Where to find bacon bits in grocery store

If you’re looking for some nice toppings for your soup or salad, and think bacon bits are the right ingredient – you’re right! However, if you’re shopping for the first time, you may need some help to know where it’s located in grocery stores.

In this article, we’ll give a quick shopping guide on where to find bacon bits in grocery stores. Also, we’ll highlight some interesting ways to use it in case you’re looking for new ideas for a dish.

What Aisle is Bacon Bits in Grocery Stores?

Bacon bits are usually located in the aisle for condiments – they’re placed alongside other salad dressings. Some grocery chains can also keep it an aisle named “condiments & salad dressings”.

In cases like these, it gets to a separate section different from other types of condiments. Most brands will package theirs in jars, but it’s not a surprise to see it in thick sachet bags.

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Where to Find Bacon Bits Near You

1. Amazon

Amazon is arguably the biggest grocery chain in the US, it’s hard to see them not coming first when you’re highlighting where to get bacon bits – they stock theirs in the aisle for condiments & salad dressings. They’ve got a variety of brands like McCormick, Hormel, Badia, Oscar Mayer, Marshal’s Creek, Epic, Larissa Veronica, and lots more.

McCormick Culinary Bacon Flavored Bits, 3.5 lb - One 3.5 Pound Container of Plant-Based Bacon Bits...
  • WARM, SMOKY BACON FLAVOR: McCormick Culinary Bacon Flavored Bits add a warm, smoky bacon flavor to all kinds of dishes; mixing or garnishing with plant-based bits make it easy to create crave-able menu items
  • PREMIUM MEAT ALTERNATIVE: Bacon-flavored bits contain no meat, making them a suitable alternative for vegetarian guests; premium flavored soy powder recreates the look, taste and texture of real bacon
  • MADE FOR CHEFS: Made with culinary professionals in mind, each easy-to-dispense container contains 3.5 pounds of bacon bits, making it quick and easy to prepare bulk recipes or serve several dishes during a rush
Hormel Real Bacon Bits Pouch, 6 Ounce (Pack of 6)
  • 100% real bacon crumbles
  • Fully cooked
  • Bacon adds a burst of flavor to any meal
Wellshire Farms, Pork Bacon Bits Salt Cured Cooked, 3 Ounce
  • All pork from the Whole Foods Market Meat department must meet standards for animal welfare, feed and more, so you can know about what you're buying (and eating). Here are some things you can count on with this selection:
  • No added growth hormones or antibiotics, ever
  • No animal by-products in feed
Bacon Bits and Salad Topper Bundle: Comes with 1 McCormick Bac'n Bits, 1 McCormick Salad Toppins and...
  • Bundle comes with 1 container each of McCormick Bacon Flavored Bits, Chips and Crunchy Salad Toppings.
  • Bacon bits & chips deliver meaty bacon taste and crunchy texture for salads and baked potatoes!
  • Try in chicken salad, sandwiches, mashed/baked potatoes, pasta salad and scrambled eggs!

2. Walmart

If you’ll be shopping at Walmart, you want to check their salad dressings & toppings aisle in the pantry section. Just like Amazon, it’s a great spot to shop for bacon bits as they’ve got a variety of brands to choose from. You’ll find brands like Great Value, Oscar Mayer, McCormick, Hormel, Kirkland Signature, Larissa Veronica, and lots more.

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3. Food 4 Less

If you’ve got a Food4Less grocery store nearby, you want to be looking through their aisle for salad toppings in the section for condiments. They stock brands like McCormick, One Bite, Oscar Mayer, Marshal’s Creek, and lots more.

4. Wegmans

At Wegmans grocery stores, you’ll find bacon in their aisle for salad dressings. Aside from their self-branded variants, you can also find brands like Hormel, McCormick, and Oscar Mayer.

5. Target

Target grocery chains often stock their bacon bits in the aisle for condiments&salad toppings. You’ll get to find brands like Hormel and Oscar Mayer readily available.

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6. Safeway

Safeway stores are another nice spot to get multiple brands of bacon bits – they stock it in the condiments section, alongside other salad toppings. Brands like Hormel, Oscar Mayer, Epic, McCormick, Stouffer’s, Jimmy Dean, Campbell’s, and lots more.

7. Costco

If you’re shopping in the Costco outlet near you, you may want to search through the entire section for condiments. Also, they often stock only Kirkland Signature Bacon Crumbles. It’s not a great spot to look for varieties, but it’s a spot to get what you want nonetheless. 

8. Kroger

At Kroger grocery stores, you’ll find bacon bits in the section for salad dressing. Aside from their self-branded variants, they also stock brands like Kirkland Signature, McCormick, Oscar Mayer, and Larissa Veronica.

9. Stop & Shop

If you’ve got a Stop & Shop outlet near you, check their aisle for salad dressings for bacon bits. They stock brands like Oscar Mayer, McCormick, Hormel, and their self-branded Stop & Shop Real Bacon Bits.

10. Meijer

Meijer grocery stores often place their bacon bits in the condiments section, alongside other salad dressings. They stock brands like McCormick, Kirkland Signature, Oscar Mayer, and Epic.

Delicious Ways to Use Bacon Bits

1. As Pizza Toppings

Love Pizza? Try swapping out meats for bacon bits! It adds a unique flavor without any cooking hassle

2. Use it to make Pancakes

Add some excitement to your pancakes with bacon bits! Simply sprinkle them on top while cooking for a unique twist on a classic dish. It’s a rare but tasty combo.

3. Use it to make a Sandwich

Short on time? Make a quick sandwich with bacon bits! Top bread with the bits and any complementary ingredients, like eggs. Delicious in a hurry.

  • Make bacon ranch potatoes
  • Make it one of the constituents of your cobb salad
  • Add it together with avocado in a macaroni salad
  • Make a bacon mushroom spinach frittata


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