“Good morning Sanhe how are you doing?” Professor Gamadi said over the phone. His house agent, who helped him handle sales of his estates in Abuja had called.

“Good morning sir , I couldn’t get the standard of house you asked for in Bwari sir, but I saw a two bedroom apartment in Kubwa, fully furnished. The rent is two point five million naira for a year. ” He said.

“Do they provide dining , laundry and cleaning services? ” He asked knowing that his sweet daughter couldn’t cook or do simple domestic chores herself, she was only brilliant and bookish, the professor was okay with that.

“Yes sir they provide those services, and the apartment complex is at the middle of town, with twenty four hours light and security.” He said .

“I will transfer two point six million naira to your account, snap the interior and exterior of the apartment building and forward it to my WhatsApp.” The professor said before he hung up the call. He was at home watching a news bulletin on CNN about the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.



Seember was dressed in a milk coloured robe sat on the chair head resting on her husband’s body. Shania brought a saucer filled with grapes and an apple for the professor, he was on fruit diet for that evening.

“Seember are you awake? ” The professor asked his wife.

“Uhhmmm? what did you say? ” Seember said though her eyes were tightly shut.

“I don’t like how bad your relationship with Dooshima is getting to. At this age they want to be free to explore the world, as a mother you have to beat her with one hand and draw her closer with the other. ” The pastor said.

“Sweetheart I don’t want to talk about Dooshima. That girl is giving me tough time, I hope you’ll get her a maid to do all her chores, I don’t know what kind of woman would hate the kitchen, hate to do any chore, Just book phone, computer is that how she’s going to run her home? ” Seember asked her husband.

“You see if you’re too hard you’ll push her away from you for life, we know that area is her place of weakness, we just have to treat her with kindness, you may be surprised how she will respond.” He said, she was quiet.

“She’s not been going to choir practice or singing with the choir for over five weeks now, before she stopped going for practice and weekly activities, she would tell me she was going for choir practice, but end up going where I don’t know, when I confronted her she lied to me. ” Seember said.

“Darling you were too hard on her, when she grounded her, she’s an adult, it’s just because of the fear of God we instilled in our kids, normally you cannot imprison a grown adult at home. ” The pastor said.

“Well I had to do that to protect her from that girl who wanted to destroy her future, I admit I was wrong. But I did that with good intentions. ” Seember said her head still resting on her husband’s shoulders.


“Well that was too much the Bible in the book of Proverbs says train up a child in a way he would go and when he’s old he’ll not depart from it. when they are no longer children, you have to cut them some slack.

” He said squeezing his wife’s hand softly in his own.
“Okay I’ve heard you Darling. I don’t hate her I just want her to change, she’s becoming a woman. At least I talked and talked until she stopped seeing that Doctor boy. ” She closed her eyes and dived into sleep again.

“Hello babe I’ve missed you so much, it’s been two weeks that I’ve not seen your face. ” Ogwuche said to Dooshima through the phone.

“I am not just in the mood of going out Ogwuche.” Dooshima said.

“Why are you sick? ” He asked with a worried heart.

“No I am fine, I just feel like staying indooors.” she said.

“Are you still worried about getting pregnant? ” Ogwuche asked, he sensed Dooshima was withdrawing from him, because of her scare of getting pregnant.

“Should I not be worried? you yourself said it was very late when you gave me the drugs. I don’t want to get pregnant my life would be messed up. ” She cried.

“But Dooshima not all intercourse lead to pregnancy, when are you expecting your monthly circle? ” He asked, he knew only that would put her mind to rest.

“I’m expecting it in three days. But what if it doesn’t come? ” Dooshima asked still worried.

“Well we’re into this together. If you don’t see it, then I will become a father and a husband, that’s we would move our marriage date closer.” He said with a serious tone.


“Talk is cheap, I pray I wouldn’t experience what Mimidoo experienced. ” Dooshima prayed, Ogwuche chuckled. “Why are you laughing ? it’s not funny.” she said.

“I know dear, but the fact that you still doubt my intentions for you is lugubrious. ” He said.

“Well anything can happen you can deny me and say you’re not the only one sleeping with me. Don’t I’ve just been pretending.” Dooshima said with a serious tone.

“Dooshima you’re worrying too much, you see I’ve been very reckless in the past, sleeping with my girl friends without condoms, it’s not all times that just one time sex would get you pregnant. ” He said. “Just get your mind to rest, you’ll see your monthly flow and free your mind for once. ” He said assuredly.

“Okay Dr let’s wait and see, if not just be prepared to marry oh, I can’t think of abortion. ” Dooshima told him.

“Yeah marriage is the worst thing that can happen.” ogwuche said. “I love you baby I can’t wait to have you in my arms as my wife.” He said. Dooshima took an eternity to reply him.

“I love you too.” Dooshima said before she hung up the phone, she sighed and went to the kitchen to microwave her breakfast, she had lost appetite for food for over three weeks, eating at most twice in a day, most days she struggled to eat once. She often regretted breaking her promise to her dad, she had lost her peace of mind.
She took a brunch of fried eggs and two slice of bread.

Three days later when she was expecting her monthly flow it came as expected. Dooshima’s fears disappeared, her mother was so happy to see her daughter in her old mood, that had deserted her for weeks.

“You’re smiling again? ” Seember asked her daughter, who kept smiling shyly. “Look at your body you’re remaining bone bone, looking like a shadow of yourself. ” She said touching Dooshima’s eyes brows, her eyes had sunken in,Seember bad been very worried.

“Am okay mummy. ” Dooshima said happily, as she scooped some quantity of white rice into her plate. Shania’s stew tasted like what one would see in a five star restaurant. She eat to her brim, she had not eaten well in weeks. Later that evening she placed a call to Ogwuche.

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