June 18, 2024

Where to Find Mustard Seed in Grocery Stores

The usage of mustard seeds as a spice has been documented since the beginning of history and is mentioned in Indian and Sumerian manuscripts from 3000 BCE. So it is common and can be easily found in the grocery store.

If you are wondering where to find mustard seeds in the grocery, this guide is for you.

What Aisle is Mustard Seed in Grocery Stores?

You can find both ground and whole grain mustard in the spice section or aisle of a grocery store where it’s located with other types of spices for cooking. Mustard seeds are also present in popular pickling spice mixtures. They are sold in bottles and jars; keep an eye on them.

Meanwhile, brown mustard seeds can be purchased online, in specialized spice shops, or in Asian specialty shops. Black mustard seeds are frequently available in Indian specialty shops.

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List of Stores to Buy Mustard Seed

1. Walmart

You can find mustard seeds in the spice section of this store. They have brands like McCormick mustard seed, all arranged with other spices in their store. For easier access, you can browse through their website to place an order which will be delivered to you.

2. Amazon

Amazon is a great store to buy your mustard seed, and they have several brands of mustard seeds in their online store. Visit their website and browse through their various brands and place an order for the one you want.

3. Whole Foods

Whole Foods Market is another remarkable store where you can find mustard seeds. Go to their spices aisle, where you will find your choice of mustard. If you find it hard to go to the physical stores, you can check their website.

4. Target

You will find mustard seed at Target in the spice and seasoning aisle. They carry products like Good & Gather ground mustard and Dijon mustard.

5. Safeway

You can pick mustard at Safeway too. You will find them in the condiment/ spice aisle. Both ground and whole grain mustards are available at Safeway.

6. Trader Joe’s

If you like to shop at Trader Joe’s, you will surely find mustard products there. They usually keep mustard in the condiment aisle, close to other dressings and spreads. They have both ground and whole grain mustard.

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Types Of Mustard Seeds You Will Find In Grocery Stores

1. McCormick Mustard Seed

If you like using 1st-grade mustard seeds, McCormick Yellow Mustard Seed is what you need. It gives pickling brines, seafood boils, rubs, and a tart, delicate heat. Anything pickled, including dill, bread & butter pickles, pickled green beans, corn relish, and cauliflower, needs a mustard seed that has a sharp, zingy flavor like McCormick mustard seed.

2. Yellow Mustard

Yellow mustard is the most popular and mildest variety of mustard seeds. It has a flavor that won’t clear anyone’s sinuses with spice. It is tart, crisp, and tangy. You can use it in your salad dressings and sauces or on hot dogs and hamburgers.

3. Spicy Brown Mustard 

Spicy brown mustard usually is a little bit more coarse than yellow mustard seed. It can be used for salty meats like sausage, corned beef, and pastrami.

4. Honey Mustard

Honey mustard contains both mustard and honey, as the name suggested. However, some are sweeter than others.  Honey mustard has a mild spice and a lot of sweetness, so you can use it for salad dressing or as a dipping sauce for kid-friendly meals like chicken nuggets.

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Uses of Mustard Seed

There are many different cultivars of mustard plants, all of which are nutrient-rich. Their seeds are rich in fiber, selenium, magnesium, and manganese. While their leaves are rich in calcium, copper, and vitamins A, C, and K. Since mustard leaves can be eaten raw or cooked, they are adaptable in salads, soups, and stews. 

Although they can be prepared similarly to spinach, their flavor is sharper and more radish-like. In addition to making a mustard paste, mustard seeds can be steeped in warm milk, whipped into salad dressings, ground, and sprinkled on hot foods.

Benefits of Mustard Seeds

They are good for treating a wide range of health issues, including the following, due to their high nutritional value:

1. Blood pressure regulation

Mustard Seeds have selenium, copper, iron, and magnesium, they all treat and regulate blood pressure.

2. Improves food digestion 

These seeds aid in bettering digestion and bowel motions, improving metabolism overall, due to their high dietary fiber content.

3. Fights cancer

Myrosinase and glucosinolates, two substances found in mustard seeds, are very effective at slowing the growth of cancer cells.

4. Improves Asthma

Mustard seeds contain copper, iron, and selenium that can lessen or stop asthma attacks.

5. Contains what fights against flu and fever

Their calefacient characteristics aid in lowering blood pressure and causing sweating, which helps to cool the body and reduce fever.

6. Fights diseases of the teeth, bones, and gums

Magnesium, calcium, manganese, and phosphorus, all these elements help to build teeth and bones and halt bleeding gums.

Additional Advantages of Black Mustard Seeds;

  • Prevent typical cold
  • Stops aching joints
  • Reduce Rheumatism
  • Prevent vomiting
  • Stops lack of appetite

Finally, you can produce a mustard plaster by combining crushed mustard seeds with warm water, pasting this pack in a towel, and applying it directly to the inflamed area to treat lower back pain, aching foot, soreness, or swelling.

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In summary, we have stated above where you can find mustard seed, which is in the spices section of the store. In addition, there is other useful information about the mustard seed, such as; the benefits of Mustard Seeds, the different grocery stores that sell mustard seeds, the type of mustard seed, and so on. We hope you find our post helpful. Thank you for reading!

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