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Ogbene and her husband where driving Otukpo , going towards Ohimini,a motorcycle sped past them , she glared at the side mirror to be sure if she was seeing right .

The shape was so familiar,Jacob watched in wonderment as his wife peered at the motorcycle through the side mirror as it rode into the horizon.

“What is it ?” Jacob asked .
“I think…”Ogbene said ,squinted her eyes , as she tried to get a better view of the woman wearing a blue gown on the motorcycle.

“You think what ? why are you behaving like a Aproko?” He asked angrily .

“Please turn the vehicle we need to follow that Bike to see where it’s going, that’s my brother’s wife , she was supposed to be in the market ,my mum has gone to a village market ,

I don’t know who she left her baby and the shop for … I want to see where she’s going .”Ogbene said her eyes focused on the way the motorcycle went . Jacob shook his head in disbelief.

“You mean we should follow your brother’s wife because she left her baby and the shop ?” He asked eyes wide in shock.


“Yes let’s follow her , my mind is telling me something.” Ogbene said ,she pushed until Jacob put the vehicle in reverse and headed toward Otukpo ,at top speed , they both thought they had lost the motorcycle.

Ogbene’s eagle eyes saw the motorcycle entering a street ,Jacob followed from afar , the bike stop at Oyoyo hotel, near Saint Theresa Catholic Cathedral, Otukpo Archdiocese.

Onyabehi put her hand into her bra and brought out a bundle money she had squeezed in there , she counted some amount and paid the Okada man, he counted it and placed it inside his chest pocket and reversed his motorcycle, and rode away .

Onyabehi picked a call and put to her ears , she stood there for a minute, before she entered to the Gray coloured gate of the hotel .

The compound was paved , with concrete and cement interlock . Onyabehi went to the receptionist.

“Good morning please I am looking for room twelve .”She said ,the receptionist had a smirk on his face ,he winked at Onyabehi.


“It’s on the first floor , the third room by your right .”He said Onyabehi didn’t bother to thank him , he was being an idiot .She climbed the short flight of stairs and was standing in front of the room , her heart was beating louder than a boys brigade band ,she knocked on the door ,she heard the key twisting the locks,and the door was finally opened .

Before her stood the dark skinned stud , he couldn’t wait for her to get into the room , he grabbed her and glued her to himself , he kissed her so hard ,that tears , not of pain but of joy fell from Onyabehi’s eyes . She held on to him for over three minutes as though she would drop dead if she let go .

“Baby how are you doing ?”He asked Onyabehi, she couldn’t say a word, just tears falling from her eyes . “Stop sweetheart stop crying , you want to break my heart?” Onyabehi broke into tears , trembling as she cried on his shoulders.

“If you want me so much , why have you not taken Alice and come to me in Abuja , you could have called me I would come at anytime.” Obekpa said glueing unto Onyabehi. “See they’re not taking care of you , see your hair ,see your skin , you’re looking so skinny does he feed you at all ?”

He said exasperated, still Onyabehi couldn’t say a word , her arms where locked over his massive shoulders , she loved the sound of his heart beating under his shirt. Obekpa disentangled himself .


“Come on sit down . But what happened to all the money I’ve been sending for you and Alice?” He asked staring at her from head to toes .

She was the woman he had fallen in love with ,at his teenage years , the first girlfriend he ever had , but now she looked so old , much older than him , even though he was five years older than her .

“I used the money to take care of my family.” she said , she couldn’t have money in the bank and let her husband and children suffer ,she paid for Igoche’s and Alice’s school fees ,and bought food for the house. Simon’s misfortunes had affected all areas of his life ,

he would plant yams and everything would get rotten and nothing meaningful could come out of it ,the whole weight of the family had been on Ene ,she had used part of the money to buy food for the house and support her business.

“You’re looking worst off than I saw you three years ago . You have to decide now . Age is no longer on my side Onyabehi. I am thirty four years old , no wife , no child , I’m working and have money . My mother is thinking I am impotent , I cannot move on when I still have you here .


I don’t understand, today you’ll agree to elope with me , tomorrow you don’t want to , what’s your problem Onyabehi? this is the sixth years that I’ve been waiting.” He yelled angrily getting up from the bed .

“If I had married Onyalw……. do you know how many children I would have had now ?” He growled, Onyabehi cleaned the tears from her eyes .

“Did I ask you not to marry her ? did I for once asked you not to marry her ?” she asked. “You lured me into bed knowing I am a married woman .” Onyabehi said .

“I lured you ? What were you coming to do when you agreed to see me ?” He asked angrily kicking the hard. “I am your husband by culture! My family followed me to your family house ! We brought the Kola nut and palm wine! Some people just do that and move in together.

We already had our traditional wedding day and clothes your bastard father , sometimes I feel like beating his big stomach up!” He said as he blow the wall with his clinched fist .


“Like a thief he stole my wife from me , for that I will never forgive him , until the day I die . He made me sleepless for years , I had to be hospitalised.” Obekpa broke down in tears .

“At my age I cannot be with another woman , no matter how hard I try I break up with them, please Onyabehi consider me , consider the promise we made to each other , you failed me but I am ready to forgive you and accept you back …”He cried falling on the wall .

“Why some sick bastard treats you like a slave , look at you Comfort , will you look this way if you were with me ?” He sat on the bare floor and cried , Onyabehi couldn’t hold her tears . when he had cried enough he walked up to Onyabehi and knelt before her .

“Onyabehi I beg you in the name of God you serve . I beg you come with me , I can take you very far away where your father can never find you .” Obekpa begged .

“See your friend Blessing she’s happy in her marriage , are you happy ,I hear the sadness each time I talk to you on the phone . Onyabehi please come with me , I can even save money for us to leave Nigeria please my love .” He begged Onyabehi couldn’t look at his face .

“It’s not that easy , I can’t run out of my husband’s house , I’ve children for him , I cannot leave him , he needs me .”Onyabehi said eyes focused on the wall in front of her ,she couldn’t look at his face .


“So what about me Onyabehi? Am I happy ? I don’t need somebody to love me too ? I called you here to see you face to face . I have a question for you .

I cannot remain in this circle .” He got up from his knees. ” I have to find my footing, if it means me moving on, I will .” He turned his back to Onyabehi.

“Onyabehi are you going to follow me to Abuja ,or you will remain with your half dead husband? And remain sad and miserable until one day his father destroys you like he destroyed his son?” He asked , Onyabehi was infuriated.

“You don’t talk about my family that way! Who do you think you are ? Leave the dead man for me , I’ll choose him over you a hundred times .” Onyabehi hollered at him .

“Really so it wasn’t just your father that choose him for you? You loved him Onyabehi?” He asked nodding. “Oh because you heard he was a medical doctor?”He stared at her for a long time.

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