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On a sunny Saturday morning , Ogwuche drove to Lillian’s street and parked his car ,just beside the pastor’s fence ,he sprayed perfume on his well starched yellow coloured Senator native .

He had driven in one of his uncle’s SUVs a Toyota for runner , he kept looking at the wristwatch, Dooshima had promised to be out of the house by ten A.M ,but at ten thirty A.M she was no where to be found .

He played Gospel songs by Solomon Lange and Frank Edwards prayerfully, begging God to give him the woman his heart yearned for , that he would never ask God for another favour if that was granted .


Inside the six bedroom detached duplex , Mrs Seember was having a heated argument with her daughter , Dooshima was dressed and ready to go , but her mother wouldn’t let her go out except she knew who she wanted to go and see.

“Mummy do you think it’s the caging that made me who I am today ? The bible didn’t say train up your kids as zombies who cannot make their own decisions on their own . I finished from the University, I didn’t do what the other girls on campus do , what else should I do to earn your trust ?” Dooshima cried .

THE NIGHT WIFE CHAPTERS 11-20″Dooshima I’ve said all I’ve to say , You are not stepping a feet out of this house , if you like be fifty years old , if you misbehave I’ll bend your head and knock you , an okra stem doesn’t grow taller than it’s owner.” She said lifting her eyes from her pad . “Who is the person you want to go and see ?” She insisted .

“Mummy his name is Ogwuche Simon Inalegu, he’s a member of our church we are not going anywhere , we would just meet at Chrisco and talk over lunch !” She said stamping her feet .

Annabel walked to her mother and sat on the same couch with her . “Mum what Lillian is saying is the fact , you’re guarding her too much , why not let her live her life , I didn’t get it wrong , in a month time it will be my big day , I had to make my own mistakes by myself and learn life . You cannot lock her up forever please.” Annabel begged her mother .


“I’ve told her , she’s not going out , is she ready to settle down now ?” Mrs Seember asked her Annabel , who didn’t have any answer to give . “So she has no reason to have a man in her life now , men would be distraction , she has her education to complete .”

Mrs Seember insisted, Dooshima entered the kitchen , before her mother would understand what she was up to , she had ran from the back of the house , through the gate out .

“Madam Dooshima where are you going ?” The security guard at the gate asked her , the Mobile police men three of them sat by the gate , staring at her as she left the house .

“Just drive let’s get out of here please!” Dooshima ordered Ogwuche.
“Why ?” He asked . “Are you being chased ?” he asked as he turned on the ignition and the beast roared to life ,he rolled the vehicle down the street .

“Why are you frowning ? you look scary this way .” Ogwuche teased ,Dooshima wasn’t in a happy mood,but she managed to smile . “What’s the problem Dooshima?” He asked .

“Never mind I am fine , just a little misunderstanding with my mum , I am just fine .” She said and went mute for the rest of the ten minutes drive , Ogwuche wanted to raise a topic for discussion but decided maintain his cool .

They arrived at the fast food restaurant, Ogwuche jumped from the car and turned to the passenger side of the car , he opened the door for Dooshima to come out . His chivalrous attitude had been with him since before he had his first girlfriend.

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