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Female restroom**

Li Chun stood at the front of the mirror, looking at her reflection in the mirror

“Truth or Dare?” Han Zihao asked

“Hmm, truth” Li Chun replied

“So point that one boy that you have a huge crush on” Han Zihao smirked

Li Chun sighed and pointed Dylan, Dylan only just rolled his eyes

“It’s not surprising cause I have a lot of girls crushing on me” he said.

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Li Chun shook her head back to reality and started at her neck in the mirror, looking at the hickey Lan Singtan gave her

“He knows I like him but still he dared another guy to do this to me” she thought trying to fight back her tears

The door pushed open revealing Rong Yi and her crew

“Oh sorry we didn’t know someone was crying here” Rong Yi said in mockery

“Get out” Li Chun muttered

“Li Chun why don’t you stop deceiving yourself, you know that Dylan will never look at you as long as Zhou Xiuying is still in the picture” she said

“I thought I told you to get out” Li Chun muttered again

Rong Yi chuckled and scoffed at the same time

“You know very well that what I’m saying is the truth, you’ve always loved Dylan right from the moment you set your eyes on him.. remember when you first came to our school when…



“Hey you that new girl over there, come out and solve the equation” the math teacher called and pointed at 15 years old Li Chun who’s just sitting at the back and looking like a scary cat

The whole class began laughing at her as she stood up and walked slowly to the board, all her body were shaking violently out of fear

The teacher gave her the chalk and she collected it, she looked at the board and was unable to solve a thing

The students laughed harder and she gulped

“What’s your name?” The teacher asked

“Li Chun” she replied lowly

“You see Li Chun one thing about me is that…

The math teacher was talking when 16 years old Dylan bounced in, he ignored them and made to walk straight to his sit

“Dylan!! Where do you think you’re coming from!” The teacher said angrily

Dylan slowly turn around to look at the teacher and immediately Li Chun set her eyes on him, she stopped breathing

How can someone be as handsome as him, long hair, green eyes, height, good body… Li Chun was dumbstruck

“From my house, any problem with that?” Dylan asked with creased brows and Li Chun found that cute too

“You!! Nevermind just go to your sit” the teacher sighed and shook his head

Dylan wanted to leave but his eyes cought the unfamiliar girl standing at his front and he looked at her, their eyes met, Li Chun almost fainted, different types of currents were flowing all over her body, unable to keep up she took her eyes down

“Who’s she?” He asked after a while of starting at her

“A new student” the teacher replied

“Okay” Dylan nodded and walked to his sit, the took the space beside 15 years old Rong Yi who’s busy glaring at the new girl

“Okay Li Chun I’ll just let what you did slide today because you’re a new student, sit here at the front from now on” the teacher said and Li Chun nodded slowly

She went to her sit and sat down but her mind never went away from the handsome guy she just saw, she was a girl who never believe in love at first sight, she believed those things were novel fantasy but that day she had just experienced it.



“Ever since then you kept on thinking about him, crushing on him but sadly he never noticed you even up to now, maybe he might notice you later but ion think so, you brought your cousin here and now he has full interest on her, he has even gotten tired of me all because of her, trust me until she’s out of the way Dylan will never…

“I said get the fk out are you deaf” Li Chun yelled this time and took that soap then threw it at Rong Yi in anger and tears

“Fking leave, stop coming here to talk to me you wtch, get out” she pounced on Rong Yi and began pulling her hair

“Ouch let me go,, help!!” Rong Yi yelled

Chu Maha and Su Zheng forcefully pulled Li Chun away from Rong Yi, they took Rong Yi out of the restroom while Li Chun locked the door in anger

Rong Yi had just made her remember the past, when she first saw Dylan when she first fell in love with him and he never noticed her after asking the teacher who she was, then she remembered Zhou Xiuying, when she walked to him and emptied a cup of smoothie on his head and beat him up for no reason but still he’s chasing after her

“Arghhhh” Li Chun screamed and scattered her hair in tears

“Why is life so unfair, I’ve never offended again in my past life so why is this happening to me” she cried out hugging her kneels tight

“It’s really hurting, I’m trying to forget but it’s hurting, I feel like I wanna die.. why is life so unfair is there anything wrong with me aren’t I pretty enough” she cried even more

*(Flashback) “Back off zero head, I wasn’t talking to you”* Dylan shot Li Chun a glare

“The second time after three years he talked to me, he called me a zero head” she smiled painfully and more tears rolled down her eyes

Li Chun remembered Rong Yi’s words

“Is she correct could he have a thing for Zhou Xiuying, is she really the reason why Dylan will never notice me” she thought, sitting helplessly on the floor.


Closing Hour**

“Li Chun” Zhou Xiuying called moving over all the hallway looking for her

“Where did she go?” She muttered

“Hey Xiuying” someone called her from behind and she turned to see Xu Feng

“Xu Feng, did you help me see Li Chun?” She asked

“Li Chun, I’m surprised.. I mean I saw her entered a cab and left, I thought you’ve gone with her that’s why I’m even surprised to see you here” he replied

“She went home but she didn’t call me, Li Chun we’ll always call me whenever she wants to go home” Zhou Xiuying said lowly and sadly

“Maybe she’s not well” Xu Feng shurgged

“Hmm, I’ll go check up on her” Zhou Xiuying replied a made to leave but Xu Feng pulled her back my the arm, making her face him

“I can take you home” he said

“I… Okay” she bit her lips shyly

Xu Feng smiled and wrapped his arms around her shoulders, leading her to the parking lot, anyone that sees them will mistake them for cute highschool couples

They both walked passed Dylan who’s on his way to his car, Dylan froze on his spot watching them enter Xu Feng’s car

“Dylan” Rong Yi came from behind with an angry face

“Can you not ever disturb me” he replied and matched to his car then sped off

“Dylan..!!” Rong Yi yelled and clenched her fist tight

Xu Lin skipped to Xu Feng’s car and knocked the door, Xu Feng groaned, just when he’s having an enjoyable chat with Zhou Xiuying

He opened the door and she entered with a smile

“Brother” she pecked his cheeks and looked at Zhou Xiuying

“Hi” Zhou Xiuying waved

“OMG it’s you, what are you doing there” Xu Lin asked happily, going to sit at the back

“She’s my friend Lin, I’m taking her home” Xu Feng replied driving already

“OMG you’re his friend, who knows if You’re the reason why my brother has been smiling since yesterday” she gushed out

“Xu Lin!!” Xu Feng yelled and Zhou Xiuying just chuckled.


Li Chun’s Apartment

Li Chun sat on her room looking at the call card that Lu Fen gave her

Li Chun recalled Rong Yi’s words again

“Is Rong Yi really right, if I send Zhou Xiuying back will Dylan notice me?” Li Chun thought

She dialed Lu Fen’s number in her phone and was about to press call but stopped when she remembered something

*If the school authority catches you, they’ll send you out of the school and you’ll never see me again” Li Chun said

“I don’t want to be away from you Li Chun” Zhou Xiuying blinked

“Then promise me you won’t hit anyone again” Li Chun swinged her arms

“Okay, I’ll do this for you Chun” Zhou Xiuying sighed

“Thanks” Li Chun smiled and hugged her*

Li Chun remembered Zhou Xiuying’s love for her

“Can I really do this to Zhou Xiuying?” She asked herself and shook her head

“What am I thinking why would I even think of that” she muttered and made to delete the number but accidentally pressed call and the phone began ringing.


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