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July 25, 2024

My Comfort Zone Season 2: Episodes 11-End

My Comfort Zone Season 2: Episodes 11-End

My Comfort Zone
Season 2
Episode 11

Anita was on her knees in tears. If someone had told her she’d experience what she did a few hours ago, she would’ve laughed the fellow to scorn.

“God my son is innocent, he’s innocent.” She said in tears as she painfully narrated how he had been accused of rape in his school.

“God my husband and I have no record of this kind of thing in our lineage. None of our family members have been accused of such a thing, not to talk of being to prison before, so where’s all these coming from God, where?” Anita said and fresh tears streamed down her face.


  1. My Comfort Zone Season 2: Episodes 11-End

“But I told you, didn’t I? I warned you.” She hears a soft whisper say to her.
She then recalled the strong prompting to pray longer whenever she switched to praying for her kids, but never responded positively to it. Instead, she’d ignore that strong urge within her until it finally died down.

“SO this is what you were trying to prevent me from experiencing those times you were urging me to pray?” She asked after a lot of flashbacks, and then broke down in tears.

“I never knew it was this serious. I was so confident nothing evil was going to befall my kids.” She said amidst tears

“That’s pride you know? I mean what exactly was the essence of the over-confidence when I was asking you to pray harder concerning something? I’ve told you, I am God! I see a zillion times far into the future than you do;so when I prompt you to pray more, there’s every possibility something is about to go wring somewhere and it’d take your prayers to reverse or revoke it.

But no, you wouldn’t listen to me. Now what I was trying to prevent you from experiencing has happened and you’re here in tears.

What’s more? You’re back in the very same place you refused to tarry when I wanted you to.” The voice spoke and it then downed on Anita that if you don’t force yourself to pray, situation and circumstances would eventually force you to pray sooner than later.

“I’m sorry Lord, please forgive me. Please my son is being accused of a very serious offence punishable by law and investigation’s ongoing.

Please God he’s innocent of this rape accusation. Please Lord I….” Anita said and further broke down in tears. Just then her phone rang but she didn’t pick. The consistency of the call promoted her to check who was calling. Immediately she realized it was her sister calling, she felt pissed off.

“Hello?” She answered, trying so hard to suppress her anger.

“Hello sis, good evening.”


“How are you doing dear, and how is your day?”


“Are you sure? Because you don’t sound fine. It feels to me you’re…..”

“Belinda please just go straight to the point. I was busy with something important before your call came in.” Anita cut in sharply.

“Ha! Anita did something happen? Why the harsh tone? Is everything okay over there?”Belinda was asking over the phone before Anita cut the call and hissed.

“Nonsense! You called to just check up on me for what? Did I tell you I was sick or in the hospital? Abeg!” Anita soliloquized and hissed again

My Comfort Zone Season 2: Episodes 11-End

Belinda stared at her phone multiple times to be sure didn’t dial a wrong number.

“Was it Anita my sister I spoke to just now? No, probably someone else picked up the call or something.” She thought in her heart and decided to re-dial the line again but it wasn’t going through.

“God, what is going on? Is everything okay with her?” She kept questioning as she paced up and down the living room with her protruded tommy.

“Ah ahn, but I just called to check up on her and be sure she’s fine, since I’ve been having the urge to for some time now.” She thought aloud as she sat carefully on her favorite couch
Just then, a thought came to her.

“Ah nooo, the devil is a liar.” She said in response to the thought and closed her eyes in prayers

“No one will plant discord between me and my sister. Any plan of the enemy to separate me from my sister at tis critical point in my life shall not work, in the name of Jesus.

Devil you’re a liar; I know your plans and I declare it will not work. You have failed already, because I’m not ignorant of your devices.” She said and picked up her phone to re-dial the number again but on a second thought, she dropped it and began to pray in the spirit.

My Comfort Zone Season 2: Episodes 11-End

Frank sat up late at night, studying his Bible. He tried so hard to concentrate to no avail as his mind kept flashing back at how sudden his wife had changed for the past few days

“She gets pissed very easily, She’s very quick to utter hurtful words and she hardly observes her quiet time, even when I suggest we do so together. Prayer has suddenly become a great burden and struggle for her and that’s quite like the opposite of her.

I’ve tried to speak to her to warn her of the consequences of prayerlessness in the life of a Christian, but it feels like any little thing I say just tends to piss her off and get her upset.

Honestly God I’m not comfortable with the woman she’s become. This isn’t my wife lord; this certainly isn’t the woman I proposed to that said yes to me. This isn’t the woman I married. God!

Likeee…….God you have to do something about this God, you seriously have to, because I’m honestly already becoming tired of the woman she’s suddenly turned out to be in a couple of weeks!” Frank complained with a frown on his face while closing his eyes in the mood of prayer.

Frank noticed that as he kept praying concerning his wife, he felt anger rise up in him that even his tone so changed that if you happened to be listening to his prayers, you’d assume or even conclude that the woman he was talking about happens to be the most horrible person in the whole world.

As soon as he was done with his prayers, he opened his Bible to read. After reading a few chapters of the Bible and flipping through the pages of the Bible here and there, he got no response to his prayers, and trust me, he felt really frustrated.

“God you’re not saying anything concerning the prayers I just offered to you.”He said after waiting for up to 20mins to hear at least a word from the Lord through His word- the one he was familiar with.
After an additional ten minutes of looking through the Bible, he ended his quiet time and went to sleep.

My Comfort Zone Season 2: Episodes 11-End

Ken was in his hostel, soaked in tears.
He kept wondering in his heart how he would be accused of a rape attempt
“This is a setup, someone set me up! He thought aloud and just then someone walked into his bedspace, wearing a mischievous smile.

“Ken Ken. Ken my man!” The boy who seemed to be his classmate hailed as he sat beside him on his bed.

“Tell me Ken, how does it feel being in trouble?” He asked and chuckled.

“Why are you doing this to me? What have I done to deserve this kind of….”

“Oh shut up! Spare me those emotional words please. You know what I want, and since you don’t want to oblige of your own free will, I’d stop at nothing to see I have you exactly where I want you.

I saw the disappointment on your mom’s face together from the place where I was peeping. It must’ve been heartbreaking for her to have seen her favorite son being accused of such a thing after all her efforts to train you aright.” The boy said and came became furious.

“Paulo or whatever they call you, you may have been having your way with every other guy in this school, but you’d have a difficult time in making me bend to your will because I’ll continue to resist you.

I know this is a setup from you, but my God will vindicate me.” Ken said boldly to his face with a tightened fist.

“We’ll see about that.” Paulo replied with a smirk and left

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