Dooshima gradually began to feel at home at the Agada’s family home, she blended well with their kids whenever there were back home from school, but the twins were almost never at home. They schooled at a private university in Abuja, they would come home only during breaks and would pop out after jiffy.

It brought back the times when Dooshima was at peace with her siblings , when they would argue and love over nothing, it made her sad that everything had gone South between them and her siblings, she took the blame for the predicament that befell her family, only if she had learnt to keep her legs closed, she wouldn’t have spoil the fine family bond.

She had been with the Agada’s for three months, six months after her dad had thrown her out of the house, none of them bothered to call her,none bothered to look for her. She wondered if they ever loved her, just one mistake and the whole world went berserk on her.

Her parents she couldn’t tell how they were fairing In London. Mr Agada had replaced her IPhone, but she had no need for it, she rarely touched it, no one to call, no one to chat with, she was in a blank pit,she didn’t bother to welcome her phone, she felt she was a burden to her mother, she felt relieved losing her phone.

Dooshima had no one to call, Mimidoo was the only sister and family she had, she never had close relationship with her aunts and uncles, none of them asked after her, so she decided not to go where she was not wanted.



She had food security and shelter with the Agada’s. Only for Mrs Ada’s constant nagging about her not being able to do any domestic chores, was the only palaver she had to face, apart from that , she had her television in her room connected to DSTV, with a full subscription, Minidoo was given free access to visit Dooshima at any time.

She heard a hard knock on the door, she was no longer getting agitated by by Ada’s irrational knocking, she would knock as though she had come to rob the house.

“Yes? ” Dooshima replied while still lying on the bed .
“Is it me you’re saying yes to? Seems you want to be thrown back into the street? ” Ada threatened Dooshima, she was mute like a dove.

“Come and follow me to the kitchen, you’ll prepare egusi soup for us.” Mrs Ada said, Dooshima remained in bed.
“Is it that you’re deaf or something? can you not hear me? ” She growled. “I said get up and come and go to the kitchen and cook dinner! ” She yelled the second time.

“But ma you know I cannot cook? ” Dooshima asked her.
“How is that my business Dooshima? Get up joor and follow me to the kitchen! you’ll cook the food anyhow you like. If we can’t eat it, we’ll stay hungry. who is your house girl here? ” she quarreled. Dooshima got out of bed as instructed.


“They’ll not teach you people how to do anything for yourselves, maid do this maid do that, no my daughter is busy oh, let her read. Now common Egusi you are so proud to open your big mouth and tell me, I don’t know how to cook it oh. ” Ada lampooned Dooshima, she felt like the building should collapse on her.

The nagging continued, Dooshima didn’t know a thing about how to cook Egusi soup, she had to search YouTube, she found a video. Ada watched her cook without saying a word.

Mr Agada drove back from work at about six for dinner, he went upstairs to take his bath, and returned downstairs to watch the evening news. Dooshima tested the soup, it tested good to her, she felt proud of her achievement. Ada watched her quietly.

“Is the food ready? ” She asked Dooshima, she nodded.
“Yes ma the soup is ready.” She replied.

“Okay you’ll serve it in those plates and take it to the dinning room, take one plate to Samuel at the gate.” She ordered, Dooshima did as she was told. Mr Agada had been protecting Dooshima from his wife.

Mr Agada joined Dooshima and Ada on the dinning table. He said prayer over the food. He swallowed a lump of eba, if felt funny in his mouth, he couldn’t place what was wrong with the food. “uhhmm Ada your soup today… ” He said, he didn’t want to complete his statement, he knew Ada didn’t take kindly to anyone criticizing her cooking


“What’s wrong with the food.” She asked.

“Nothing honey it’s okay.” he said , he kept forcing himself to eat the swallow the food, he felt like puking out all she he had eaten, but he forced himself to stay calm.

Dooshima enjoyed her food, it was officially the first food she was preparing in her lifetime.

Ada watched her husband’s facial expression ,she wondered how the food tasted, she cut a lump of Semo fufu and deep it into her soup, when she put it in her mouth she spat it out.

“Jesus what did you cook! ” she cried with a grimace over her face. “Is this how I’ve been cooking Egusi soup?” She yelled. Dooshima was frozen on the chair she sat, she fought hard not to vomit the fufu that was lodged into her throat.

“But ma you were there in the kitchen? ” Dooshima wondered why she wouldn’t correct her if she was making a mistake.


“Yes? and so? Am I your mother? am I the one to teach you how to cook? ” she replied Dooshima. “See the rubbish you cooked even the dogs cannot eat it. “She pushed the plate off soup violently, some content spill over Dooshima’s face.

“Ada what’s wrong with you!” Agada yelled. “You knew Lillian couldn’t make the soup why did you tell herto cook it?” Mr Agada asked angrily and in disbelief. Dooshima was cleaning the pepper that had spilled into her eyes.

“Yes I told her to cook! Am I her house girl! she cannot cook, she cannot clean, she would eat and keep the plate for me am I her house maid? ” She yelled at her husband.

“If it’s to open her legs wide for fools to sleep with her, she knows how to do that! Stupid hypocrite buffoon!” She insulted the living day our of Dooshima’s life . Her husband just put his palms over his face, his elbows were planted on the table.

“Am sorry sir.” Dooshima apologized, as she cleaned the soup spill on the table. He took away his palms covering his face


“Lillian no need for apology, my wife is just something…” He said. “I am sorry for the mess she did here today.” He said Lillian gathered the plates of food and took them into the kitchen. She wept as she washed the plates in the kitchen. She blamed herself for not putting effort to join her mother and sister in the kitchen.

She vowed never to eat anything cooked by Ada, she would sustain herself on the monthly allowance of hundred thousand naira that Mr Agada had placed her on. She spent the night crying, until she slept.

On a Sunday morning, the Agada’s where ready for service Ada stepped into Dooshima’s room. “Madam are you not going to church? ” She asked Dooshima, she glared at her with disgust and wouldn’t honour her with a word. Ada returned to her husband.

“Darling Lillian has been in the house for over four months now, she has not been going to church, her own father’s church? ” She said, expecting a response from her husband who was busy trying to wear his stockings. “Why are you not saying anything? ” she asked.

“What do you expect me to say? You have called her a prostitute, a wore a shameless wore opening her legs for everyone. I Should shock you, Ogwuche was the first man she got to know at twenty four.”


He said to her. “At twenty four where you still a virgin? her father wanted to arrest Ogwuche, that’s why you see him in the hospital. You have hurt that girl so much . Do you want her to go to church so the others can mock at her? ” He asked.

“Well she’s the pastor’s daughter, why couldn’t she close her legs?” Ada defended herself. “This one she is staying here and not going to church, my children are around I don’t want them to infect them with that spirit oh, go and talk to her oh, she must go to church.

” She said, her husband didn’t utter a word he got up and went to the bedroom mirror to readjust his tie. “Shebi now that am talking in peace you’ll not hear me! when I start don’t call me stubborn oh! ” Ada forewarned her husband.

“I’ve heard you, leave me alone I’ll talk to her, if she doesn’t want to go I won’t force her. And you dare not talk about throwing her things out, if you do you’ll find your things in your father’s house at Otukpo.” Mr Agada said, Ada knew her husband, he wasn’t one to talk too much, or threaten, but he followed through with his promises.

“Ehh push me out and marry her na! Push me out!” Ada said as she barged out of the room, and slammed the door behind her.

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