you don’t need a bank account to purchase a Money Order.

All you need to do is to purchase the Money Order with the money you want to send to someone and the charge fee. The highest limit of a Money Order is $1000. If you want to send more than $1000, you have to buy more than one Money Order.

The charges of each Money Order range from $0.8 to $1, depending on the place you purchase from. A money order is considered one of the safest ways of sending someone money because it does not contain your personal information. 

If you lose your Money Order for a tangible reason, you can apply for a replacement while the old one is banned, although with extra charges.

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Advantages of Money Orders

  • Safe payment method: As mentioned earlier, a Money Order is considered one of the safest to send to someone. There is minimal chance of fraud or stealth of Money Order because it requires a signature and a photo identity.
  • Safe to mail: The money Order is safely mailed to the recipient. But when the Money Order is yet to reach the recipient, you can call the store or financial institution where the Money Order was issued and lay a complaint.

They will replace your Money Order and ban the old one from being used by someone else if it has not been used already.

Disadvantages of Money Order

  • It could easily get lost as a paper check would.
  • Money Order can easily be forged
  • The highest limit of a Money Order is $1000. You are going to be charged as many times as possible if you want to send more than the limit.

The Information Required to Fill Out a Money Order

  • Name of the payee (the person who is been paid)
  • Payee’s address
  • Payment amount
  • Your name and address

What products/services does Target offer?

  • Target’s products include baby and beauty products, clothing, electronic equipment, furniture, grocery, home and pet products, school and office supplies, shoes, sports, and outdoor products, toys, and sports equipment.
  • optical, clinics, and other amenities 
  • Home delivery
  • Photo printing service
  • Rewards 
  • And gift card services. 

Key Takeaway…

Target does not sell or cash a Money Order. However, you can purchase Money Order from financial service providers like MoneyGram and Western Union, post offices, and some grocery stores.


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