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July 25, 2024



Princess Stories


“Hello? Hello Mama, there’s fire on the mountain o, my husband….”

“This isn’t Mama, it’s her daughter.”

“Okay please give the phone to Mama, I have something really important to say to her.”


“I can’t. She’s no more”

“What do you mean by she’s no more?”

“I mean she’s dead…………she kicked the bucket not too long ago.”

“She what?”


Hi, my name is Belinda and well, let’s just say this is my story….a part of the story of my life.I’m a wife, mother, a daughter and I have a 9-5 job. Amazing, isn’t it?
Well, it might not be to you but to me it certainly is.

My husband works in a large oil company here in Nigeria, plus he deals in real estate too. Don’t ask me how he combines both, it’s the grace of God.

I on the other hand am a corporate worker in a company where I’m being paid heavily.

Mama like I’ve indirectly talked about is our go-to Mom whenever we have issues that have spiritual root.

She prays, fasts and does any and everything spiritual on our behalves. She’s a very important person in our lives and a huge part of our success story. Hearing of her de.ath at a very critical point in my life and family got me disorganized and confused.


“Is this some prank or something? Esther please give her the phone I need to speak with your mother, it’s very urgent!” Belinda screamed impatiently

“Aunty I said Mama is dead! How can I play with such a thing? Am I ¢razy?” Her daughter said and it was just then she got to notice some people crying in the background

“Oh no no no no, this isn’t happening. This can’t be happening. Not now, not now!” Belinda said as she dropped the phone and sobbed silently.

“How do I go from here? Where do I start from?” She asked herself as stared at her sick daughter lying helplessly in her arms.

“Lord please heal this child for me.” She said in tears. She had no idea what or how to pray. Now the person who has been covering up for them in terms of prayers is no more. She became helpless and didn’t know what to do.


“Hello my dear, I saw your missed calls just now. I was in a board meeting. Is something wrong?” Her husband Dave asked as she sniffed occasionally over the phone.

“It’s Gift. She’s ill again.”

“Oh! But that shouldn’t be a problem, just call Mama to pray for her.”

“That’s the big problem, Mama is gone!” Belinda broke the news with fresh tears and there was silence from the other end for a while.“What? Mama is dead? How? When?”

“I don’t know Dave, I don’t know! I called her earlier for her to pray for our daughter and Esther picked up instead and broke the unpleasant news to me. We’ve depend on Mama so much to keep our spiritual lives intact. Where on earth do we go from here now she’s no more?” Belinda asked and sobbed the more.

“Calm down love, all will be well. Where are you now, and where is Gift?”

“At the hospital. I couldn’t stand watching her lying helpless in my arms I had to rush her down to the hospital.”

“Okay? And what did the doctor say is wrong with her?’

“Same old story Dave, same old story. The doctor said they have run several tests on her and the results are showing she’s down with Malaria fever but we all know that’s not true.

This is more than malaria, but the medical equipment aren’t figuring it. This is a spiritual attack David, we both know this. Oh my God!” Belinda said and sobbed even further.


“Babe.” Belinda heard someone call as the person shook her lightly. On opening her eyes to discover it was her husband, she got up from where she was seated and hugged him tightly.

“I’m so scared for our daughter David, I’m so scared.” She said

“Don’t worry, she’ll be fine.” Dave assured and just then, the little girl turned and opened her eyes

“Mom? Dad? Where am I?”

“At the hospital my love. You collapsed on your way to the toilet. Thankfully I was able to see you quickly and hold you so you didn’t hit your head.”

“But what is wrong with me? Why am I always sick? Am I a sickler?” The poor girl asked.

“No my love don’t say that, you’ll be fine very soon.”

“What of grandma? Have you called her? I want to speak with her so she can pray for me.” Gift said and everyone was silent for a while

“Baby grandma is busy at the moment, she can’t pick calls now.” Belinda managed to say.

“But I want to speak with her.” Gift insisted with a pout.

“You will dear, you will, but when she’s less busy.” Dave said and just then the doctor walked into the ward.

“Please I’d suggest you leave the little girl alone to take enough rest so the injected drugs would work in her system perfectly.” The doctor said after exchanging pleasantries.
/>Dave and Belinda obliged as they left the ward.


Belinda was busy in the kitchen when she heard the doorbell.

“I’m coming!” She shouted as she hurriedly washed her hands and dried them with the kitchen towel.

“Hey honey, you’re back. Welcome.” She said with the best smile ever and offered him a brief kss. She took his brief case and suit for him as he made his way to the couch.

“What is it? Is something wrong?” She asked when she noticed his gloomy face.

“Nothing, I’m fine.”

“Oh no baby you’re not fine. Please talk to me. Why is your face like this? What’s bothering you? What happened at work today?”

“Babe nothing. I’m slightly moody because I’m very hungry. Is food ready?” Dave asked as Belinda nodded and left for the kitchen.

When she served his meal, he came on to the dining table and ate quietly.

“How’s Gift? Did you go to see her today?” Dave asked after a long awkward silence. She nodded in affirmative

“The doctor said she’d be discharged in two days time, but she’d be on drugs for a couple of months.”

“Hmm…”Was all David said.
Belinda could sense something was eating him up even though he pretended he was okay.

“Dave…” She called out softly and he turned to look at her.

“Would you need anything else? Like water?” She asked as he shook his head.

“No, I’m full already. Thank you.” He said and reached out to hold her hand shortly before leaving for the room.


Belinda rubbed the side of her head softly as she thought of how to make her husband open up to her concerning what must be bothering him.
She quickly cleared the dishes to join her husband in the room.

“Tomorrow is Ray’s open day, and I seriously don’t know how to go about it. My schedule is too tight, plus I have to see Gift as well.” Belinda said as soon as she walked out of the bathroom, trying to open a conversation.

“I can go then, since his school is quite close to my office.”

“That’d be awesome, thank you.” Belinda said with a smile as he nodded and concentrated on his laptop.

“Are you planning to work late into the night? Belinda asked, displeased he had brought work into their bedroom, on their matrimonial bed for that matter.

“No, I’m almost done. Give me a few minutes.” He said and concluded what he was doing before shutting down his laptop.

“So tell me my love, how was your day?” He asked as he put the laptop away and kssed her neck softly. Belinda smiled and closed her eyes to enjoy his touch.

“It was fine.” She whispered in response.

“We had a meeting with The Johnsons and Co. and were able to seal a contract with them. Our boss was so happy we were able to hit our target for the month.” She said

“Hmmmm…Tell me more.” He said and got busy with her body. Not that he was listening though

“Noting much, I came home happy and prepared a meal for you. I was in a happy mood throughout the day until something happened.”


“Someone walked into the house moody, and has refused to tell me what the problem is even up till now.” She said and disengaged to look at his face.

“Babe you’re not saying anything.” She said after Dave had been quiet for a while.

“Dearest you know you can tell me anything that’s eating you up, right? I won’t overreact I promise.” Belinda said sweetly as she put her hands across his shoulders while standing in front of him.

“I got demoted at work today.” He said and laid his head on her bossom.

“Demoted? Why? I mean, how did it happen?”

“Even I don’t get it. I was framed up by some of my colleagues and……..well, the rest they say is history.”

“I’m so sorry my love.” Belinda whispered and held her husband closely.

“God this is difficult, very difficult. First it’s my sick daughter at the hospital, now it’s my husband having a bad experience at work. Why did she have to die God, why?! She’s barely 87 for crying out loud, even witches live longer than that.

Now we have no one to run to to pray for us. No one to take care of our spiritual lives. Why did Mama have to die, why?!!” Belinda lamented within herself as she consoled her husband in her arms.


“Good morning Ma.” Belinda’s secretary greeted as soon as she walked into the office.

“Good morning Rose, how are you?” “I’m very fine Ma.”

“And your night? I hope you slept well.”

“Yes ma’am.” Rose responded to her kind boss with a smile.

“Ma, you have a letter from Dr. Donalds” Rose said as soon as Belinda was about walking into her office.

“Oh okay, thank you.” She took the envelope and got to her office.

“Emergency meeting with the boss? Have I done something wrong?” Belinda reasoned as she read the content of the letter.
Dr. Donalds doesn’t see his staff one-on-one except when there’s serious problem. Usually those who have gotten to have such meeting with him ended up getting fired or demoted.

“God please I hope I’m not in trouble.” Belinda thought fearfully. Immediately she had wanted to put a call through to Mama but remembered she was no more.

“God please don’t allow this meeting be bad news for me please.” Belinda prayed silently and knocked on the door of her boss’ office.

“Good day Sir.” She greeted as soon as she walked in.

“Good day Mrs. Belinda, please sit.”

“Thank you Sir”

“Mrs. Belinda.”

“Yes Sir.”

“You’ve been a great asset to this company in so many ways and have saved us a lot of embarrassment. I and the rest of the management team are grateful for your dedication towards this company.” Dr. Donalds said. Belinda smiled.

“But you see Mrs. Belinda, your services in this company are no longer needed.” He announced like a bombshell.


“You heard me Belinda. Please be sure to vacate the office you occupy as soon as you leave here and leave the key with Rose your secretary. Don’t forget to submit the company’s car too.

You’d be given one week ultimatum to vacate the company’s house, if you reside in it.” Dr. Donalds with no iota of empathy. Belinda was transfixed. She didn’t know what to say or even think.

“I don’t understand what is going on here Sir. I just closed a deal on the company’s behalf few hours ago, yesterday to be precise.

Because of me and my input in this company we were able to win the contract we’ve been pursuing for a while now, so I don’t understand Sir, why this sudden decision by the management?” Belinda said when she finally found her voice and strength to articulate words

“It’s not your concern to know what you have and haven’t done, Mrs. Belinda. Just do as you are told.” Dr. Donald said and focused on the screen of the computer in front of him.
Belinda who knew he wasn’t going to say anything further dragged herself out of his office.

“Mama why now?? God why did she have to die at this crucial time?</p>



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