May 20, 2024

Where to Find Chicken Broth in the Grocery Store

Chicken broth is a common cooking ingredient known for its rich and savory flavor, often used in soups, stews, and sauces. If you’re planning to pick up some chicken broth but are unsure of where to find it, don’t fret.

In this article, we’ll show you where to find chicken broth in any grocery store including a list of popular stores near you where you will surely find it.

Let’s get to it!

What Aisle Is Chicken Broth In The Grocery Store?

You will find chicken broth in the pantry department, particularly in the canned soup aisle of the grocery store.

You may find it in some stores in the canned goods section or near the cooking oils and spices.

But if you still can’t find it, ask the store attendant and they’ll help you locate it.

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Where to Buy Chicken Broth Near You

Well, if your local grocery store does not carry chicken broth, here are some common grocery stores nearby where you will find it sitting on the shelves.

1. Amazon

You can shop a range of canned chicken broth on Amazon beginning from 365 by Whole Foods, Happy Belly Chicken Broth, Kirkland Chicken Broth, and so on. If you enjoy the convenience of online shopping, be sure to check it out on Amazon.

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2. Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods offers a wide variety of chicken broth options, including organic and low-sodium varieties. You can usually find chicken broth in the soup aisle or the section with other canned goods.

3. Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s offers its brand of organic chicken broth as well as other well-known brands such as Swanson and Pacific Foods. Check in the soup aisle or near the canned vegetables for these products.

4. Safeway

At Safeway, you will also find a variety of chicken broth options including low-sodium and organic varieties. Examples are Swanson, Kitchen Basics, and Signature Select chicken broth products. 

5. Kroger

Do you have any Kroger nearby? Here, you can get the Kroger brand of chicken broth as well as other well-known brands such as Campbell’s and Progresso. Chicken broth is usually found in the soup aisle or near the canned vegetables.

6. Walmart

Of course, Walmart is a sure spot to find chicken broth. They carry products like Great Value and Swanson chicken broth. Check in the soup aisle for these products. 

7. Target

At Target, you can pick its brand of chicken broth as well as other well-known brands such as Swanson and College Inn. They keep the chicken broth in the soup aisle or near the canned foods.

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8. Aldi

Prefer to shop at Aldi? Get chicken broths like Chef’s Cupboard and Signature Select in the Soups and Broth aisle at Aldi 

Some Creative Ways To Use Chicken Broth

You can use chicken broth in a wide variety of recipes. Some ideas for dishes you can make with chicken broth include:


Chicken broth is the perfect base for soups. You can use it to make classic chicken noodle soup, creamy soups like cream of mushroom or cream of broccoli, or hearty stews like beef stew or vegetable soup.


Chicken broth is also an essential ingredient in making risotto. The broth is slowly added to the arborio rice as it cooks, creating a creamy and flavorful dish.


You can use chicken broth to make a flavorful gravy to serve with mashed potatoes, roasted meats, or other dishes.

Rice dishes

Another way to use chicken broth is to cook rice with it to boost flavor. Try making pilaf or a Spanish-style rice dish using chicken broth.

Braised meats

You can also use chicken broth as the liquid in a braising recipe, where meat is cooked low and slow in liquid until tender. This method is great for tough cuts of meat like pot roast or pork shoulder.


Chicken broth can be used as a base for sauces, such as a pan sauce for roasted chicken or a creamy sauce for pasta.

Mashed potatoes

Instead of using milk or cream to make mashed potatoes, you can use chicken broth to add flavor and create a creamy texture.

Meanwhile, these are ideas to get you started. Don’t forget that you can use chicken broth in many different ways.

So feel free to try out the ideas listed above, experiment, and get creative in the kitchen when you have your favorite brand of Chicken broth.


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