June 17, 2024

Where to Find Miso in Grocery Store

Miso paste is an ingredient that you can always add to any recipe to give it a salty flavor. However, searching for it in grocery stores can be quite challenging especially when it’s your first time shopping for it.

More so, all grocery stores don’t keep it in the same aisle so every new store you enter is a new miso search challenge. If you’re having trouble shopping for miso, we’ll be glad to help you with this article.

Aside from telling you the possible aisles where it can be located, we’ll also provide examples of some of the brands you’ll get to find in some grocery chains.

Lastly, there’ll be a quick storage guide so you know how to preserve it to maintain optimal freshness.

Where is Miso in Grocery Stores

The first place to search is the aisle for organic or natural foods – you’ll typically see it in a refrigerator/cooler in this aisle. While this may be true, some big grocery chains can also stock miso in the produce area alongside other items like mock meats, tofu, and tempeh – this is often common with yellow and red miso pastes.

Also, if your grocery store has an aisle for Asian products, you’ll want to check here for shelf-stable miso. For Asian food markets, you may want to ask a store attendant where it’s located as they can have shelf-stable or refrigerated varieties.

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Where to Buy Miso Near You

1. Amazon

If you’re shopping in Amazon walk-in stores, you want to be looking at the aisle for fresh produce, or the aisle for Asian sauces if they’ve got it. While that’s the case you can find brands like Kikkoman, Eden, Miko Brand, Edward & Sons, Hakari Miso, Ocean’s Halo, Annie Chun’s Roland Foods, MIYASAKA JOZO USA INC, Thai Kitchen, and lots more.

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2. Walmart

When shopping for Miso at Walmart stores, you want to be looking through the organic foods sections – specifically the Asian aisle. Much like Amazon, they’ve got a variety of brands like Ocean’s Halo, Kikkoman, Marukome Organic, Hikari, Japan Gold USA, NineCHef, Sapporo Ichiban, YUHO Organic, and a lot more.

3. Target

Target grocery chains also keep their miso in the aisle for organic foods, however, they don’t have a lot of varieties compared to what’s obtainable from the two grocery stores mentioned above. Nevertheless, you can get to see good brands like Sapporo Ichiban, Omsom Yuzu, and Hikari.

4. Safeway

If you’re shopping at Safeway, be sure to look at the refrigerator or cooler in the section for organic foods. They’ve top brands like Kikkoman, Marukome, Cold Mountain Kyoto, Dr. McDougalls, Hikari, Jenysong, and a lot more.

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5. Kroger

You should find miso in the natural foods section of Kroger stores near you – you want to be looking inside the refrigerator in this section. They stock brands like Kikkoman, Marukome, Miso Master, and Cold Mountain.

6. Publix

If you’ve got a Publix store near you, you’re in luck as that’s also a nice spot to search for miso past – you want to be looking through the natural foods section as well. They stock brands like Cold Mountain, Miso, Master, Sapporo Ichiban, Omsom Yuzo, and the popular Kikkoman.

7. Wegmans

At Wegmans, you can find their miso in the organic produce section – inside a refrigerator.  They’ve got brands like Hikari, Kikkoman, Ocean’s Halo, Thai Kitchen, and of course, their self-branded Wegmans White Miso Paste.

8. Stop & Shop

If you choose Stop&Shop as your preferred store for shopping, you’re not left out – you can find their miso in the product section.  They sell brands like Sushi Chef, Eden Shiro, and Ocean’s Halo.

9. Local Health Food Stores

If you’ve got a health food store close by, you can also walk in to search for miso. These spots are sometimes the best because you can get it in bulk, and also get to see some locally-made varieties.

10. Asian Markets

Any Asian food store is a surefire spot to get miso. More so, you’ll likely get cheaper deals for the same brands you’ll find in regular grocery outlets. In addition, these are good spots to go if you want to get it in bulk.

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What is the Shelf Life of Miso Paste and How Can You Store It? 

An untouched container of miso can last up to a year if stored properly. However, once opened, it can only last as much as 6 months after its standard manufacturer expiry date.

While that’s the case, you want to make sure that your miso is stored in the fridge. While its salty content gives it a long shelf life, you also want to keep it in an ideal environment to get the best results.

What Can I Get In Place of Miso?

If you can’t find miso in your grocery store or just want an alternative, there are just a few we can recommend.

Tahini: Tahini, as you may already know, is made from ground sesame seed. It has a similar consistency as miso and would be a good miso substitute in salad dressings and marinades.

Soy Sauce: If you are making soup, then soy sauce would be a good substitute for miso. It has that salty and umami taste. However, the consistency isn’t the same as miso.


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